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Bonus Day!

Bonus Day is one of my favorite expressions. These two little words, when used in the proper context, can be very powerful. On this day, these two words are appropriate to describe the great shooting day I had. 343 more words

PS Challenge- April 20, 2018

When I looked at my blog to see the last time I posted a PS Challenge, I was surprised that it was way back in September. 196 more words

Some of America's Last Great Wildlife Migrations...

The New York Times had a recent op-ed about a rare worthwhile action by the Department of Interior The interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, recently directed the agencies in his department to work with states and private landowners to minimize development and disturbance in migration corridors and winter ranges used by elk, mule deer and pronghorn […]

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This plastic-free aisle makes eco-conscious grocery shopping easy

The modern grocery shopper seems to be increasingly aware not of just what he or she is throwing in the cart, but also how that item is packaged, especially whether or not the cartons, containers or wrappings are made of plastic. 390 more words


Waking up in a postage stamp picture

This story took on a twist when news came across the wire on Feb. 18 that a man had been gored by a bison on Catalina Island… 1,034 more words


Colorado Pronghorn

Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)
Southern Colorado
Canon 7D w/ Canon 100-400mm lens @ 400mm
1/250 sec @ f5.6 iso 400
© G. Runco / Teklanika Photography 2017



Pronghorns are found throughout western and central North America. Although, they resemble Old World antelopes, they are not of the antelope species. They are their own separate species and are deer-like in appearance and have hooves. 70 more words