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The Middle East Nuclear Race Is Already Under Way

One of the most important reasons why the U.S. is trying to conclude a nuclear deal with Iran is to prevent an Iranian bomb from triggering a nuclear race in the Middle East. 953 more words

The New Tribe: Way of the Open Fist - Part I

From: The Way of the Open Fist – Part I

1. The Open Hand

Although our moral com­pass, which has served us quite ade­quately through recorded his­tory, is per­sis­tent in its abil­ity to direct us (a dis­tinct eth­nic sub­group of the wider group com­monly referred to as Cau­casians) fig­u­ra­tively north, while we toiled on the periph­eries of exis­tence — mak­ing our world a ‘bet­ter place’ — 3,520 more words


The New Tribe: Way of the Open Fist - Introduction

From: The Way of the Open Fist – Introduction


In order to sim­ply and con­cisely define our con­tem­po­rary posi­tion it is essen­tial that we look to nature and her eter­nal and immutable canons. 2,960 more words


Lizard tail regeneration: what do we know?

Regeneration of complex structures is rare within amniotes. A well-known exception is the lizard tail. However, our knowledge on how this process is achieved at the cellular and molecular is very limited when compared to the regeneration of other appendages in another vertebrate groups. 566 more words


New proliferation dangers in South Asia? Seminar announcement

Seminar announcement

The South Asian region has been seeing tumultuous events and is undergoing structural changes in nuclear politics. A sneak peek includes:


A hematopoietic cell-derived signal is required for cell survival during zebrafish fin regeneration

During zebrafish fin regeneration different genes and signalling pathways are locally upregulated in the wound area and play important roles to trigger a successful regenerative response. 720 more words