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Why Is It So Hard To Market To Millennials ?

1. They’re Not Your FansMillennials do not see themselves as fans. They see themselves as active participants, able to shape opinions and inform the conversation. 516 more words


Traditional Business vs Network Marketing Business

Most employed are looking for ways to start a business. Some save money for their initial investment and managed to start their entrepreneurial venture. Majority are not pursuing because of the high cost of capital investment not neglecting the technical know-how in operating the business and sustaining it. 1,198 more words

Network Marketing

Photoshop Manipulation / Cut Outs

The main manipulation is done in Photoshop with most of the graphics created in Illustrator.

Photo Manipulation

JCB Room Shot – Before

JCB Room Shot – After… 43 more words


3D Modelling using Blender

These are rough 3D models I created in Blender. These are used to give an idea to businesses and customers of what the full product would look like. 113 more words


Repeatable Patterns

These patterns were created in Adobe Illustrator from the graphics of their respective range. I used these in adverts, posts or promotional videos.

Country Cottage… 7 more words


Kidsaw Website Sliders w/examples

These are placed on the website to advertise products and sales. Website examples at the bottom.

Arctic Cots

Country Cottage Kitchen

JCB Muddy Friends

Racing Car… 22 more words


Social Media Adverts

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Kidsaw Sale – Posted on Facebook 2017

eBay Promotional Advert – Posted on Facebook 2017… 62 more words