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November 26 Prompt - Body Parts

The following prompt is by Susan Schmidlin, member of Writers in the Grove, a part of our Prompt-a-Day project to support NaNoWriMo during November 2015. Each prompt was generously donated by our Writers in the Grove members. 54 more words


Thimbleful Thursday Prompt

The idiom for the day is: From Scratch

The wordcount goal is: 200 words


Write a microfic within 10% of the week’s wordcount to the week’s prompt (180-220 words). 21 more words



Grey, white, or similar color with dark paint as concrete; perpetual building constructions—high and plush up to the sky; four-and-two-wheels machines lining up on the road; smokes of pollution and cigar jumbled together to spike each hearts; and no green, no trees. 159 more words


Elizabeth and Richard


She set the knife back down and looked at him earnestly, “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, “do you have a problem with this?”

“Maybe just a small one, Elizabeth,” Richard replied as he struggled with his bonds. 609 more words


Writing Prompt #24

Write a short story using these words:

  1. vitality
  2. cranberry
  3. greenhouse
  4. train

It's like it's impossible

Today’s wordpress prompty prompt is called: I Can’t Stay Mad at You(Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?)

I can probably say that without a doubt I don’t hold grudges. 360 more words

Weekly Blog Reviews

I will not do a blog review this week. I will continue working down the waiting list after the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a safe weekend WP! 26 more words