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Prompt: Generalizations

The prompt this week was on stereotypes and sweeping generalizations. The comment “all red heads have fiery personalities” labels all red heads, but when applied to the individual may not be true. 497 more words


Running Down Corridors

Fluorescent light gleamed on cold, metallic walls. The white and grey sterile corridors were freezing, as if the whole building were a giant refrigerator. There wasn’t a soul in sight. 88 more words


Disagree to Agree

We met under grey skies and a black umbrella.

We both agreed that you were special and so our friendship bloomed.

You conquered hearts with my words, which I joyfully supplied. 78 more words

Musings Of An Idle Mind

Love, Is It To Be Feared?

And I beg to disagree when you said that love shouldn’t be feared because it is.

Love makes you feel something that you haven’t even felt before. 60 more words


Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

I disagree,

Most wholeheartedly.

Your tears have dried.

It’s as if you lied.

Our memories might fade,

As I pass my time in the shade. 47 more words


Chasing Closure

13th Cycle/10th Hour/97 Hybrid-Era

I stepped out of the smooth stone shower and through a wind wall, blasting the water from my drenched form and unburdening completely all but my hair of water. 1,178 more words


Prompt of the Week!

Write a story that involves a countdown. Start the story at 10 and end it at 0.