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Hidden Spaces

In every city, even in the town you know best, there are more spaces unknown to you than spaces known: walls you have never invited yourself to climb, passages you have never gone down, routes you have always thought were best avoided.   59 more words


The Threshold

When did you feel you were no longer a child, and had crossed the threshold into adulthood? Was there a particular moment? Perhaps you were invited to sit among the adults at a holiday dinner. 78 more words


Writing Prompt #20

Using as much detail as you possibly can, describe a paper. But do not state that it is a paper cut.


Prelude To An All Hallow's Eve


Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


” Where were you on the last Black Moon ? ” I asked my Grandmother as she stood at her kitchen counter carving the first of the many Halloween Pumpkins that would line our walkways and decorate the stairs that led to our front door. 230 more words


Loving You

I have built my walls so high. I do not trust people whose mouth full of poison. I do not trust people easily. I set some rules. 176 more words


Chapter Nine

We all know the fire-side tales of the kingdom under the mountain, but the stories all seemed like glimmering dreams compared to the reality. The guard who silently led me through the narrow and darkened corridors breathed not a single word to me the whole journey, but his body stank like a dead man walking. 665 more words


Writing Tips for CTU’s Fall Poetry Challenge

Many are excited with the arrival of fall. It means pumpkin flavored lattes, cozy scarves, knee high boots and those rich, delicious colors scattered in every retail store. 378 more words


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