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spacehuhn/PacketMonitor: ESP8266 + OLED = WiFi Packet Monitor





ESP8266 + OLED = WiFi Packet Monitor

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Did you ever wonder how many data packets are flying around you right now?!

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ESP32 - WiFi Sniffer | Łukasz Podkalicki


ESP32 – WiFi sniffer

2017-01-23 by Łukasz Podkalicki

This experimental project shows how to build a simple and inexpensive WiFi packet analyzer (also known as a WiFi sniffer).

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Promiscuous Girl

I start this blog, like all the blogs I’ve done before it, with a quote. It is such a powerful quote, here it is again, “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. 742 more words

No matter how much you spend they will ALWAYS fuck your shit up. then they swear there right an your eyes playing shit.

Like Bish gimme my bread back.


Females be In there emotions even worse around that time of the month.

I could be nice but I could also beat you down like Jeffrey Dhamer.

Choice is yours.


Some Exotic site on insta wants me to take pics for their site. I obviously can’t im still enduring rollie pollie season.

Try Again next year fam.


If I can’t even deal with a boyfriend/ relationship how the hell you think I can deal with a  husband or marriage?