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Regret filled every moment of this day. First she’d accidentally woken up her uncle when trying to sneak out of the house, and then by the time she’d made it to the graveyard, there were people there. 774 more words



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Daily Prompt: Trance

via Daily Prompt: Trance

She’s in her own head
glazed eyes and open mouth
we panic, not knowing what
to do.

Slowly stumbling a… 28 more words


If I had a warning label....


If I came with a warning label, this is what it would say:


Extreme intensity on topics inciting passion,

Including, but not limited to: 85 more words

As if Poems aren't already Surrealist Enough...

al… I love this poetry prompt that will make the meaning of your poem even more blurry.  It’s a surrealist poetry exercise that is handy if you have that writing mood but have no idea what to write.   325 more words


Methods of Escape

Lita lived alone. Her whole life was an unbroken routine, just like most people around her. Only that she minded it more than others did. Still, she began this morning the same way she always did – at the local supermarket, where the endless beeps never failed to leave her in a trance, with ringing ears and numb fingers. 414 more words

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