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Pronouns with 们 and 的

Pronouns Pinyin English Meaning 我 wǒ I; me 你 nǐ you 他 tā he 她 tā she 它 tā it

Add 们 to make plural pronouns… 136 more words


California, Gender Identity, and Rebellion

Not surprisingly, California has again jumped into the headlines over gender issues in recent months. First with legislation passed what began as Senate Bill 219… 951 more words

Burning Embers for Pre-Order!

Thank you for sticking with me! For those who remain Loyal, despite the many many years of waiting…

Burning Embers is now available for pre-order! 152 more words



Aaah pronouns, the noun shortcut. Can you imagine how difficult and redundant speaking would be if we had to use a specific noun every time we mentioned the subject of a sentence? 1,321 more words

James McDermott: My Top 5 LGBT+ Influences

Award-winning coming of age comedy Rubber Ring tours to The Lowry Wed 1 – Sat 4 November. Written and performed by James McDermott Rubber Ring… 482 more words


Branching Out! #indieauthor #writergoals

Last week I took a first step into the adventure of “going wide” as an indie author.  *Squeals with delight*  I’m nervous.  I don’t know how you market your books to Barnes and Noble and other retailers, except to tell others on social media.  224 more words

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