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There is Nothing Better...

There is nothing better than someone with fresh eyes reading your novel.

There is nothing better than someone proof reading your novel for free.

There is nothing better than someone proof reading your novel while you actually do other work that you need to get done. 110 more words

Two Whom It may Concern

So it has been officially two years since I was convinced by a certain young lady to begin blogging. I guess it is safe to say Happy 2nd Anniversary. 199 more words

7 top tips for proofreading

Have you ever sent an email only to realise you have made a spelling error? Or worse, spent thousands on marketing material only to realise there is a glaring error AFTER it has been printed? 549 more words

Write To The Point Communications

Read what you wrote, not what you think you wrote - proof reading your stuff

It happens to everyone. You proof your work. You read it and re-read it.

But unless you put a finger on every word (nearly impossible with touchscreens) you won’t find those missing/wrong words. 191 more words

3by3 Writing Method

Looking for a proof-reader/editor

Hey guys and gals. As some of you have been following, I’ve been posting chunks of my first book (still not finished) here for your perusal. 68 more words


Lot's of words

I wrote in an earlier blog that I was having issues getting started on a new story, a contemporary romance/mystery and had gone back to an old manuscript and was working it up. 257 more words


Procrastination and a dedicated workstation!

Ok, so I felt the need to do a little in between post today as it’s super important to the rest of my writing. Or at least that’s what I want to believe *wink* 523 more words