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Just one yesterday


It was never supposed to be like this. They were supposed to find peace, not war. Their greed got the better of them. There was no other choice. 975 more words


The Octopus Boy

It’s been a while since Picture Prompt #3, but here’s my story based on this image.

There once was a young boy named Tate. Tate lived in a big castle with his ten siblings. 572 more words


The fall was far without the wings
That flew me to the sun
So very close, but no cigar
The damage had been done

So on the ground, beneath the sky…

25 more words

March 26th

Write a comic strip about a day at the seaside using stick figures.

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Empty - Flash Poetry

Here is my entry for #threelinethursday.

Lost in turmoil and despair

the one she never met has perished

her empty womb now a tomb for her beloved

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