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📖PROMOTING POETRY BOOKS: "Urban Inspiration" by William H. Stokes📖

A spiritual collage. A collection of poetic pieces aiming to impact the culture. The words infuse the dialect of Scriptures with life experiences, and deep truths. 631 more words


Five learnings from the ABA conference

ABA = Australian Booksellers’ Association – a pretty important group for authors to access.

Thanks to the good offices of my lovely publisher at Odyssey Books… 646 more words


📖 Poetry Book Interview with Ideas with Ink📖

Life Became His Poetry. Poetry Became His Life. Captivating Poetry and Prose collection by 16-year-old Canadian teenager. The pain, the betrayal, lost friendships, first unrequited love bled from his soul, seeped through his fingers and into the words and sentences on a laptop. 502 more words


📖Poetry Book Interview with Larry Davis Jr.📖

Composed of beautifully written poems, Larry Davis Jr.’s My Poems: The Ones with the One-Word Titles is an anthology that touches on subjects that range from love and pain to passion, sexuality, and self-worth, making it an emotionally eclectic body of work that one can thoroughly enjoy. 443 more words


📖INTERVIEW with Debra B. Spencer on her NEW children's book!

Dream big, big enough to stop bullies. That was eight-year-old Henry’s solution to stop Cameron, the jealous school bully who teased him just because he was smart. 659 more words


📖 INTERVIEW with Azer on His New Poetry Book 📖

Savage Fantasies and True Love is a small but amazing collection of poems by young and upcoming poet Azer. It’s an untamed and unpolished glimpse into his mind. 681 more words


Interview with Radha Mulder on Her New Poetry Book "Love Notes" ♥

Take a heart-filling journey through the breadth and depths of Radha Mulder’s poetry in this second book, a large Collection of 60 poems set against 60 visually-stunning photographs. 647 more words