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The What, When, Where, Who, and How of Writing a Press Release

What is a press release?

A press release is a document that you send out to the media when your organization does something new, celebrates an anniversary or milestone, or has an event. 733 more words

Public Relations Tips

Here's Your Key to the Perfect Press Release

No matter how online-focused we become, one tried-and-true tool of journalism still holds power when you want to communicate with the media. What is it? … 382 more words

Business Ideas

Promoting your business online: LinkedIn

The more professional oriented Social Media Platform called LinkedIn is in our opinion a must have for business owners. LinkedIn allows you to build an online profile based on your professional background, your work experience, education, skills and more. 593 more words


Promoting your business online: Twitter

Twitter can be a challenging social media platform, but also one of the most beneficial for your business. With only 140 characters per message, Twitter is certainly one of the fastest social media platforms. 461 more words


Promoting your business online: Facebook

In one of our previous posts about Promoting your business online we talked about Social Media in general. Today we would like to take a closer look on Facebook and why you should consider having a Facebook Page even if you are a B2B focused business. 510 more words


Promoting your business online: Blogging

A Blog is a fantastic way to update your audience and inform them about specials, about events, new products and services as well as general information about your organization. 684 more words


Promoting your business online: Website Structure

We hope you enjoyed our first two articles Promoting your business online: Website and Promoting your business online: Online Marketing. In this article we would like to go a little deeper into the structure of a website. 835 more words