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4 Most Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid

Thanks to the proliferation of bookkeeping and accounting software, it’s now easier than ever for Denver businesses to keep a record of where the money is going. 129 more words

Were They Versailles, Geneva, or Munich Talks?

Iran nuclear deal ‘near completion’ BBC news

It is obvious that the Iranian government was not telling the whole truth at the negotiating table. Closed IAEA inspections could prove to be advantageous under the current administration but GOP warhawks are aplenty. 228 more words


No High Level Military Participation In Iran Deal

by Stephen Bryen

It is glaringly obvious that the US military played no role, or only a minor role, in the recently concocted Iran deal.  The absence of any senior military officials in Geneva illustrates better than anything else that the deal is an entirely political one which is designed to mainly be window dressing on a restart of relations with the Iranian regime.   851 more words

Technology And Security

Proliferation Insecurity: Surprise! Iran Has Sophisticated Cruise Missiles

“I understand why Iran needs medical radioactive isotopes, but why do they need ballistic missiles to deliver them?” Shimon Peres, former President of Israel.

While the champagne and caviar were flowing in Vienna, Iran rushed towards military-industrial production of sophisticated sea and land attack cruise missiles. 770 more words