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Confessions of a Dying Day

Cycles of innocence and regret
hints of pink
enveloped by
the beauty of music
hovering, dissolving
over decomposing leaves
shards of broken glass
promiscuous ways… 7 more words


Wait!? Why doesn't everyone else have a high sex drive too?

I love sex. In fact, there is nothing I love more. The feeling of pure ecstasy and bliss is something I crave day in, day out.  386 more words

may 9, 2015

part three of three:

he climbs on top of me and start kissing and rubbing on me. it feels nice so i follow his lead and starts kissing him back. 627 more words


may 9, 2015

part two of three:

omg, wtf brad!! now shit is awkward! at this point we’re on the couch and im trying to keep a little distance between us. 885 more words


may 9, 2015

part one of three:

today around 11am this guy (brad) texted me and here is how the conversation went:

brad: hey, im about to have the house to myself!

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craigslist by mary jane #1 (golden shower)

**craigslist by mary jane are casual encounter ads that i think of while stoned. i rarely actually post these to craigslist, but they are entertaining to me (and a bit disturbing) so i am sharing them here instead** 81 more words



ok folks.. like i said before, i’m branching out! if you liked my last post, please follow me on my new blog the promiscuous african… 10 more words