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Throwback Tuesday!!!

Good afternoon boys and girls, ladies and gents.

Its Throwback Tuesday where I post a piece of work I did in the past. Today’s story is based on a prompt I saw on this fantastic… 511 more words


Calculating - Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Jake crouched down, intently watching his prey while calculating the distance between them, the speed required and strength needed in order to take it down, and when he was ready he sprang, pinning the mouse the ground in one quick and quiet leap. 20 more words


Tiny Stories - Intents and Purposes

Intents and Purposes

For all intents and purposes, Frank was a man, a man like any other man. In all regards his life was completely normal. 921 more words


The Art of Madness outcome

As those who have been following my recent progress may be aware, I’d entered Nyhterides’s The Art of Madness contest.

And I won it.

*cue party poppers and streamers* 210 more words


23:48, Serang.

Dear Myself,

Di saat semua kau lelah dengan segala permasalahan yang kau hadapi, lelah dengan sakit yang kau alami, dan gangguan yang mencoba meruntuhkanmu, kau hanya butuh seseorang yang memahamimu. 207 more words


[f] Powercut

If the power goes down in the station, there’s a secondary engine that will almost instantly kick into gear. If the secondary generator can’t produce emergency energy for whatever reason, there’s a third source, and if that option fails too we’ve got every plan from D to Z to fall back on. 566 more words


007 - Writing Prompt

Not everything in life is free,
but I had been hoping to get it for a substantially lesser sum…