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What's in a name?

Sometimes provocative action can be as simple as writing an article about proper pronounciation.

Simple – but challenging!

“We all agree about Māoritanga’s vital place at the heart of New Zealand culture, so why, asks Luke Tipoki, are we so relaxed about letting incorrect Māori pronunciation slide? 59 more words

A walk in the Country 

A narrated video with transcript.

This is a really good lesson for adults and older children. For understanding. For pronunciation. For listening.

The narration of a video showing a WALK in the country by native English speaker. 304 more words

English Lessons

The Story 'O the Possom

Today, my mother and I were having one of our usual philosophical discussions, and the topic fell upon the word “Opossum”.  We had been talking of the difficulty and idiocy of sounding out words for spelling.   424 more words


Wuhhu, it’s Friday and maybe you’re heading out for a dinner or drinks with some friends. In that case, chances are, that you’ll meet a Frenchman in a bar. 623 more words


When you're wrong for getting it right

This is a post about champagne, which I know nothing about.

It’s also a post about language, which I know a little bit about.

Ultimately, though, it’s about confusion. 223 more words

Questions I've Pondered


In the Chinese sound system, there are THREE essential elements: finals, initials, and tones. Let’s compare it to English:

Chinese finals are equivalent to English ______ (vowels or consonants) and Chinese initials are equivalent to English ________ (vowels or consonants). 683 more words