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#StarWars #D23 - Six New Character Posters for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Will Make You See Red

Following that amazing sizzle reel Saturday, Lucasfilm released six new character posters for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 46 more words



Following the yesterday’s panel, fans were treated to a exclusive D23 poster for Avengers: Infinity War which shows off big baddie Thanos finally assembling the Infinity Guantlet. 23 more words


New THOR: RAGNAROK Promo Art Shows New Looks at THOR, LOKI, and MORE

THOR: Ragnarok is scheduled to take the stage later today at D23 alongside Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. Now, check out these cool promo art posters showing off new looks at Thor, Loki, The Grandmaster, and more.  8 more words

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A Little Introduction

I am so thrilled to announce the beginning of this business! With this being my first business, I would like to dedicate this to what this blog will be about: 98 more words


New INHUMANS Posters Reveals Atillan and Release Dates

From the first look at the royal family earlier this year, the cast of Inhumans have been met with high scruntiny from fans. 105 more words


"Annabelle: Creation" Debuts Promotional Photos

“The Conjuring” franchise has been one of the odder franchises. Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe is solely about horror monsters, Warner Bros.’s MonsterVerse is about city-destroying monsters, and all those superhero franchises are about heroes uniting to fight evil (Usually with political subtext brewing beneath the surface). 109 more words

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Funko Unveils "Stranger Things" Collectibles

“Stranger Things” won a lot of fans over with it’s mix of it’s 1980’s atmosphere, John Carpenter-inspired score, and it’s intriguing storyline. Naturally, the merchandising for the Netflix series has worked to capture these elements with a cassette tape of the soundtrack and, now, collectibles from the Funko company which they revealed today: 12 more words

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