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They Will Always Call Me Chas

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Daily prompt time!
Say Your Name

This prompt asks me to talk about my name. Was I named after anyone? Are there stories attached to my name? 886 more words

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Evolved love

Dead love is colder than earth , Saurabhi says looking at Nishant with her eyes shut in pain Nishant places his palms to calm her and says “Saurabhi ,my warm palms doesn’t it evoke the warmth in your heart tell me dear …….” 286 more words

Prompt Writing

Six on the Sixth - February 2016

They Call Him Goblin (goblin)

The women hate his beady eyes.

Just Tell ‘Em Where (spit)

They’d eagerly spit on his grave.

Self-Loathing (shine)

Turds were never meant to shine. 53 more words


Writing Prompt: "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" Quote

Wow, what powerful words have been spoken! I really like this quote quite a bit. It speaks to my inner strength and makes me understand things in different ways. 248 more words


Six on the Sixth Prompt - Feb 2016

It’s that time of the month again! No not that time!

It’s time for some six word stories! Currently there isn’t a huge following, but hopefully as time passes more and more writers around the world will be contributing to this little exercise in creativity. 162 more words


At the Water's Edge

He knew she was out there, somewhere, probably hidden under all those lily pads–obscured by the dark, murky water. The water rippled in the wind, making the lily pads bob up and down in a hypnotic dance. 87 more words



It’s the color you see at the end of the day when the horizon seems to hug every tree, flower, and living thing. It’s the color of summer after a long day at the beach when you’ve had too much to do and too little time to do it. 122 more words

Prompt Writing