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Day 017 Year 03

Noun: adjustment

Adjectives: elementary, kaleidoscopic

Verb: hide


space monkey mafia (1)

dangers of underserved power – a chuck wendig prompt

I wave a cheeseburger in front of the animal. The chimpanzee observes carefully. He nods vigorously, showing teeth and ears flapping a tiny bit. 315 more words


The ethics of loopholes

The essence of a loophole allows one to escape the overall moral purpose of a piece of legislation or moral code of conduct. An ethical loophole could therefore only exist if the  legislation or moral code ran against an overall greater imperative. 35 more words


Image Writing Prompt #57

Writing Prompt #57:

‘Do you remember the first time we came here?’



‘Then yes.’


One big beautiful flock

Analisa pulled the noose tight around Abot’s neck and jerked back, grunting in effort over his hacking coughs. She followed the rope bracing herself in the dark against the box truck’s shell. 805 more words


Writing Prompt #426

Writing Prompt #426: When she saw it she suddenly remembered she’s seen it all before a long time ago when she was too little to understand it, now she realised it had all been real.