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When English is not your first language

Some years back, I was at a course together with a colleague.
We were waiting for some time for the teacher, when the receptionist told us… 44 more words

Bailey and the Ball

A lesson in English for beginners. Adults and Children.

With Italian translation.

Bailey is a dog. He wants to play with his ball. But where is his ball? 9 more words

English Lessons


The 31 spelling rules taught in Logic of English® curriculum.
Rule 1 C always softens to /s/ when followed by E, I, or Y. 676 more words

Japanese accent (Intonation) dictionary

Intonation is one of the biggest keys to “sounding like a native speaker”.
This site explains about different ways to pronounce Japanese words with the correct intonation. 6 more words

Pronunciation of ‘s’ and ‘es’ plural endings

In English, we mostly form the plural of a noun by adding ‘s’. In some cases we add ‘es’:


Pronunciation of -ed ending of regular verbs

To form the past simple and past participle of regular verbs we add ed:

play ➞ played
work ➞ worked
start ➞ start… 144 more words


Pronunciation of ‘th’

There are two ways to pronounce ‘th’ in English:
θ   This is a soft sound, as in think.
ð   This is a harder sound, as in  51 more words