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New findings on children considered 'at risk' for having a peanut allergy

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new study reveals surprising findings about how to handle your children if they are considered “at risk” for a peanut allergy. 110 more words


Is it kryptonite, or are there some things that men won't do?

Superman’s only weakness is kryptonite, a type of rock from his home planet, Krypton. It seems to drain him of all his power. Samson wasn’t from Krypton, but despite having so much going for him, he definitely had several issues that preyed on his weaknesses. 503 more words

How can sleeping position influence obstructive sleep apnea

There are many positions a person can adopt to sleep. This article will make the approach to back and stomach sleep positions (supine and prone). 561 more words