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Learn To Speak Klana Lesson #1: Pronunciation

lerni klanaspaga – lernaja #1 – ausspaga

The Klana language isn’t hard, but it isn’t necessarily easy either. It is technically a constructed language as far as I know. 767 more words


Stumbling Through The Sounds Of Other Languages

Do you know how hard it is to roll your rs? To pronounce th, or distinguish an l from an r? To make the  1,016 more words

Thought Dump

4th Avenue de Jour

 Computer Art by kenne

Years ago, my friend Lindy and I were driving in
Central Texas to conduct a teacher in-service
when we saw an “Entering Mexia” sign. 69 more words


Continental breakfast

Your cartoonist was taught not to make fun of other people’s way of talking – having a beautiful German accent himself. But the way some people in Britain say “kwassont” is plainly amazing. Croissant. Kruh-sant. Krwa-san.

Life In Albion

What's in a name?

Sometimes provocative action can be as simple as writing an article about proper pronounciation.

Simple – but challenging!

“We all agree about Māoritanga’s vital place at the heart of New Zealand culture, so why, asks Luke Tipoki, are we so relaxed about letting incorrect Māori pronunciation slide? 59 more words

A walk in the Country 

A narrated video with transcript.

This is a really good lesson for adults and older children. For understanding. For pronunciation. For listening.

The narration of a video showing a WALK in the country by native English speaker. 304 more words

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