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His friends call him Filth. They don’t know his real name, and he isn’t telling. He isn’t dirty, but the sewer is where he works. Working down there took some getting used to, but now the place almost feels like a second home. 79 more words


After the War

Being in this place feels wrong. I shouldn’t be here. I never did believe in God or Satan or any of that stuff. Neither is it a fear of zombies rising from their graves. 122 more words



Mud everywhere–as far as she could see. She’d slogged through the muck for hours hoping for even the slightest sign of civilization, but the crest of every muddy hill only led to another. 89 more words


The Fishing Trip

“Careful, boy. There’s a snake down there.”

Gavin peered over the edge of the dock. “That ain’t a snake, Pa.”

“You callin’ me stupid? Think I don’t know no snake when I see one?” 90 more words


Life's Greatest Regret

“Me first,” the old man shouted as he pushed through the crowd. His words reminded me of my daughter. She’d always had to be first, like most kids. 125 more words


Friday Fictioneers - Taken

Her heels clicked on the pavement as she walked toward the small U-Haul trailer. She looked at the hastily scrawled note in her hand: There is a trailer in the lot of the Budget Inn. 85 more words


Six on the Sixth - October

Always the Head (Aim)

After the outbreak, aiming became important.

Train Wreck (Bridge)

Cracked pillars crumbled beneath the weight.

Rushing Down (Airplane)

Having no parachute, he still jumped. 35 more words