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When your CentOS 7 install fails, anaconda in CLI to the rescue

Ok, I know I’m always trying to do stuff a bit non-standard (No, running Mageia everywhere IS standard !!)

So this time, I wanted to update my CentOS 6 deployment server in Geneva to CentOS 7 and automate its setup with ansible (I already have some playbooks here to help). 1,090 more words


HP Gen10/Skylake-SP Servers now have a new System ROM available for Spectre Vulnerability.

HP has released key System ROMs for their Proliant Gen10 servers to mitigate Variant 2 vulnerabilities for Spectre.  See the release notes HERE

Explanation of different Variants of the Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities from HP’s article (Release Microcode pertains to Variant 2): 151 more words


Installing FreeNAS on a HP Microserver

Another post about my installation experience, mainly so that I can look up what issues I came across if I have to do this again. This is on my HP Gen8 Microserver (by now Gen10 is already out). 405 more words


Installing Windows Server 2016 on HP ProLiant Gen 9 Servers Using Intelligent Provisioning

Getting Intelligent Provisioning to recognize a flash drive with the Server 2016 ISO on it is easier said than done. So after a bit of tinkering, I found a really easy way to make this happen. 150 more words

Como levanté un viejo Proliant (O la espada del Rey Arturo)

Por Pablo Carboni.

El sábado de la última semana de junio, asistí a nerdear.la 2017 – puntual, 9hs – a las charlas previstas. Además de eso, concurrí con una vieja notebook (año 2000), con todo sus elementos originales, CDs grabados inclusive, de FreeBSD(4.x), lista para donarla al Museo de la Informática. 232 more words


Server Update: Elementary Error?

I have been running a Windows server in our basement pretty much nonstop since 2008. Originally a personal Web server, this HP Proliant machine has in recent years mostly worked as a LAN file server for backups, media archives and for home-internal sharing. 401 more words

Personal Diary

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10

HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 is a compact and uniquely designed server that is ideal for small and home offices looking to build an IT server environment with a form factor that is easy to use. 143 more words