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Repentable Intern Experience

My intern theory is simple .

Allow fresher to think something different and productive .I  am intern teacher  at a slow learners school that  does not give us vacation  nor the freedom to do want we want …So we  are bound to what our seniors say .My life has been jailed in between two pepper grey mentors , whatever they say I  have to do (it cruel sometimes)  and in this battle of wills also takes place. 327 more words

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Vansh Zipped his lips with Devina′s ,

Feeling very churned up ,

He holds her head ,

Removing her clip,

Vansh deepens his kiss,

Igniting the fire of desire in her  , 57 more words

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The Darker Side of Carl

Clutter pressed in from all sides. Claustrophobia gripped Andrea’s lungs as she pushed further into the room.

“I’m looking for Jonathan,” she said, barely above a whisper, to the shabby man on the stool beside the door at the back of the room. 166 more words


#AZCHALLENGE W for Without Love

Krish is Trisha′s hero,

Without his love life is a zero for her ,

He Kisses her tenderly ,

That makes her mind go dazed with delight , 43 more words

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Nishant’s love for Saurabhi’s Grandma

Nishant stared at his grandma Damyanti Devi .Damyanti Devi has created a special space in her grandchildren’s heart .But now-a days having become tech savy Dadi all her attention is glued on to the Tab which her son Tushar had gifted on her 60th birthday . 381 more words

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#AZCHALLENGE V for Valentine

Divyansh  proposes  Cheesy,

In an old fashioned way ,

Divyansh  feels hurt and pain when Cheesy rejects it with ease  , 

Cheesy smiles at him , 66 more words

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Book Review of AN AUTOGRAPH FOR ANJALI by Sundari Venkatraman



Sundari Venkatraman

Published by Flaming Sun




Jayant Mathur is found murdered in his bed, shot at point-blank range with his own revolver. 474 more words

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