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Happy Thursday, everyone!

Hopefully your heroes from last week turned out well and are busy enjoying their superpowers. However, we’re going to turn things on their head for this week and experiment with something a little less cool: 76 more words

Creative Writing

10 Dialogue Writing Prompts

Just for funsies.

  1. “I don’t think it’s supposed to be that shade of red.”
  2. “Next time, bring a bigger trash can!”
  3. “I swear I didn’t do it.”
  4. 79 more words

Day 65 - Tapings and Rattlings - The Spiritualism Prompt

Spiritualism is the belief that the spirits of dead people can be contacted and that spirits are higher beings, spirit guides impart special moral and ethical knowledge. 386 more words


If that Mood... part 2

So, the bills are paid. The kids are off with their dad at the park. You’ve managed to ignore the last three days of dishes and are resolved to put it off one more day. 1,747 more words


StaDA September 2015: Lost in a Maze

The prompt

I’m pretty sure I can build upon yesterday’s prompt. Well, of a sort anyway. When I mean “build upon” I think actually mean flashback. 708 more words


Story A Day Challenge - Day 3 - The Cube

Day 3 of the Story A Day Challenge. Click here if you want to join in.This is more along the lines of a snippet than a true short story, or maybe I should call it a side quest. 581 more words


Take a Chance on Me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work?

May’s Lullaby in Jarachi Wish Maker

I’m a coward. I haven’t taken many risks in life (at least, not a major one) because I was scared.

36 more words