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AUGUST 01, 2014

Dearest Hugh,

The coldness of the first night of August is somehow different to those humid nights of the past few months. There’s no “you” to keep me cozy, yet I guess I have to endure the fact that I can’t always have you around to wrap me in your arms, no “you” to annoy and tickle me until I can’t hold my laughter. 327 more words

Story And Poetry

Dear Saph

Dear Saph,

All of this is for you.

I’ve tried to tell this story so many times before. Each time, I wasn’t ready. The first was when I was thirteen and wanted to forget everything. 350 more words



It has been 10 years since Glerica’s parents died. Every since,  she has been living with her bestfriend Merliah Drew. Merliah is a nice girl, she has been helping Glerica with things ever since they were in the 3rd grade. 9 more words

Page 1 "Prologue"

I am really displeased with how it turned out, but I tell myself that it was one of the first works I did digitally, so it’s all right. 33 more words



So my very first travel as a “young professional” were the trips to Dumaguete-Cebu-Bacolod itinerary and so far I’m lovin’ it! Before, we used to travel as a family and unfortunately those trips that we had were not written in black and white; I just posted pictures about it and some short description for it and that’s it! 76 more words


Thirty One - Prologue

Thirty One

Le bonheur ? Désolée, je ne connais pas ce mot. La confiance non plus d’ailleurs ! Ma volonté de poursuivre ma vie a disparu.

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Thirty One

The Cassandra Syndrome: Prologue

‘Gone is the superpower ideological divide that once gave a strange sort of order to the world’s wars. In its place are entrepreneurs, selling arms… A nearly two-year investigation by the Center for Public Integrity’s International Consortium of Investigative Journalists into the business of war has found that these non-state actors – despite their appearance of being freelancers – have copious connections to intelligence services, multinational corporations, political figures and criminal syndicates in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.’ 1,432 more words