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A Different Drum - Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

It was a warm sunny day in March, and Alice and her friend Diana stood out on the deck and watched Alice’s daughter, Marianna as she sat at the little picnic table in the backyard, pretending to be having a tea party. 267 more words


A question for you

This is simple. What do you do on those days when everything seems meaningless? Just a day when you wanna throw in the towel, stay in bed forever and not do any of the things that are expected of you. 19 more words

My Life

Thursday photo prompt – Empty #writephoto

The cake calls to me, its icing as smooth as a baby’s skin, with its 5 layers of hypnotic lusciousness. A rec room, filled with relatives telling jokes, rumbles with their laughter.   1,859 more words


Quality Meats At Low Cost?

This is week sixty of three line tales, and here is the photo and my response. :) If you’d like to join in, just click the link. 101 more words


Prompt #48 - Preposterous Possibilities

Preposterous Possibilities

  1. everyone can fly except…
  2. everything you say comes out as a riddle
  3. you discover you’re not human
  4. the trees are following you
  5. trolls are in the attic…
  6. 11 more words

Fickle Seasons #marchfalls

‪Summer dangled‬

‪Like hope on a string‬

‪Waiting for buds and blossoms‬

‪The promise of spring‬

‪Whilst the frost of winter‬

‪Still snuck in‬

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