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(Meta Post Follow Up) Prompt Submission Winner - Sailtheplains

The winner for end of July prompt submission contest is YouTuber and friend Katie at . On her channel, Katie does “Let’s Plays”, reaction videos, and video game and media reviews.  125 more words

Prompt Writing

(First Meta Post) A Big Thanks, Future, and Prompt Submission

I wanted to first extend my deepest gratitudes to you all out there who have help me on the way to getting 250 views in just under 2 weeks. 281 more words

Prompt Writing


“I can be better than this,” he thought out loud as he watched an assortment of items burn. In the fire was an old bed frame, a desk, photo albums, a few notebooks, and he had this all tallied neatly in a black journal titled ‘Burn Book’. 763 more words

Prompt Writing

A new beginning

‘Do you think it is a party?’
‘Don’t know, don’t care’.
‘I see some balloons. Quite colorful ones too’.
‘I said, I don’t care. Even if there is one, why would they let strangers in? 129 more words

Prompt Writing

The Manuscript (There Are No Words)

The writer finally found the motivation in himself to sit at his desk and write. He always sat at his desk to write because everywhere else felt unclean, everywhere else actually was dirty. 620 more words

Prompt Writing

On Electricity

Let me stir your tea with lightning
Or change the light bulb with my teeth
I’ll dry my hair in the toaster
And walk away unscathed. 79 more words


His head rests in my lap, while
Thin-boned hands
Absentmindedly caressing ear
Shoulder, arm.
I watch his fragile breathing
While he watches a man
Break another’s windpipe.