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Sluts are rejected by other women, even sluts themselves


Literally nobody likes them socially (cause and effect are bidirectional). And they think behaviour is without consequence? They are “unsuitable for friendship” and long-term relationships, never ‘wife material’ certainly. 291 more words


Promiscuous Parking

I noticed that most of the people who park in the carpark at work seem to park in the same spot every day. I mentioned how monogamous people are about their car parking spot to a colleague the other day who said that they just did it without thinking. 119 more words


A ladies man VS. A whore

There are a couple of things in society that really astound me. One of those things happens to be what society calls a person when they are promiscuous. 206 more words

Everyday's Thoughts

Post #1

I’ve always thought about blogging, but I never really thought I had anything unique to say. I’ve lived a relatively normal, uncomplicated life.

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town and currently live in a slightly larger Wisconsin town. 365 more words


Tune of the Day 6/5

Hi! Another remix today. Sorry, I’m just finding some good ones lately. Enjoy!

Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland (Dr. Fresch Remix)

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Unloved Road | My Beginning Confession

The Back Story

I have very recently (like 10 minutes ago – recently) came to a realization that I am on the wrong road in life; the unloved road. 1,504 more words


Confessions of a Dying Day

Cycles of innocence and regret
hints of pink
enveloped by
the beauty of music
hovering, dissolving
over decomposing leaves
shards of broken glass
promiscuous ways… 7 more words