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A hematopoietic cell-derived signal is required for cell survival during zebrafish fin regeneration

During zebrafish fin regeneration different genes and signalling pathways are locally upregulated in the wound area and play important roles to trigger a successful regenerative response. 720 more words


Why Would He Do This?

Yesterday Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the Congress in February, which he accepted.  While on the surface this may seem relatively innocuous, it would not be the first time that he addressed Congress, in reality this invitation is an “in your face” move by Speaker Boehner and a direct challenge to President Obama. 1,203 more words

The Proliferation of Hardware/Software

Post By florencecollinson.wordpress.com       22/01/2015

The Great Gatsby

This YouTube clip is a great example of how companies use the green/blue screen on set, it shows behind the scenes whilst making the film as well as the finished clip when new technology has been used to create scenery/houses/objects on media software to create a realistic look to the film without actually trying to find a building or place with the exact scenery they need. 167 more words

A dual mode of heart regeneration in zebrafish

Mammals cannot regenerate their hearts despite that some studies have reported that newborn mice can regenerate the heart apex if it is amputated during their first days of life. 712 more words


A Validation Of Open Participation In Church Meetings

A Validation Of Open Participation In Church Meetings:

Here’s an observation: Without an oration, the decentralization of church into Spirit-led participation, releases a saturation of fascination with the living, resurrected Jesus Christ that produces an amazing manifestation of revelation, cooperation, dedication, & personal transformation through out the congregation! 56 more words

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