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Don't panic and practice your Lyatt pterodactyl screech

Promotional images for the upcoming Timeless two-hour movie dropped yesterday sending fans spiraling into a storm of speculation. The fansite is here to put your little lyatt hearts at ease. 523 more words

Season Two

Once Upon a Deadpool Releases First Poster

A few days ago we got the official announcement by 20th Century Fox for Once Upon a Deadpool, the restructured, holiday-sprinkled, PG-13 cut of this year’s… 116 more words

Netflix's Umbrella Academy TV Series Confirms Premiere Date, New Photos Released

While it’s not much, for fans excited for the upcoming Netflix show Umbrella Academy, it was confirmed today that the show will premiere on the streaming service on February 15th. 15 more words

Doctor Who TV Series Releases New Photos

The new season of Doctor Who coming this Fall is going to be one that may test the resolve of it’s fans, having a huge creative overall. 66 more words

Hulu's The First TV Series Releases First Photos

Huh is releasing a show titled The First about┬ámembers of a team of astronauts as they become the first humans to visit┬áMars. Not a bad idea I’d say, especially starring Sean Penn. 42 more words

Wonder Woman 1984 Releases New Photo of Gadot in Costume

A few days ago, we got the first official shots from Wonder Woman 1984 (See them here), the sequel to the smash hit from last year. 77 more words

First Look: Better Call Saul Releases Season 4 Photos, Premiere Date Announced

Better Call Saul is one consistent show, there is no doubt about that. I grant you, a prequel TV series in which you know the end results of most of the characters can have audiences go “Get to it already!”. 74 more words