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God's Temper Tantrums And General Bad Behaviour

Assuming there is a God and assuming that the Bible is God’s word and an historical record of His activities (and you won’t hear anything to the contrary in church and from other formal Christian religious organisations) then the standard hype you hear, the standard image projected of God (and son) tends to be ‘warm and fuzzy’. 2,734 more words

Called Out

3 They did not conquer the land with their swords;  it was not their own strong arm that gave them victory. It was your right hand and strong arm… 291 more words

Texas grasshopper.

The picture of the week taken by Ytzaak Kalev. He tells us that this is what a grasshopper looks like when it will not move for a giant (his camera). 73 more words


God gives Jacob a dream

Hi all! Welcome back! Today’s story is from Genesis 28 and last year’s lesson can be found HERE.

If you remember from last time, Jacob tricked his older brother Esau into giving him all his stuff AND his father’s special blessing. 433 more words

Promise Land and Purity - Wake Up !

Jeremiah 32-37 is our reading for the week. There really isn’t anything new as far as the preaching message of Jeremiah to Judah and the leadership . 816 more words

16 Prophets In 2016

The Bramble King: Abimelek

What happens when the leaders who present themselves to us offer false hope and peace?

This past weekend at Eastbrook I delved into that question as we continued our series, “Flawed Heroes” from the book of… 248 more words


Gift of the Desert

In memory of my father, Avraham ben Shlomo Zalman, Z”L

The chapter of the Bible called Chukat [“Statutes”] is disastrous, filled with confoundment, contradiction, and despair. 1,171 more words

My Slow Readings