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How difficult is it to learn English?

Are you good at languages?  Is English your second (or third) language? Like most British people, I admit I’m lazy when it comes to learning languages  I learnt French to A level and know about 20 words of Greek, but that’s about it…. 154 more words

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Yesterday. Talking about the past. Passato Prossimo

This post links with the narrated video (in English) on my channel:

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

In the morning I visited Preggio.

Preggio is fifteen minutes from Castel Rigone by car. 306 more words

English Lessons

The TH sound. Freaky!

Breakfast English

Lesson 22.

Practising reading words with the ‘th’ sound.

Full lesson on video below:

Lesson two of tricky words

English Lessons

Why you should learn to pronounce new words backwards

Today, I have a tip which I’ve found has worked for me for a while, but I’ve been trying to figure out WHY it works before I posted something. 423 more words



English has some very tricky words.

For example, words ending in ‘ed’ can be pronounced in three different ways.

This is the first of five programmes on pronounciation. 15 more words

English Lessons

WEEK 1 Preintermediate

Word Order: Questions

When we ask questions we change the word order.

Questions with the verb “to be”

Qu  + Verb + Subject 

Where are you from? 40 more words

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Fun with Nursery Rhymesj

Language is musical.

Every language has a unique pattern and rhythm.

Reciting Nursery Rhymes helps you learn that pattern. It also helps pronounciation. This Spring I have mounted a special Nursery Rhyme Display outside my house (Jumble House) in Castel Rigone, Umbria to encourage local children to enjoy having fun learning and using English. 32 more words

English Lessons