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Wanted : Evil Genius for project delivery

Another week begins, another week of challenges to take head on, if that was not the case it would be a boring existence. Over the weekend I had all good intentions to make a start on what needed to be done the following week, to try and get my head above water and take a deep breath before being plunged into the murky depths once more. 453 more words

LAN: Lancôme & LAN Universe


This is a memo of linguistics study of the word Lancôme, the name title of a world famous company.  This is basically an extending study of the concept LAN (Local Area Network) while I am working on its potential encoded knowledge, The closest result I got from the study of Lancôme is to bring out a meaning called LAN Universe which fits my assumption about encoded knowledge of LAN, it depict an inner universe built by Linxu-Dust.  143 more words


Investiční potenciál základního výzkumu

V projektech základního výzkumu se najde řada klenotů, které by tzv. business angels – investoři mohli vyleštit až k velkému komerčnímu úspěchu. Své o tom ví například prezident Evropské výzkumné rady (ERC) Pierre Bourguignon, který na nedávném kongresu v Eindhovenu investory nabádal, aby sledovali projekty ERC, zejména pak ty z programu “Proof of concept”. 290 more words

Know Them Cold: 28 Crowdfunding Truths

I recently attended a Crowdfunding workshop hosted by Small Business Administration. It was great Crowdfunding 101 for me as well as for a couple other people whom I had recommended to attend. 845 more words


Apache Kafka: Case of Large Messages, Many Partitions, Few Consumers

We (Dinesh Kumar Ashokkumar, Rushiraj Chavan, and I) have recently debugged an issue related to Apache Kafka v0.8.2 (also exists in prior versions).  The issue is not peculiar and yet it is very interesting to find that we are ones to use Kafka with that configuration and have hit it. 1,502 more words


Trailer Time: "The Leviathan"

While not your typical trailer, a proof-of-concept trailer essentially shows the audience what the filmmaker hopes to accomplish if the film itself is actually greenlit.  “The Leviathan” trailer is one such trailer from director Ruairi Robinson, whose short “Fifty Percent Grey” was nominated for an Oscar,  and screenwriter Jim Uhls, best known for the films “Fight Club” and “Jumper”.  132 more words


Meet Sens’it, a gadget that lets you play with Sigfox’s IoT network

Consumer gadget enthusiasts might have fawned over the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Huawei Watch at Mobile World Congress, but if you are an internet of things geek, the most interesting device at MWC was probably at the other end of the Fira Gran Via at Sigfox’s booth. 729 more words