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The Tip of the Warhead: The Culture Below the Surface of a Nuclear North Korea

North Korea’s weapons policy is like a tip of an iceberg. It might sink the Titanic, but only because it is situated precariously atop the titanic bulk below. 509 more words

Put a Boot in Sarah Palin's Ass --It's the American Way

We are five months away from the election of the next President of the United States.  Before President Obama leaves office he traveled to Hiroshima to give an historic speech at the Hiroshima memorial. 620 more words

Proliferation begins at home...The $1 Trillion Train Wreck

From the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, April 2016

Proliferation begins at home. That has never been clearer than now, as the United States embarks on what many scientists at its nuclear weapons laboratories are calling “the second nuclear age.” The United States plans to spend $1 trillion over the next 30 years to “modernize” all aspects of its nuclear arsenal: the bombs and warheads, the production facilities, the delivery systems, and command and control systems. 126 more words

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U.S. encourages China, Japan to stop reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel to produce plutonium


WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior U.S. official came out strongly Thursday against major powers in East Asia pursuing nuclear reprocessing that nonproliferation experts warn could lead to spiraling quantities of weapons-usable material in a tense region. 505 more words

Music suggestions March 15th

The Weakening

I would classify them as a type of groove metal. Some of their songs of their songs might actually remind you of Meshuggah. But they also mix in some sludge type grooves. 910 more words

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Why Do Countries Go Nuclear? A Strategic Theory

The theory contained in The Strategic Logic of Nuclear Proliferation by Alexandre Debs and Nuno Monteiro seeks to explain why states choose to proliferate. They address the shortcomings of previous proliferation literature, and contend that security concerns are the main motivation behind proliferation. 4,055 more words

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