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Throwback to PROM!

ps. I want to sell my prom dress. Let me know if interested. 13 more words

Tuesday 27.09.16

After coffee and chasing the kids off to school I went out for a nice ride on my bike and had coffee sat on the prom watching the seagulls and water, when we got home we prepared our picnic basket and went to… 81 more words

Every Day Stuff

A Nice Morning Cycle

After a nice relaxing start to the day I made some coffee and went out on my bike and had coffee sat on the prom… 15 more words

Every Day Stuff

Hollywood Gems

There’s a whole world of under-the-radar attractions and activities you may be missing. They include music, hikes and other features that Hollywood locals frequent to enjoy their city as one would a neighborhood. 19 more words

The Boy Next Door, Literally.

I’m the kind of gal who does things full bore.  As much as I can, anyway.  For the most part. Most of the time?    Sometimes, I get tired, and think, “eh, that’s enough.”  I think some people find my “passion” for whatever I am excited about at the moment as  a bit intense.  8,370 more words

To buy or not to buy online for prom?

Today everybody is shopping online. The Zalando’s of the world seem to be taking over the brick and mortar shops. But is buying online really always better? 313 more words


Why hire a professional Makeup Artist?

So you are getting married or you have prom coming up, OR you are getting family pictures done and want to look your absolute best. Whatever the occasion might be, is it worth hiring a professional Makeup Artist? 822 more words