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The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Glitter, and this is what it said:


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

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Day 227: The Man and the Half-Baked Mentality; 'Glitter'

Over the weekend I ran into not one, but two girls from my past. They weren’t exes or anything, but these were people I used to know back in high school who I may have flirted with every now and then. 1,011 more words

It's not the hairstlye

Her footsteps in the fresh land, bewildered the farmer. Her unkempt hair was a surprise to him. It’s not about the hairstyle; she thought to herself. 230 more words


Story: My New Return

It’s time for a story. Most of the ideas I originally had for this turned into things that will be longer stories instead. Thankfully Azelyn came to the rescue with a writing exercise. 110 more words


Coquelicot in the Purlieus

*Image found HERE

*This is a very long poem, just a heads up. I really appreciate and commend you if you read all the way through! 1,401 more words


Glitter: Prompt

The way that your eyes
sparkle and glimmer when the
sun hits them; unreal.

Prompt: Glitter


Prompt #14 - Railroad

The photo was of an empty railroad, with bright sunbeams shining into the camera lenses. This is it, she thought. This is the place where it happened.

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