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Back Then

It was bigger back then

At least we pretend

Back when the water ran up and down the slides

Its was more massive back then… 14 more words


Love Is Like A Wilderness

Love is like a wilderness

With its hills and valleys

Its rough and its tough

And it turns you sideways

Love is like the river… 59 more words


Budgie Prompt - Alien Visitors

Writing Prompt:

Aliens come to earth, and mammalian reproduction disgusts their asexual lifestyle.


Twitch Stream Story: The Second through the Infinitieth

Prompt:┬ásomething sentient reproducing… and fast

She was the second. The first was an awfully long time ago, and awfully slow to boot in all of its processes. 1,495 more words


Prompt #113 - A New Hero

The world is dying. The only thing that can stop it is a strange, ditsy little animal that you happen to meet one day in a garbage dump.

Creative Writing


the sound of rain

radiates throughout my brain

explaining was all in vain

my thoughts go down the drain

i had to refrain

in order to stay sane… 37 more words