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"I'm going to tell this to you again."

Writing Prompt: Use this phrase to inspire a scene or story. Then write it.

Creative Writing

Prompt XXII

Time passes more quickly the older one gets.
Days turn to weeks, and weeks to months, and before you know it, the year is half over. 57 more words


Call for prompts

I admit. I fell off the writing wagon for about a month. This past week, I began writing again, and I’ve burned through almost all of the prompts in my prompt box. 84 more words


Writing Prompt #628

Three heroes try to impede each other’s quests to become strong enough to kill the evil overlord. Rather than intervene, the evil overlord lets them have at each other. 48 more words


Shampoo for the Soul

Prompt #765. Describe in extreme detail a shower or bath. Talk about your process and make some connection between the cleansing and your life.

Here I am again, it’s raining. 101 more words


Picture prompt one

30/3/15 taken from write world. (also, its not smut).

“This dress will have to be burned” she said, leering down at me her eyes glittering joyously. 216 more words


Riyas Diary pt 1-unfinished

Wow, I nearly forgot about this, but for the longest time, (about a month) this was my magnum opus. I had just finished reading the princess bride, and really loved how it was a story within a story. 1,267 more words