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D**n Auto-Correct! Yes, that's exactly not quite what I meant...at all.

Have you ever text your BFF to relay your heartbreak after finding out (through your unmentionable, borderline crazy, stalker-like, super-sleuthing skills) that your long-time crush has a girlfriend, only to realize after receiving a quick and unsympathetic “LOL” that you’ve actually sent her a text about your long term “curds having a new guestroom”? 608 more words

Editor Edit Thyself!

I regret and apologize for the error in wording in the first poem from my Silence series, entitled “Pain”. It has been revised. I know I practically preach on this subject, but it only verifies my strong feelings that one can never truly edit and proofread one’s own writing.

In Humility, Deborah A. Bowman



BTW I don’t proof read or grammatically correct my errors so for anyone reading and trying to proofread my ish, well frick off please. I’m a stressed teenager I don’t care nor do I have time to proofread my writings after a 20min rant. 

The Header for Your Paper


If your instructor does NOT want a title page, your name and info should be listed at the top left of your first page, 80 more words


Quick Tip: Don't forget to proofread

I’ve seen many posts lately with your & you’re being used incorrectly. By business owners.

Proofreading and spelling/grammar checks are essential and could be the difference between gaining a customer or having someone scroll past your posts and status updates, shaking their head. 58 more words


Today's focus: PROOFREAD!

For the love of Glidden, please proofread.

“Yeah, yeah, Glidden. Whatev, I totally proofread,” you might be thinking. False. I call your bluff. I can see you over there, typing away and clicking Publish without another care in the world. 392 more words


Quick Tip #2: Researching & Proofreading

In this post I’m bringing you a very good example of the importance of researching and proofreading. But what do I mean by that? When I tell my students that they have to  366 more words

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