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Block out writing advice sometimes

“Don’t take anyone’s writing advice too seriously.” ~Lev Grossman

Last night, I saw these gifs on tumblr from a video by Alice Oseman; this young British woman is the newly published author of… 333 more words

Music & Lit.


These pains were unfamiliar but anticipated. Going big game angling insured it would be a line-tugging battle to the depths.


  The Audi’s progress stopped as the last kilometer on the odometer counted down to nothing from the information it was given off the destination card Amalia slotted into the vehicle’s GPS deck. 99 more words


Read Trials the Novel for Free!

The Prologue for Trials has just been posted to the book’s blog. Check it out and read the book for free!


Inspiration Station: Prologue/Epilogue

What is a prologue?

The beginning to start the beginning. A prologue is usually a chapter before chapter one. Sometimes it has something to do with the novel, sometimes it doesn’t. 596 more words



Delaney stared at her computer screen. What am I doing here? She thought to herself for the millionth time that day. She was 24 years old, never had a boyfriend, never found anyone she could actually bring herself to go out on a third date with, and lived with her parents. 603 more words


Progress Report 8/25/2015: Spear to the Chest

Gomenasai, Luna.
These are the evils of bug testing.

Suck it up, because it’s faster to suicide than wait 15 turns. Talk about the easy way out of life’s hardships… 174 more words