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Daily Prompt: Particular

This word reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. He was very particular about many things. I don’t know if he noticed but I used to observe him very closely.   253 more words


Day 323 Year 02

Noun: grain

Adjectives: aware, ludicrous

Verb: time


Prompt Blog #4

“Compare and contrast public relations and advertising. How are the two alike and


At first glance one might think public relations and advertising were synonymous, but that is not completely true.  161 more words

The Ninteenth of November Two Thousand and Seventeen



Shouldn’t this question be reserved for Thanksgiving?

Anyway…I always find this question to be very difficult to answer. Not because I have nothing to be thankful for but I always find it difficult to put it into words. 307 more words


The Box

I should preface this short story by saying that the last few posts have been written from idea prompts. I’ve been working on taking everyday things and making them symbolic for ideas. 635 more words

Spiritual Thoughts

Dialogue Prompt #15

“You can’t fix everything, so… so just stop trying, okay?”


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Daily Prompt: Paticular


Everyone has their own particular way of doing things from putting milk or lemon in their tea, or butter or no butter on vegetables to paprika in oatmeal.   156 more words