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In the startup world, how is the 'proof of concept' different from a 'minimum viable product'?

‘Proof of concept’ and ‘Minimum Viable Product’ are two very different things.

As clarified in the earlier chapter, when testing the proof of concept, you could be testing not just the product itself but also a few other assumptions about the business around that product.  123 more words

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What is 'Proof of Concept' of a startup?

‘Proof of concept’ of POC is the process of validating your assumptions around a certain concept or idea. It is testing your hypothesis.

In the context of startups, it is most crucial to get proof of demand. 552 more words

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NMandelbrot : running arbitrary code on client

As part of my grand plan for map-reduce in JavaScript and zero-install distributed computing, I had to think about how to gain user trust in a security context where we… 330 more words


Beyond the Proof Of Concept event in Zurich with an Insurtech focus

Yesterday I attended, as a panelist, a great event in Zurich created by John Hucker of Swiss Fintech entitled Beyond the Proof Of Concept. 536 more words


Hi REMARKABLE eWriting Tablet Thingie people,

I’m very impressed with the concept and initial execution (you’ve shipped a viable product….Bravo!). That being said, there is a lot of promise here (untapped promise). 151 more words


Do you know when to fire your prospects?

Do you end up hearing bad news at the end of your POCs and wonder if you should have not bothered in the first place? Do your prospects keep asking for quotes but never end up buying? 743 more words


Baltimore Open Land Data (BOLD)

Journey Map & Proof of Concept

A journey map of the current user experience was created to help identify the needs for a more inclusive process. 53 more words