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Daily Prompt — A Matter of Perspective

An hour ago, I was livid. Now, I’m content. There’s just you and me. I existed only in the space between your arms.

I had been angry because – why? 88 more words

Daily Prompt: Going Beyond Vague

How did Tyler know if someone liked him? When Justin with the dark skin and wavy brown hair waved at Tyler in the halls, butterflies formed in his stomach and a giddy feeling followed him around all day. 238 more words

Something Real. M/M short story

“Oh god, is that really necessary?” Three sets of eyes swiveled to Stephen, who was looking around the table with disdain. “Do you need to post pictures of your lunch?” he continued. 602 more words


What do I like to do in my free time? Well, i’ll be completely honest with you, I watch Criminal Minds. Every second I get, I watch it. 734 more words

Prompt Writing

Lament to a prompt

If you’re up for a lament without much by way of sentence structure, here’s my response to a prompt in class this morning (using a bunch of song/nursery rhyme fragments/Catholic echos). 29 more words

Rants And Laments


“What have we done, oh my God? This is really happening,…”

“We told you this was melodrama…”

“On a warm summer’s evening, on a train back from No-where,…” 83 more words


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, It Hurts as Well.

Did you know that the cliche, ” Absence makes the grow fonder” wasn’t even exactly said? It was a variation from an unknown author who wrote a piece in Poetical Rhapsody, by Francis Davidson, and it wasn’t without power behind his words.    191 more words

Prompt Writing