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Nuclear Weapons and Public Health


The atom has proven to be the Dionysius of physics: in contrast with the beneficial applications of nuclear science in agriculture, medicine, and environmental studies, atomic weapons inflict bacchic chaos on their possessors and their victims. 1,195 more words

Obama’s Disingenuousness on Iran: An Update

My last post claimed vindication for my long-standing position that President Obama was being disingenuous when in the run-up to the Iranian nuclear negotiations he insisted he was prepared to use military force to prevent Tehran’s atomic ambitions.  688 more words

National Security Policy

Reactive Oxygen species in prostate cancer?

Reactive Oxygen species in prostate cancer?

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


Antioxidant Treatment Promotes Prostate Epithelial Proliferation in Nkx3.1 Mutant Mice

Martinez EE, Anderson PD, Logan M, Abdulkadir SA… 5,082 more words

CANCER BIOLOGY & Innovations In Cancer Therapy

Nuclear Proliferation Poll

After reading my latest research on the proliferation of nuclear weapons, please take the poll below. You can take the poll multiple times, so I encourage all of you to take it before and after reading the research… Let’s hear your voice! 58 more words

Preemptive Peace

Preemptive Peace

Before us lies preemptive peace. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. JCPoA.

The Plan.

The value of this proliferation deal, is its mutual agreement. 675 more words


TIL - Divide and Conquer

I keep forgetting today’s topic but maybe this time it’ll stick.

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  • Cellular Division
  • Mitosis
  • Meiosis