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The Problem with Strategic Ambiguity

Engaging with Taiwan, otherwise known as the Republic of China or Chinese Taipei, is a difficult task for the United States to navigate. Differing historical stances over the most effective path for balancing the relationship between Taiwan and China make it difficult for “fair” engagement to occur with either country. 820 more words

North Korea

Trump Signals The End is Near

President-elect Donald Trump turned to Twitter  to call for the US to increase the capability of its nuclear arsenal.

Pause for a moment to consider the outrageous nature of the President-elect making reference to something so serious as nuclear weapons on something so trivial as Twitter.  364 more words

Timeline: Trump's Comments on Nukes; Putin's Retorts

Modernization Vs. Proliferation

The U.S. is and will continue spending money on modernizing nuclear weapons.  However, expanding nuclear weapons is not something that either the U.S. 455 more words

U.S. Politics

Expanding nuclear capability

The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes

— Donald J.

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Will Japan and South Korea go nuclear?

It has been theorized often in the press that if Japan and South Korea ever felt that America would not defend them as promised, or if they wanted to become fully independent of American foreign policy, that they would likely decide to become full nuclear powers themselves. 1,067 more words

Daily Brief

Drone strikes spread as proliferation surges

A new wave of users have launched drone strikes either on their own territory or across borders over the past 15 months.

While the majority of attention on armed drones has focused on US use (and to some extent on the UK and Israeli), growing proliferation of these systems has meant that a number of other countries have acquired or developed armed drones and are beginning to regularly use them to launch strikes. 1,572 more words


Japan, India sign agreement on civil nuclear power that took 6 years to negotiate

Landmark agreement signed in Tokyo despite criticism from anti-nuclear groups citing threats to safety.

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