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John 1:1-5, 14

The prologue to John’s gospel serves as an introduction to God, not as a person, not as a being, but as the Word: the truth. This is exactly what was emphasized in multiple Old Testament accounts, from Genesis to God revealing Himself as I AM to Moses. 80 more words

Welcome to the JA Downtown Blog where you will be able to read about the latest in men’s and women’s grooming, fashion, style, art, exclusive events, and much more. 10 more words



Moving through my thoughts and juggling with words, trying to venture into a new realm of infinities is the purpose of this adventure that I am calling as WORDS and THOUGHTS. 111 more words

Dawning: Thomas Wade :: Prologue

Over the course of my writing I have always wanted outside opinion. So I have decided to post chapters of a new series I want to write throughout these next few months on this blog. 406 more words


(Prologue: Off-Track) - Clothing List

  • Top: PacSun – Distressed Shirt / Tank Top
  • Bottoms: Hyper Denim – Zipper Pants (Custom)
  • Shoes: Jordan Brand – Air Jordan 1 – Black Toe (2016)
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Epilogue: Prologue 

You know the how people say ‘seize the moment’. How some may respond that ‘the moments seize us’. We assume so much of the world and ourselves that we’ll find a way to live in the moments no matter what, we never think about what a moment is. 221 more words


Prologues and Epilogues - Is There a Point to Them?

by Helena Fairfax

Prologue and Epilogue. Do they have a use? Should they be used? Can you have one without the other?

First of all, the Prologue. 676 more words


Eva Blaskovic reblogged this on Beyond the Precipice and commented:

“I intended to drop the backstory into the book gradually, because I’d had it drummed into me that prologues were a BAD THING by lots of writing experts. I read this passage aloud at my writers’ group and it didn’t go down well…

“So, after trying my best to avoid a prologue because ‘experts’ told me it was wrong, I tried writing a prologue to ‘establish context and give background details,’ as it says in Wikipedia. In the opening prologue to A Way from Heart to Heart as it has now been published, I describe how five years before the actual story begins the heroine’s husband dies in Afghanistan. In the prologue, she is brought the news by the hero.

“The reader immediately has sympathy for them both through this prologue (at least I hope so!), it’s full of action, and it sets up the entire premise of the novel – that the heroine is terrified of further loss for her son.”

Source: Helena Fairfax on A Writer’s Path

A refreshingly insightful article on the use of prologues and epilogues. Read the whole thing: