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Editing your story.

I am bad at editing. I don’t plan my stories and find that I don’t like rereading my own work. The story is only ever fresh to me in that brief moment between conception and preservation, between the initial idea and its translation to the page. 1,981 more words

Self-Published Authors, STOP DOING THIS

Self-published authors, I have figured out why I don’t like most of the books you produce.

  1. Reviewing and Editing. This is more than just spell check and grammar, but the overall flow of your story and looking at the plot as a whole.
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Emotional Toll

Feeling better today, I decide to print out some more of what I have written on the Blindman book.

I have to scan my writing because I’ve mixed up my nonfiction supporting sister book entries with my memoir writing, and I only want to print out the memoir entries. 212 more words

Proofread Like a Pro Workshop on 3-30-17

Earn your proofreading “Ph.D.” by learning the 10 skills you need to proofread effectively.


Man at work...

I know I’ve been remiss at posting as of late but with good reason. I’ve been finishing up the rough draft of Devil’s Ante. Originally it was slated to go to the Editor on April 20th. 134 more words

The Writing Life


In Allan Fallow’s article titled, “Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precedent,” he comments on different typos that the president has tweeted out and mistakes that other high officials and representatives of our country have written. 163 more words


Three Questions Your Editor Will Ask You

A lot of people think that when they contact an editor, the editor will just give them a price right away, correct spelling and grammar and hand the manuscript back, and that will be the sum total of the editor’s involvement. 490 more words