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Colour prompt 26

The rules are simple. Use at least three of these colours in you artwork this week – add to them if you wish. Link back to this post to show us what you have done.


What Does Creativity Mean To You?

In response to: “Creativity means believing you have greatness.” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I just read a post that offered a great prompt. Do you believe creativity means believing you have greatness? 112 more words


April 23rd

Don’t forget to link back to this post if you write about it on your blog or website


Thimbleful Writing Prompt

The idiom for the day is: No Skin Off One’s Nose

The wordcount goal is: 200 words


Write a microfic within 10% of the week’s wordcount to the week’s prompt (180-220 words). 21 more words


Be Creative - January 1st - Photo inspiration

I’m not sure why some of the photographs were apparently not visible to some of you. They were kindly supplied by the people credited, for which I was very grateful. 37 more words


April 17th

The crisis is passing! Thank you for your patience. Here is a little prompt for you for today.

What is the weather like with you? Today is gloriously sunny, it has been for the last three weeks and I haven’t been able to go outside and enjoy it. 39 more words