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Bryce Harper Can't Pronounce The Word Meme

I’m probably going to take an unusual stance on this one and say that I truly believe that Bryce Harper doesn’t know what memes are. Like if you stuck a computer in front of him, he’d probably just beat on it and make monkey noises like Zoolander and Hansel. 107 more words

Learning Japanese - Do Chinese and Japanese sound the same?

Whenever I tell a stranger (or not-so-stranger like a teacher) I learn Japanese they laugh and say something like: “Oh, nǐ hǎo!” If they even know this word. 208 more words


fyi [links, oct 2015 part II]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

I am tired of the bickering about wich pronounciation of GIF is “the one”. 454 more words


Is school French a waste of time?

This weekend I read an article in the I newspaper which quoted Richard Branson as saying that learning French at school is a waste of time because nobody ever learns to speak it fluently in a classroom. 809 more words


Learning Japanese - Pronounciation

Hi there!

Japanese pronounciation is easier than in other languages. There are only very few rules about how to pronounce a word.

Some examples:

obentō (おべんとう, Japanese lunch box): The first “o” is short, the second “o” is long. 178 more words