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Lying flat, face down. Latin “pronus”=leaning forward, inclined downward < “pro-“=forward, toward.


Reviews: The Ordinary

Well,clear skin doesn’t last long. We can’t avoid acne but we only can prevent acne (at least thats what some people say). Acne just has its own life cycle y’know. 925 more words


Heavy use of digital devices can trigger headaches

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

In recent years, more and more people have been seeking treatment for headaches – many caused by lifestyle factors.

Mrs Chong (not her real name), a fund manager in her 40s, consulted me after experiencing mild daily headaches, followed by a severe throbbing headache over the forehead and behind the eyes for about two weeks. 606 more words

Current Affairs

Toxic sites in prone of Irma Hurricane

The six of 54 Superfund sites surveyed by associated press in Florida before Irma hurricane arrival, all around Miami in low-lying, flood-prone areas. The EPA told that if there is no activity site considered as secured but closely monitored. 588 more words

Fish brains contain antidepressants prone for human

Researchers identified the antidepressant substances a highly concentrated drugs building up in the brains of fish like walleye and bass from lakes. These drugs and their metabolized residues in brain tissue of 10 fish species found in the Niagara River. 500 more words

Traveling to/live in America's wrinkle-prone spots, like Baltimore? RoC rescues! [classic article]

I travel all over the world, but just found out that according to a scientifically researched study by the folks at RoC, it’s not necessarily the Sunbelt dwellers who are the most susceptible to wrinkles . 464 more words


Bionic butterfly wings – Sealblades retractable hand paddles review

Looking more like something you’d find in a Batman film Sealblades’ unique body mounted hand paddles are an innovative new product born out of needing more power when proning. 413 more words