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Commonly Misused Words (and their actual meanings)

Understanding all the ins and outs of the English language is about as easy as walking a tight rope that has lost its tension. Here are a few of the most commonly abused, confused and misused words out there. 78 more words



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Here are 5 tips for writing a bomb paper:

  1. Outline and organize your thoughts/ideas and write a draft
  2. Have editors & proofreaders (like me) read and go through your draft.
  3. 127 more words

How the editorial process works

So you’ve reached the amazing stage where someone wants to publish your book. You’re excited, you’re nervous, you’ve finally been able to tell your friends and family without panicking that you’ll somehow jinx it and your publisher will call you to tell you that actually, sorry, this whole thing has been a strangely elaborate joke. 1,671 more words

Why are good writing skills important at university?

Writing skills are essential for university.

Even in the less writing-heavy disciplines like mathematics and the physical sciences, you will still need to write up lab reports, explain your reasoning while using formulas, and do other subjects which involve writing. 620 more words


Fewer or Less?

I have altered plenty of grammatically incorrect, publicly displayed, signs in my day but I have refrained from modifying the many incorrect grocery store checkout signs…so far. 157 more words


Prettiest but Most Beautiful. Greatest but Most Fantastic…What’s the Deal?

Why can’t I say beautifullest or most great? Who makes these rules anyway?

When to Use -est

I try to stay away from complicated explanations that use terms like “superlative” and “adverb” so I’m going to tell it to you straight. 143 more words


Know the Difference Between Literally and Figuratively

Literally or Figuratively?

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they actually have very different meanings.


Literally should only be used to describe a true situation. 470 more words