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Johari window

Queen creative’s Prompt for the promptless this week appeals to me.

The Johari Window is a method of representing information (regarding feelings, experiences, motivations, intentions, attitudes, etc) – from 4 specific perspectives. 
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WordPress Shopping List

This week’s Prompt For The Promptless is about shopping lists:

A shopping list (noun) is a list of items needed to be purchased by a shopper, a grocery list is a the most popular type of shopping list– including items that need to be procured on the next visit to the grocery store. 1,114 more words


Shopping list

This week’s Prompt for the promptless is Shopping list.

It coincides with the publication of this post explaining the derivation of some words connected with shopping – or at least shops. 625 more words


Muddled Mrs Malaprop

Lapsus Linguae

A noun that refers to a “slip of the tongue”.  Malapropisms and spoonerisms are two examples.

This is another inspiring prompt from Queen Creative. 494 more words


Dear Reader

Written in response to Queen Creative’s prompt for the promptless Love notes and linking up with Weekly Writing Challenge from the Daily Post – Blogging events… 379 more words


Clash of dates

You can’t be in two places at once!

How many decisions in life are governed by this fact for those of us who do not possess a time turner like Hermione Granger?  448 more words


It's only a game!

This week’s prompt for the promptless is yet another new word to me – honne.  (It is a new word to my spell-checker as well, it changed it to hone, without asking!  586 more words