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Wonder Woman Trailer Tease for JUSTICE LEAGUE Gives First Look at The Flying Fox

This morning, a new tease for Justice League dropped showing off a new look at Diana in and out of costume. Also a highlight, we get a good first look at Batmans new vehicle for the team, The Flying Fox. 11 more words

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Its to Unite the League in First Teaser Poster for JUSTICE LEAGUE 

Yesterday began WB and DC’s countdown to the new Justice League trailer which fans around the world have been waiting for. The trailer premieres Saturday so in the mean time check out the awesome teaser poster below.

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The King of Atlantis Prepares for Battle in First Trailer Tease for JUSTICE LEAGUE 

Today has been a day for pure hype. DC is starting to bring the heat now with trailer teases and posters for Saturdays trailer. First up is the King of Atlantis, Aquaman.

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The Scarlet Speedster Arrives in New Trailer Tease for JUSTICE LEAGUE 

The next trailer tease and poster has arrived from WB and this one showcases the Fastest Man Alive, the Flash. Check out the coolest visuals I ever seen below. 10 more words

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The Batman Looms in New Trailer Tease For JUSTICE LEAGUE 

Next up in trailer teases is the Dark Knight himself, The Batman. Check out some really cool moments and the teaser poster below.

Justice League cones to theaters this November.

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Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Official Promotional Photos

I had a work dinner last night and family day today so I am just now getting around to going through some of the Toy Fair info.   169 more words


New BTS Stills and Concept Art from THOR: RAGNAROK Released

Coming straight from the Phase 3 featurette on the Doctor Strange Blu-ray out on later this month is new behind the scenes stills and concept art from Marvel’s THOR Ragnarok… 62 more words

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