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An Exceedingly Good Destiny

“The destiny of every human being depends on his relationship to Jesus Christ.”

Oswald Chambers

When asked to give a report on the exploration of Canaan, God’s promise land, ten out of the twelve spies focused on the negative and hooked into their fears. 386 more words

Journal entry 36: Last Day, Crossroads

Today is the last day. It has been 30 days and it seems like it has been longer but no, just 30 full days of consistency, keeping my word, and staying dedicated to the path at hand. 336 more words

Journal Entries


Today I thought about the snail….

To be more specific, the snail and Noah. Remember how all the animals traveled to the ark to be safe from the coming flood? 421 more words


Jeremiah - Chapter 24

Figs are not uncommon in the Middle East particularly in Israel. Just as olives, figs are native to this land. However, not too many people have visions or figs. 663 more words

Dr. J. Stark

Not What You Think

$20 to the person that can tell me the shared context of these two verses:

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. 1,442 more words


Are You Ready To Possess Your Promise Land?

Every Christian, who is called by God to greater works, must spend some time in the wilderness of trials. The length of time that you spend in the desert depends on your attitude. 1,382 more words


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Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we want you to receive the promises of God in your life. The words that you speak will determine your future success. Your words and attitude will determine whether or not you receive the promises of God. Speak positive words, be obedient and trust in the promises of God.