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Video: End Rape Culture

On clothing choice;

Clothing is a CHOICE.

Fashion is an ARTFORM.

A mode of EXPRESSION and evolves into a unique style.

What are you expressing, when you admittedly dress like a slut? 111 more words

3 Things I've Learned While Living with a Promiscuous Gay Man

I love my roommate. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s my best friend and honorary cuddle buddy. But there were some hard truths I had to learn while living with him. 280 more words


w h o r e

Definition of WHORE ~ merriam-webster dictionary

:  a woman who engages in sexual acts for money :  prostitutealso  :  a promiscuous or immoral woman…

635 more words


Let’s talk about sex. 

This is something that I have found hard to translate into words, so please bare with me.

Firstly, it seems that hold myself to a different … scale, compared to my friends and peers. 757 more words


Marilyn Oma Anona: poem Alert!!!

Title: Everything Flesh… Promiscuous only finds lust
(Originally written by Marilyn Oma Anona )

She simply can control her fleshy desires… 299 more words

Sluts are rejected by other women, even sluts themselves


Literally nobody likes them socially (cause and effect are bidirectional). And they think behaviour is without consequence? They are “unsuitable for friendship” and long-term relationships, never ‘wife material’ certainly. 291 more words


Promiscuous Parking

I noticed that most of the people who park in the carpark at work seem to park in the same spot every day. I mentioned how monogamous people are about their car parking spot to a colleague the other day who said that they just did it without thinking. 119 more words