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The end of the Edomites

Since it’s been a while since I included a conspiracy theory to chew on….

I read this

There will be no survivors from Esau.


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Men of promiscuous fervor and regular old me

There are men who are the life of every party they frequent and sometimes I wish I was one of them and not the me that I am. 259 more words


Untouchable Male Virgin

Been in kind of a rut lately with my writing. Reading Blood Into Ink’s My Teendumb set my pen moving again.

I dated the same girl… 131 more words


20 before 20

I slept with 20 men before the age of 20. Before you assign me degrading names, listen to this chapter of my life. I say chapter because it is not my whole story. 826 more words


Is It Really Wrong?

Promiscuity, is it really such a bad thing? Is it wrong for a woman to have sex with multiple men? Does it make a woman a hoe for exploring her sexual side?

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