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Wuhhu, it’s Friday and maybe you’re heading out for a dinner or drinks with some friends. In that case, chances are, that you’ll meet a Frenchman in a bar. 623 more words


When you're wrong for getting it right

This is a post about champagne, which I know nothing about.

It’s also a post about language, which I know a little bit about.

Ultimately, though, it’s about confusion. 223 more words

Questions I've Pondered

English - The Chaos

So, I have two kids, age 5 and 3. Having spent the last few years teaching them to read and write (well, my wife can probably take more credit for that), I am constantly frustrated by the ‘rules’ of English and the endless list of words that are exceptions to those ‘rules’. 1,553 more words

The pronounciation AT-ATrocities of Star Wars

I’m going to let you guys in on a pet peeve of mine: People arguing about how to pronounce anything in Star Wars.

Don’t get me wrong, I can discuss minute irrelevant details all day. 484 more words


At last, foreign name pronouncation not intimidating!

The Tech Industry is filled with many names that originated from other cultures that frankly I didn’t know how to pronounce. Some times I would overcome this by asking a coworker from a similar culture, but this has risks, and sometimes I would ask the person themselves, but this is awkward on an introductory call. 18 more words

Never too tired for an ice cream! 

A new English lesson for beginners.

Bobbie is tired. Last night there was a big storm. The thunder, rain and dogs barking kept her awake. … 40 more words

English Lessons