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A Willow In The Woods: Prologue

“Come on! It’s right over here.” Nellie tugged on Tristan’s hand, pulling him deeper into the woods.

“Are you sure you’re not just making this up?” Tristan asked, but he followed her anyway, because he always did. 1,073 more words


#FemWritQuotes from 'Euphoria'

I love books, and sometimes the books I read have sentences that are just so beautiful, they speak to me. They resonate in my mind as I reflect – and sometimes they stick with me. 488 more words


Prologue V: Web Novel Update!

So… you remember that web novel I promised? You know, the one I mention after the trilogy of Prologue poems? I told you they were very loosely based on a possible upcoming web novel? 143 more words


"Ephraim's Unfortunate Loves" - chapter i

i. Ephraim

Ephraim was often described as a dreamer. He had big blue eyes that were looking up at the sky most of the times, and he almost never heard what people told him. 241 more words



Saarthak woke up with a jerk soaked in sweat only to realize that he saw something which has already happened. Though it was not anymore an unusual thing but even then it brought the same uneasiness down his guts, up his mind. 208 more words


Prologue: Heists

Back in time, during our school days
We were classmates and even seatmates
You were so bright like the beam of rays;
And your beauty engraved my brain… 211 more words

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The Exiled Ones - The Lost Princes - Chapter 0 - Prologue - Saburo

A blue sky lacking clouds awaited Saburo as he opened his eyes. It was quiet, except from the peaceful noise of the tide that was almost beckoning his eyes back shut. 1,078 more words

The Exiled Ones