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October 29th, 2016

The church was almost pitch black with the exception of the flickering lighter. As sobs shook my entire chest, I remember being so grateful for the privacy of the darkness. 1,811 more words

Things to discuss besides abortion this election

To be clear I am unapologetically prolife. The problem with the term pro-choice is that it ignores morality entirely. We should advocate for intrinsically evil things to be made illegal. 489 more words

ABORTION & THE CHURCH - Three Part Series Exposing the Abortion Position of the Denominational Church

INTRODUCTION: Is the Church prolife? Not really. It’s hard to even comprehend that we have to ask that question. In times past, abortion was never sanctioned even in ‘dire circumstances’, but since 1973 it has become a quagmire of relevancy so that no one is offended; millions are dead, millions are suffering. 3,751 more words


To Be Pro-Life


What American doesn’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling in their heart when they hear a phrase like “Right to Life”? Well, liberals for one because it elicits fears of a grotesque past in America when abortions were performed in back alleyways or shifty rooms with shifty attendees and never with appropriate or sanitized equipment. 1,196 more words

Albert Mohler Voting for Trump

‘I Was Wrong’: Albert Mohler Says He’s Voting for Trump after Opposing Him in 2016

Mohler didn’t support Trump four years ago and spoke out… 229 more words


Poland High Court Rules For Fetal Defect Abortion Ban

If women who support abortion were themselves aborted, the world would be a better place. I’m not advocating that; I’m simply being honest. Such is the case with a new law in Poland that virtually eliminates abortion, except in the three exceptions: rape, incest, life of mother. 215 more words


Newest staff member coming soon

Within 5 days, FNF Media will be adding the newest member to the team. Yes, yes, the editor in chief is old enough to be the grandfather! 11 more words

Sign Of The Times