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Writing Challenge, Take Two!

The bus ride was like always. Uneventful. I spent the ride just reading and mentally preparing myself for what was bound to be a long day. 690 more words


Gray Days

It’s literally gray when it feels like it’s going to rain heavily. In the city where I live now, the rain has schedules. Sometimes it’s going to rain at 1 p.m. 61 more words


Time Zips By

As I went home from college yesterday, I was sort of trapped in traffic congestion. Suddenly, I remembered that one of my sister would be 30 this June, and now I’m 21 years old. 116 more words


Ode to Caleb.

You are my comfort when the day is cold and cruel at home.
You are my shield from the disquieting monsters that roam.
Those that exist both under my bed and inside my head. 85 more words


Thursday photo prompt – Child – #writephoto

#writephoto Click on the link to find out how to participate.

Rock away the years

…Rocking horse to rock’n’roll…

creak your rocking chair.

Slowly growing toward death, 6 more words


Daily Prompts: Beneath the BLANKET  

Teardrop still fall

At the thought of you

Shiver creeps underneath my skin

The pain of losing you

Desperation of wanting you back

In my dreams I meet you… 35 more words