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Today's focus: PROOFREAD!

For the love of Glidden, please proofread.

“Yeah, yeah, Glidden. Whatev, I totally proofread,” you might be thinking. False. I call your bluff. I can see you over there, typing away and clicking Publish without another care in the world. 392 more words


Quick Tip #2: Researching & Proofreading

In this post I’m bringing you a very good example of the importance of researching and proofreading. But what do I mean by that? When I tell my students that they have to  366 more words

English Learning Tips

Ready, Set, Go ...

So, you’ve written your piece, its brilliant, fantastic, the best you’ve every done! But…

Have you had your piece professionally proofread?

No! Why not?

Of course you can proofread yourself, but after you have probably spent anything from an hour to a whole day, or longer writing your masterpiece, re-reading again and again can often mean that you fail to see any errors. 537 more words

Enough said ... editors and editing

Writing is like shadow boxing. Editing is when the shadows fight back. Adam Copeland

There are two typos of people in this world: those who can edit and those who can’t. 155 more words


Back With a Bang

Today, on the first day back from Easter holidays, a majority of us from the EDC3100 course received our marks back for our first assignments. I’m quite happy with my results and I hope everyone else from the course is pleased also. 373 more words

How to Polish Your Writing to Get Noticed...Accuracy, Clarity, Consistency

I was watching an old Clarke Gable and Doris Day movie (who would have paired up those two?) entitled “Teacher’s Pet.” Gable was the crusty self-made newspaper editor, who ruled with an iron fist; Doris Day, the teacher who believed journalism should be taught at the college level to include editing and content development. 480 more words


Dress Rehearsal

My husband is used to seeing me walk around muttering to myself. Or so he says, as he casts me a quizzical look while I cast myself into my story. 992 more words

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