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The German

When I think of crazy sexcapades, I have a couple that come to mind. One that will always stand out to me, however, will be The German. 736 more words


Gen Y error correction

Millennials are so SJW because they think they stand to gain £££££££.

When the promises of the Left prove false, such as home ownership, stable work and retirement…. 319 more words

My wife is Promiscuous - man to court

A 40-year-old man identified as Ibrahim Salaty, had on Thursday begged an Ilorin Area Court to dissolve his marriage. 158 more words


I love sex with strangers

Once upon a time I wanted to meet someone special and settle down.  But it never quite worked out that way.  I’m ok with that now and am so much happier being single.  1,030 more words


Sex and the Narcissist - 2 flavours

The porn addict


The manwhore


I have nothing to add, really.
The former is more likely a male borderline, in my opinion.

It’s about controlling the other person, hurting them, whether it’s setting one-sided ‘rules’ (that make no sense) or defiling them (usually more religious, actually, Madonna/Whore idealization/devaluation at play). 128 more words