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Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Salutations and happy Tuesday my tireless tirade of typers, (that sounds like the most peaceful war party of all time). I hope your Monday was as easy as kindergarten, (failing that – as easy as writing a pop song). 558 more words


Just say No

So Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, a man who is arguably Britain’s best hope induce a modicum of respect into a political system currently viewed with such disdain by the majority of the population. 298 more words

Nuclear weapons and the ‘Letter of last resort’: what my students think

By Jez Littlewood

NPSIA’s disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation course began last week (INAF 5201). Once the administrative side of the first class was completed I began the class with the 2015… 1,283 more words

Faculty Posts

Low Yield Hot Take: Iron Man 2

Low Yield Hot Takes are short blog posts about films with noteworthy nuclear plot points but not enough of an impact to escalate to a full podcast episode. 133 more words

Comic Book Movie

Niger Gives 7-day ultimatum for return of illegal arms

Niger State Gov. Sani Bello has issued seven days ultimatum to individuals or groups with illegal firearms to surrender them to the appropriate authority in the state. 237 more words

North Korea, Opposition Politics, and British Nuclear Deterrence

I wrote the following piece for The Guardian, the stalwart newspaper for whose North Korea Network I have done a handful of essays and events over the past couple of years. 278 more words

North Korea

Steady your mind

Seeing only pink;
flowers proliferating –
best steady your mind.

Words and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan