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Glimpses Here, and There: Water

She breathed through her nose in delicate sniffs, mindful of the water that immersed her body right up to her upper lip. She kept her mouth closed, lips pressed against the pressure of the water, the cool liquid pressing against her mouth like a kiss. 300 more words


Lackadaisical Lollygagging

Another ping must be sent to Putting My Feet in the Dirt. Finding myself with limited time tonight calls for a quick write, rather than something structured and jabbering on about how to scaffold reading. 172 more words



This post was inspired by Putting My Feet in the Dirt. It is written on the prompt velvety violets. Prompt creator’s blog is located here. 243 more words


Ready, set, done

10-minute free-write!

I woke up today feeling super grateful for my current life, for these two amazing girls that I am spending every day with… 510 more words

Blast From the Past

My absent father wanted to speak to me, maybe meet up, and I… I could barely stand to think about reconnecting or whatever.

“I can’t deal with a nightmare from my past right now” I told my mother. 251 more words

IT IS COMPLICATED. (monologue.)

It all began with a hello on the street

Oh! okay y’all were friends before we met, I get.

But the smiles and the glances exchanged were ‘too friendly’ I suppose… 367 more words



In a tiny rental home,

where she always dreamt of Rome.

Lived she who believed in herself,

whose magnetism was her bookshelf.

She would drown herself in books, 98 more words