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Subtle signs of dating a sociopath

They claim a romantic script where they explain away their promiscuity by saying it’s a quest for The One. They don’t believe in a one. The next woman who takes their fancy, they will claim might be the One, so when it goes wrong (his fault) he gets to blame someone else (her). 723 more words


A personal Post

I never saw myself as the type to commit. Going from one night stands and blackout drunk nights with men whose names I couldn’t recall if you asked, to spending evenings at art galleries and coffee shops, family dinners and movie marathons. 27 more words

Male borderlines

Borderline is already under-diagnosed in women, more often depression, histrionic personality, (ego, identity) anxiety or narcissism.

But male borderlines are under-diagnosed even more than that. Usually men are tarred as sociopaths (antisocial personality) if they feel empty, or narcissitic personality if they’re grandiose (faking it). 1,300 more words


This isn't like Me.

How can a person go from so innocent to what I’ve become?

A year or so ago, the thought of sex grossed me out. I found drugs revolting, smoking even worse. 224 more words

My Blog

Promiscuity: Part Three of The Cafe Journals

Let’s talk about 11:00 AM and prostitutes. The stain on the Earth’s surface, the vermin of society. They belong in the piss saturated alleys or on the street corners with their easy legs parted for the next meal ticket. 1,213 more words


Can i be a rose?

My best friend karan patade has published a book containing a bunch of beautiful poems.
It is called “When I Speak- The Taboo of human norms” 34 more words


Did You Look In The Mirror?

Before you get your panties all up in a wad and assume this is going to be a judgemental post about how women dress, please read it first, then feel free to comment…or don’t. 1,135 more words