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Video: R-type philandering scum

The initial tweet about women was true. Men don’t respect a woman’s right to say No. They respect the right of another man (the boyfriend) to say No. 727 more words


Male entitlement, future wife edition

Your future wife will be the same as your current wife – imaginary.


It’s like those feminist “I deserve…” lists.

Here’s the opening line where he thinks the absolute worst things about him are the best; 174 more words


Month 8

I lie bare in front of you

My soul hanged out to dry

Insecurities revealed

In the early morning light

Nothing left to spark your interest… 56 more words

PUAs fail common definition of masculinity

K-types (selfless with societal investment) set the standard.

I love to watch the self-proclaimed redpills get their knickers in a twist over findings they don’t like after tittering over feminists doing the same. 280 more words


Link: We don't know how a man's sexual history affects divorce risk

It’s bloody important, don’t you think? Where’s the other side of that coin?

I think they don’t want to offend men. The James Bond Casanova Lothario ideal is too engrained. 148 more words



Why does nobody read this blog? Is it because I don’t talk about sex? Because if that’s what people want, I can give them sex. And lots of it. 220 more words