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My Alien Language

It’s been requested that I go over the pronunciation of the Cih’lnarian language in my new novella By the Stars, so here it is. Hope that clears some things up. haha


08/16/15 Korean-English Language Exchange

안녕하세요 여러분!

This week’s language exchange was a surprising one.

We bumped into the guy who made the designed the T-shirt “한국 여자 친구 구함.” Which means “Looking for a Korean girlfriend.” This guy made the blogs of several Koreans when he wore that shirt to the Vancouver Korean heritage festival. 308 more words


Adventures in Pesto Making

This week I had fun making pesto sauce for the first time! I like to keep things simple when I’m cooking, and you can’t beat pesto for simplicity. 253 more words


젓가락 Chopsticks

During the weekend I spent time with two of my Korean friends at 북경반점 just having a drink and chatting. We somehow went on saying Chopsticks in Korean. 103 more words