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3 dropsĀ 

I sneak to the bathroom with my limited supplies. A pregnancy test. The only clean container I could find that no one would miss: some plastic disposable cup from Dairy Queen. 157 more words

r/K in old stories

Nowadays in a story of Kallikak, we’d have to include epigenetic inheritance from the venereal disease-ridden microbiome of the parents. Contrary to popular belief, recent findings have shown the male urethra does have a microbiome and is… 54 more words

1. Jared (2009)

Name: Jared
His Age: 24
My Age: 17
Where: living room of his house, shithole home town, Florida.

I arranged the loss of my virginity. 617 more words

High School

Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Stack Swatches!

Hi everybody! This is the last stack that I own so until I grab the other two, the three should be of help that I have on here! 239 more words


Story of my life Part 2

Care to read Part 1 here

Continued …

It was exactly 2 years after the tragic death of my son, some unruly over-speeding guy who knocked off my son and he died on the spot. 832 more words


Why do I keep getting the crazies?

‘tI made myself a nice itinerary for the day, yesterday. Go to the Embassy, ask about getting my passport renewed, go to the cellular provider shop and ask them why they are screwing me over, and how can it be stopped, and go to Western Union to take out 95$ CAD which is all I have LEFT, until i get paid by camming, which is in two weeks. 719 more words