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what's in a name?

A mixture of letters, characters, consonants and vowels. Accents and emphasis. Understated and under-appreciated. Common and timeless. Brand new.

My mother narrowed it down to two possibilities: Genevieve or Gianna. 309 more words



One of the many things I find waaaay too annoying for what they’re worth is the mispronunciation of the acronym “GIF”.

So, let’s finally answer this life mystery question & let’s do it with logic. 57 more words



I had this place abandoned for a little while. The opening of conference season and my first real (!) own (!) seminar (!) had me quite occupied. 151 more words


Pierce Wedding Gift

This is the last project that I did in Louisiana.  A friend I work with is getting married, so I made a sign of their last name.  109 more words

Cy's Corner Shop

ugh stinky people in public

besides being an introvert this is the other huge reason why i hate going out in public. by stinky people i mean perfume and cologne. by excess i mean i can’t walk behind those people without suffocating. 561 more words


Spanish alphabet

Spanish alphabet from A to Z with correct pronounciation

Spanish Lesson

V is for V #AtoZChallenge

V is for V

When I speak English I have a very strange accent. A mixture of American and British English depending on the words spoken and the people I talk to. 350 more words

A To Z Challenge