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The Punctuation of Einstein’s Wives

Challenging, wouldn’t you agree? To begin a story with a word ending in “ing.” See, this is where I disagree with the rule-makers of punctuation. I think that sentence would look better if it had ended with – a word ending in “ing”. 899 more words


Strange Bedfellows Part Seven: The Photographs

Links to parts 1-6 can be found here.

Shepard stared into space, ignorant of the antics Jasper and little Anissa were perpetrating. He’d left the restaurant nearly an hour ago, and Betty hadn’t texted him yet, as she promised she would. 1,336 more words


Doctor, I've got these tentacles...

A hospital. A patient. A disease.

The base material of thousands of stories, from tv dramas to romances to thrillers to sf to horror.

So this week – let’s mix and match. 93 more words

Friday Story Prompt

Word Of The Week (WOW #33)

Hi guys,

Word Of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (me.)

It’s a fun way to improve one’s vocabulary by learning new words every week. 177 more words


Halloween prompt: STORY STICKS. 

Great idea, not a lot of work:


Yellow = character (vampire, witch, fairytale character, wizard, alien, shadow, old man, hunter, scientist, …)

Red = conflict, ( hungry, lost, memory loss, can’t handle rain, forgot the car key, …) 44 more words

About Writing

Thimbleful Writing Prompt

The idiom for the day is: White Elephant

The wordcount goal is: 400 words


Write a microfic within 10% of the week’s wordcount to the week’s prompt (360-440 words). 21 more words


My poem climbs a tree

I went a little mad with this week’s “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” and this is what I created:

If I can tempt you to take part with this craziness please have a look at the above link. 11 more words