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L, the Potential

I’ve struggled to meet a girl I like physically who isn’t crazy or weird or overwhelming. I tend to be more attracted to the girly girls and they also tend to be the more difficult ones. 202 more words

The list

I’m now at 4, so I figured it’s time to share the list…

A – he was the first. Smart, funny, successful and incredibly sexy (not to mention well endowed). 312 more words

Love, Life and Dirty Little Secrets

In 2012 I wrote a piece about a guy I hooked up with for a night. That guy was my ex-FiancĂ©’s friend and work colleague. That guy is also who I left my previous most recent boyfriend for. 662 more words

N, the Uncircumcised

So I’ve never seen an uncircumcised penis before. I mean, aside from like… Changing a babies diaper. But that hardly counts. Anyway.

Saw my first one the other night. 99 more words

The Butterfly Effect

She’s So oblivious to the fact that eyes are always watching when she doesn’t know how to act.

She know what she wants, but she will never get it. 479 more words


FLASHBACK: Promiscuous

I went jogging this afternoon, as I try to every working day afternoon, and started my run with the alpha “Promiscuous” and it struck me that it is getting on for a year since I last wrote any lyrics. 386 more words

65 days

It’s been 65 days (of single life ) and my number has increased by … 1. I mean, I’m going to blame that on my slow to come out and play libido but really, it’s getting downright sad. 168 more words