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The Stages of Editing

Editing isn’t a single transaction where you hand over your manuscript to a professional and it comes back, a few weeks later, gleaming and perfectly polished.  905 more words


Self-Publishing - Laying Bricks Ep 3: Cutting The Excess

When applying Mortar, sometimes it’s just too much and you need to cut the excess. When you get your script back, you’ll need to decide what to keep and what to ignore. 1,158 more words


How to make numbers plural

If you’ve ever written about the history of a brand, product, or technology, you’ve probably had to figure out how to make a number plural. Although it may seem pretty simple to figure out how to make words plural, numbers may leave you feeling a little bit stumped. 646 more words


3 Proofreading Tips to Help You Look Professional

It only takes a few moments to proofread your Facebook and blog posts, and doing so can make the difference between looking professional and looking like someone who doesn’t care about their business. 254 more words


Where to place “only” in a sentence

Think back to the last time you wrote a piece of content, a blog post, or a report. How much time did you spend on thinking about what you wanted to say and the words you were going to use to say it? 1,528 more words


Editing Tips

Editing your story is a very important part of the process. No-one gets it right first time around! Make sure you read it through carefully and check: 63 more words


Book Review: Self Discipline: Self Discipline Guide to Improve Self Confidence, Gain Will Power and Achieve Your Dreams

This book is poorly edited fluff. This writer did not bother to proofread his own work or hire a proofreader. Lesson one authors: hire a proofreader. 144 more words

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