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Home For Christmas

If I could be anywhere for Christmas it would be one minute before the big bang and the Universe was born.

I want to know if it was as empty and dark as we think, or was it something else? 164 more words



The hardest questions I’ve ever been asked:

Why do you think you’re still here and better people then you are not?

It took him twenty years to break my heart, will it be another 20 before it stops hurting? 173 more words


Prompt Ten | In The Next Six Years...

It’s good to look back. ¬†Never forget where you come from. ¬†While it’s good to reflect on the past every now and again, it’s equally important to look towards the future – … 39 more words


Daily Prompt: Missing

The daily prompt for today is… “missing”! I have the prompt linked at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in checking it out and responding to it. 64 more words


Sense Deprivation Prompts

These are a collection of prompts meant to help you expand your horizons with each of the five senses, and really connect them. Feel free to use and share these exercises with whoever you please, just give me credit! 165 more words


10 Writing Prompts for the Bored Author

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on a list of writing prompts to use to spark my writing, and I have been finding these work great! I also found they challenged my usually style and abilities, and I hope they’ll do the same for you! 426 more words


“For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn”

Hemingway once claimed he could write a story in six words. What’s your six-word story?