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Adventures in Pesto Making

This week I had fun making pesto sauce for the first time! I like to keep things simple when I’m cooking, and you can’t beat pesto for simplicity. 253 more words


젓가락 Chopsticks

During the weekend I spent time with two of my Korean friends at 북경반점 just having a drink and chatting. We somehow went on saying Chopsticks in Korean. 103 more words


Reims? Reems? Rince?

Over the past few months, as more and more people have asked me whereabouts I’m headed this autumn, I’ve been met with nervous smiles and looks of confusion as I pronounce ‘Reims’ with my attempted authentic French accent. 295 more words


Now thats the pronounciation!

sepulcher – /ˈsɛp(ə)lkə/

As a catholic, I always see the above word on the 14th station of the cross!

But procrastination and negligence just wouldn’t let me be. 153 more words


Accents Are Hard To Lose

I began learning English in fifth grade. Back then, participation was voluntary but we did receive grades. Languages were always my strong point and I was very proficient in English when I began working at a U.S. 175 more words

Parmigiana di melanzane

My approach to learning Italian has lately become more practical, trying to integrate the words I learn into everyday life in an attempt to retain them better, and one easy way to do this is in the kitchen. 424 more words