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Follow Proverbs 22:7 And Plant Seeds Not Needs

Proverbs 22:7 “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

The net worth of the average African-American ($11,000)* is in stark contrast to the GDP or gross domestic product for that same group ($1.3 trillion)**.

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Erica And Warryn Campbell Share Father’s Day Stories [EXCLUSIVE]

Erica and Warryn Campbell are a beautiful black couple with a wonderful black family. When you talk with them you are struck by their testimony. We know… 608 more words

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How Shooting Victim Clementa Pickney’s Service As Senator And Pastor Calls Us To Do Something

Clementa Pinckney answered God’s call  to go  on the modern Emmaus road and reach others to bring the light to the darkness.

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How Superstar Musician Andrew Gouché Chose God Over Worldly Fame [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Grammy® Award-winning producer and premiere bassist, Andrew Gouché, recently released his anticipated debut effort entitled, We Don’t Need No Bass, on Prayze Connection Entertainment. 932 more words

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Ayesha Curry On Faith In Her Marriage To Steph: ‘It’s The Foundation Of Everything’

Ayesha Curry goes just as hard in the paint as her man, whether its sticking it to Cleveland fans during this year’s NBA championship; whipping up seemingly effortlessly meals with panache for her family; raising the willfully beautiful girlchild known as Riley; or running her lifestyle and cooking blog, … 1,085 more words

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President Obama Reminds Us That We Are All Bound By God In Eulogy For Beau Biden [VIDEO]

President Obama and Vice President Biden shared a deeply private moment in church.

President Obama gave Vice President Biden the hug of peace and the embrace tugged at the nation’s heart. 585 more words

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Lifetime’s Preach Castmate Taketa Williams Affirms Her Yes To God Relentlessly As ‘Beyonce Of Ministry’

Lifetime’s Preach has chosen one of the strongest women in ministry to be featured on her their new show. That woman of strength and personality is… 1,159 more words

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