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Blind Will Lead the Blind

The betting slip lay crumpled on the table, its ragged appearance perfectly encapsulating the ruin Darren McAllister’s life had become. The smeared ink of his wasted plans, the tumultuous ridges and valleys of his fall from supposed grace, and above all, the sudden loss of the fortune it entailed…


Dance with Darkness and Light: Prologue

Mu Zhang was twenty-seven years old. Found as a baby in the city, he eventually ended up in the temple of a daoistic sect.

There, at five in the morning, training started with breathing, qi cultivation, mantric prayers and martial dao. 595 more words


Story prologue - Shadow

Sorry for taking so long to finish this, I’ve been fairly busy still. Here’s a short prologue that I wrote now that I’ve come up with a really good plot to fit this character. 590 more words

A hello.


Mungkin banyak yang bertanya-tanya, mengapa blog seputar traveling seperti ini banyak sekali dan saya masih saja bikin blog serupa? Jawabannya pun sangat mendasar kok, semua orang suka jalan-jalan! 190 more words

Earliest Sample

I’ve thought I’m playing too many games right now to write much. Then I remember that I was trying to take a nice long vacation, so a couple hundred words a day on the scifi story is actually the one I am doing too much of at the moment. 1,629 more words