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Preemptive Peace

Preemptive Peace

Before us lies preemptive peace. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. JCPoA.

The Plan.

The value of this proliferation deal, is its mutual agreement. 675 more words


TIL - Divide and Conquer

I keep forgetting today’s topic but maybe this time it’ll stick.

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  • Cellular Division
  • Mitosis
  • Meiosis

They're out to get us - Julian Eldridge

We live in a dangerous World. A jealous World. A World stalked by enemies, current and potential who, as you might expect of enemies, mean us no good. 523 more words


9/11/2015: perception

A Buddhist Reflection: Survivors describe how, after the debris and dust settled, there was only blue sky where the twin towers used to be. It was as if the awful devastation hadn’t occurred, mind turns away… natural reaction, a kind of sleight-of-hand,  conjuring trick – one thing becomes something else, what is seen and what it appears to be merge together. 503 more words

The 'now' Moment

4 Most Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid

Thanks to the proliferation of bookkeeping and accounting software, it’s now easier than ever for Denver businesses to keep a record of where the money is going. 129 more words

Were They Versailles, Geneva, or Munich Talks?

Iran nuclear deal ‘near completion’ BBC news

It is obvious that the Iranian government was not telling the whole truth at the negotiating table. Closed IAEA inspections could prove to be advantageous under the current administration but GOP warhawks are aplenty. 228 more words