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You Can Count On His Word!

God swore on His words that He would bless Abraham. The blessing took quite some time to fulfill in Abraham’s life, but he continued to believe God and wait patiently on His promises. 128 more words

Daily Thanksgiving Devotion

Salvation: An Act of Mercy and Judgment

Why did God choose Israel over all the nations of the earth to choose from? When we read about the Exodus of Israel from Egyptian oppression, the giving of the Promised Land resulting in the destruction of occupying nations, the question naturally arises “Why Israel? 836 more words

Deuteronomy 9:4-5

Where Destiny Begins

The End of the Exodus is the beginning of fulfilling your destiny on earth, for once you are freed from all the bondages of the world, you are freed to be what God purposed You to be. 346 more words

End of Exodus

Where Exodus ends is as critical to understanding the word as the definition itself. The Exodus from slavery and bondage did not end after the plagues happened, the Israelites were released from captivity, miraculously crossing the Red Sea and delivered from the Egyptians (a picture of salvation). 148 more words

Now That You Have Entered The Promised Land, What Are You Suppose To Do?

Enjoy your blessings! Yes, you must feel free to enjoy all the great things that the Lord provides for you. He provided houses that you did not build, vineyards you did not plant. 489 more words


Serious Business

When Moses spoke to Pharaoh, it was to let God’s people go so that they could worship Him in the desert. Of all the things they could have been delivered to do (go take the promise land, fulfill their destiny, etc), God delivered them to worship Him. 268 more words