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High Quality Promo Items

Promotional products don’t have to be cheap products just used for advertising. When you shell out money to make your corporation’s promotional products more high end, you make a better impression on your customers and employees. 260 more words

Corporate Gift Ideas

Choosing the Right Promotional Product

At Infinity Signs we really enjoy seeing how companies use promotional products for advertising.  Over the years we have discovered a few ideas of how to create a better return on your investment with promotional products. 399 more words


How to Copy and Paste the Trends- Onto Your Stuff

What’s the best way to keep up with the trends than to put it onto your stuff? We only know that any healthy and comfortable office spends its downtime chatting about the current times, joking about what’s going on, discussing the trends. 306 more words

Promotional Products

Am I Entitled to That?

I’m still having a hard time understanding why, as I get older I am still able to carry a healthy, carefree outlook while people 2-3 generations younger are busy copping an attitude and I’m getting a little tired of feeling like I’m interrupting your plan for world domination if I ask for “no foam.” Please stop trying to impress me with your belief that you are so much better than your job and just do your damned job. 999 more words

Promotional Products

Introducing 16 For 2016

This year’s PPAI Expo in Las Vegas made a statement with 1,500 exhibiting companies, more than 3,300 booths & thousands of promotional products on display. 405 more words


It's Never Too Soon To Be A Loyal Customer: How Logos Inspire Brand Recognition At An Early Age

Most parents have learned, often to their dismay, that children quickly learn to recognize the logos of their favorite fast food restaurants, toy stores, snacks and beverages. 313 more words

Promotional Products

Orange Is the New Invisible

The three convicts from Orange County are still on the loose and I’m not feeling so good myself. What I guess I have a hard time understanding is that my county can find me every year for jury duty but the people of that county, whom I’m told are all armed, can’t find three guys running down the street dressed like orange Teletubbies. 1,005 more words

Promotional Products