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Reconciling with Reality - Prologue

Anime is a lie. Reality never plays out like a script from a slice-of-life Manga. Although acknowledged by all ,many  people still pursue this false reality. 178 more words

Slice Of Life

GoT: Prologue, or "Seven Hells it's cold!"

Will, Gared, Ser Waymar Royce

Seven Hells! What a great start to the series. I’d forgotten just how much GoT starts off with a bang. 408 more words

First Post

Jim the Boy - Book Review

I am concerned that many readers, and not a few writers, have lost the ability to enjoy a story that exists purely to entertain. That unless a novel is outlined with on cue plot twists, pinches, and character arcs, the reader will dismiss the story as worthless. 400 more words


Getting into a villain's head

Would this beginning to a book make you want to purchase it?

“Kill the kid.”

He sat looking at the sleeping child, who was dressed in a clean white T-shirt and shorts that had grown dingy in the week they’d been here. 423 more words

6°s, or... Something?

                                                 April 20, 2015

Remember The Secret? Maybe it’s 6°s of separation, or precognition, or something? But…

Go back a couple of Sunday’s to when… 239 more words

Life And Living...

To anyone who happens to stumble upon this

This is just a space for me to transcribe certain moments in my life, to express certain ideas, thoughts, or feelings, and just maybe you think or feel the same way as I do, as this is just a thing called life that we all go through.

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Friday 14th August – Central Basin – Lake Burley Griffin – Canberra

Start time 4.00 PM
Finish (cut off time) 5.30 PM
Access to Rond Terrace parking area: Veer left off Kings Way just before the roundabout adjacent to Anzac Parade. 108 more words

Capital To Coast