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Calisa Rhose invites Eve Rabi to Friday Fanfare #mfrwauthor #scandalous #suspense

THE OTHER WOMAN – a betrayed wife takes on the other woman with scandalous results. By  Eve Rabi 

How did the writer’s journey begin for you? 1,475 more words

Calisa Rhose

Campaign Portfolios

Hello :D

Below you’ll find links to the portfolios of the volunteer campaigns I’ve done. Feel free to check them out!

Centro VITA

All About Marketing Seminar

Misc. Promo Portfolio


(The 3 stages of Purpose & Love)

In my last blog post, we talked about why our hearts needed to expanded and enlarged for God’s love to flow through, for His purposes and plans for our lives to manifest and for us to be fruitful while we are on this earth.  1,207 more words

Dealing With Your Issues

The Managers: Sean Dyche

Premier League Clubs Managed: Burnley (2014-2015, 2016-PRESENT)

October 2017 will mark Sean Dyche’s fifth year at the helm at Burnley Football Club. In that time, the former defender has transformed the club from one-season top-flight wonders into a team that is difficult to beat at Turf Moor. 801 more words


La formula 3bien di Sara Assicurazioni

Guidare è qualcosa che mi ha sempre agitata, sarà che tutti sono sempre di fretta e spesso anche distratti, sarà che il caldo e la voglia progressiva di vacanze non aiutano certo a concentrarsi! 214 more words


I would have been a beautiful woman by now...

I would have been a beautiful woman by now. But when a body turns to dust before its time—when the mold is broken early—the spirit, like a casting, takes the mold’s last form. 238 more words


How to Commission Art

I am one of those rare people privileged to have been raised with the belief that I can do anything. And not because I come from money (I don’t) or because my parents have always encouraged in me the idea that I’m a special, special snowflake. 670 more words