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A Kangaroo Court!

Genre : Fiction

Once, in the jungle of Promise Land all the animals were squabbling over who should be authorized as the most efficient protector of the jungle. 382 more words

Short Stories

Returning to Eygpt or Pressing on to the Promise land

All God’s children wander in the wilderness but, we do not have to choose to go to the land of Egypt; we can choose the Promised Land!

1,156 more words

Jordan for Eid al-Adha

Eid is celebrated twice a year by the Muslim community. The first, Eid Al Fitr, comes after the month of Ramadan, to celebrate to end the month of fasting. 2,991 more words


Fear is a Liar


Setting – The Bible.

Here we are in Exodus at the end of our 40 years wondering around in the wilderness and the Lord is doing a new thing. 318 more words


Eating at the Enemy's Table

These past weeks have been a huge struggle for me. From the miscarriage, to dealing with my eating habits and learning to have joy when others are joyful. 602 more words

Guest Post: Don't Quit-Move Ahead!

Remember, the Lord is sovereign over heaven and the earth, so no man or devil can prevent you from entering into your Promised Land if you have faith and believe in Him. 258 more words