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Amongst a sea of people, there was no missing her.

Even with a million faces, she stood out. A bob of golden wavy hair, that flew all around her face with every step she took. 112 more words

Prompt Writing


Back after another long hiatus with a new story for Friday Fictioneers. I know this is possibly too soon to write on this incident but the words refused to leave. 143 more words

Flash Fiction

Magnuficum die Eligendi (Part 2)

The ATV whirred over the rusted sands, as my heart pounded in my chest.

The Citadel was ever nearing: 20 K, 19 K, 18 K… The night air over the dunes chilled me to the core, even through the silver padding of my thermal jacket. 648 more words

WeWriWa 5/31/2015

New WeWriWa post! To view other works, kindly visit http://www.wewriwa.com/!

Update on the novel’s progress: Way past the 50k mark. I’m aiming for 80k max for the first draft before I start revising. 255 more words


Droplets of Life..

‘Waaaaater, Damn….’

The thought ran in Jim’s mind nonstop. The day had looked good for trekking, however it suddenly turned up dry and hot, and the one bottle that he had carried was nearly over. 96 more words

Prompt Writing

Magnuficum die Eligendi

Today was it. The beginning of my 17th summer. This was a very important day in our community. “Magnificum die eligendi” as the Grand council called it, though few common people were able to speak or read Latin, so it was typically referred to as the Grand Decision. 639 more words

Radisodes Previews and Quick Shot Prompts

Hey Rad Blog. My mind is kinda dead right now. time for a prompt. Not that Daily Post stuff today. I found some sorta cool thing online. 890 more words

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