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The Boat Graveyard

It’s hard to believe she’s still there, exactly where I left her, completely untouched after all these years. She’s just sitting there at the edge of the river rotting away to nothing, a mere shell of what she once was. 172 more words



The radio went to static.

“That’s weird, must have lost Ken again. It happened a few weeks ago when a tower went down in Fife and they had to fix it.” They were going to miss ‘popmaster.’ Lucy thought it was sad that was such a highlight to their morning. 643 more words

642 Things To Write About

Rover's Play

Rover’s Play

need to pee. must pee outside. human! gateway! human open gateway. open gateway. opeen… outside! *sniff* ooh what’s that? hmm, smell cat. oh, need to pee. 123 more words

642 Things To Write About



Josie saw a glint in the dirt next to the curb. Hoping this was her lucky day she reached down and brushed the dirt away from the hidden object. 434 more words

642 Things To Write About

Book Review of DESTINY DECIDES... A tale of two hearts in search of true love by P.G. VAN


DESTINY DECIDES… A tale of two hearts in search of true love








Sameera lives a simple and fun life that she has structured with utmost care ensuring that she was focused on work and also keeps in touch with the classical dancer in her. 439 more words

Prompt Writing

Prompt: Fourth

The lights went out as the windows shuddered, wind howling through the cracks. We lost track of Gertrude after she went to the bathroom, then Mark when he went looking for her. 22 more words

Flash Fiction

A Loving Bond

Stupid Rishi …,

Stares at the stars in sky as he blesses his sister Savi  ,

Who bows down to touch his feet ,

With Tears in  his moist eyes , 111 more words

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