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Eating at the Enemy's Table

These past weeks have been a huge struggle for me. From the miscarriage, to dealing with my eating habits and learning to have joy when others are joyful. 602 more words

Guest Post: Don't Quit-Move Ahead!

Remember, the Lord is sovereign over heaven and the earth, so no man or devil can prevent you from entering into your Promised Land if you have faith and believe in Him. 258 more words


Dear Sahabats,

Then the Lord said to him,
“This is the land of which I swore to give Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
saying, ‘I will give it to your descendants.

1,272 more words

Following in the wrong footsteps....

In our last post (Tammuz 5776 (2016) we learned that Reuben took his eyes off the prize (Phil 3:14).  Wrong vision can cost you your inheritance. 925 more words

Together we take the land.

“Unified we stand. Arms held high, we take the land.”
These are lyrics from the song “Our Song Will Be” by Antioch Norman.

They are lyrics but more importantly they are words that God has been teaching me: we take ground together. 563 more words