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Traveling to/live in America's wrinkle-prone spots, like Baltimore? RoC rescues! [classic article]

I travel all over the world, but just found out that according to a scientifically researched study by the folks at RoC, it’s not necessarily the Sunbelt dwellers who are the most susceptible to wrinkles . 464 more words


Bionic butterfly wings – Sealblades retractable hand paddles review

Looking more like something you’d find in a Batman film Sealblades’ unique body mounted hand paddles are an innovative new product born out of needing more power when proning. 413 more words


Change Your Grip: A Simple Way to Keep Exercise Interesting

There are three major grips used when weight lifting: neutral/hammer, supine, and prone. Each grip recruits a different combination of muscles in your biceps, triceps, and forearms. 86 more words


It Changed Me

A couple of days ago I officially joined a company and a family that I love. I am honored to say that I have officially joined Team… 658 more words


New Skincare Routine... Recommendations?

Lately I’ve been kind of playing around with my skincare routine which is a luxury I’ve never really had before because I had such acne prone skin I could never just experiment with different products in fear that they would break me out. 308 more words


Characteristics behaviors and habits in the present

Habits in the present are normally expressed by the Present Simple:

I go to the supermarket every Sunday.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to express characteristic behaviors and habits in the present. 460 more words


Casual Musings

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