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Proof of Concept (POC) Everything

There is a good quote that always strikes me and I believe it is a good call to action for POCs.

Our approach to making games is to find the fun first and then use the technology to enhance the fun… 412 more words

Building an Ubuntu Base Image

After downloading the ISO the initial installation process is pretty straight forward for Ubuntu however there are a couple of things we need to make note of. 1,288 more words


Creating a Development Machine

As with everything we do from now on we want to create a reliable & repeatable process that’s as transparent & fast as possible so automation is going to be the norm. 598 more words


Why do I need a Development Machine?

The process of creating a special machine just for the Development process might seem a bit of overkill, especially so early on when we’re just trying to get a Proof of Concept going. 178 more words


Building a Proof of Concept

We’re going to borrow the term ‘tracer bullet’ from The Pragmatic Programmer to describe how we’re going to build out our DevOps systems & tools. Rather than build a large foundation of tools with all the functionality we think we might need then build layer upon layer until we get something completed, we’re going to quickly build out the entire tool chain and build process with just a few small features to get a proof of concept together. 730 more words


Crash Google Chrome with a single link. Test it yourself!

To crash Google chrome, simply open Google Chrome and type the below URL and hit “Enter”:


This bug was originally reported by “Andris Atteka” in his… 51 more words