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Does Prolotherapy Work for Lower Back Pain?

What if someone told you that an injection of sugar water could help treat joint pain?

It sounds like a hoax. But in fact, this is exactly what happens in prolotherapy. 254 more words

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The what, how and why of Prolotherapy!

Joints weaken when ligaments and tendons are stretched, torn or fragmented, causing the joint to become hyper-mobile and painful. Traditional approaches with anti-infl ammatory drugs and surgery often fail to stabilize these joints and relieve pain permanently. 672 more words

Here we go again....

I suppose my last post was fitting, considering I just found out yet again I have a Labral Tear!!!!! >:-O

Very angry face.

This time around it is accompanied by a torn ligament as well, lucky me. 553 more words

Why Pain is a Good thing?!

When reading the title of this post, you may be thinking: is this Doctor crazy? How is my having pain a good thing? Read on, and I will explain why. 242 more words

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Injection Therapies

You may have heard of a naturopathic treatment that is making waves in athletic communities. This treatment mimics the immune response that happens when you injure yourself. 378 more words


Could Prolotherapy Help Your Pain?

Prolotherapy is not a very well-known treatment, involvingĀ a series of injections into a painful area over the course of a year. The injections create scar tissue in the muscles, which in turn helps stabilize injuries, and puts them on the path to healing. 354 more words

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