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Jaded - Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Tired of feeling like Aerosmith’s song Jaded was the soundtrack of her life, Jade decided the only way to stop feeling jaded by her repeated failed romantic relationships and her stagnant life, in general, was to just move away and start over. 30 more words


The Weeping Willow

As there’s no #blogbattle this week (it’s moved to bi-weekly), I thought I would take the opportunity to write a short story on Describli. Of course, the site’s playing up, so I’m not sure I’ll get it posted over there. 626 more words


Prompt Sixty-Four

Write a poem about a tomato.

An ode to the tomato
You are gross
I like ketchup and salsa but alone you are nothing to me… 14 more words

The Book



Seeing this prompt, I immediately thought of things that had been abandoned. Then when talking with a friend, I realized that being abandoned by a person when you are most in  need of their support would be the worst. 882 more words

In Your Dreams

I swept away on my royal unicorn. Fleeing from the guards. My brothers were there one with his snobby attitude, and the other getting  in trouble with me. 441 more words


Everyday writing prompt

I had this everyday writing prompt PDF saved since four five weeks and had left it there untouched. But today I had the chance and the time to open it and see what content was there in the prompt. 452 more words