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'Tuba' and 'tuber'

Foodies, gardeners and musicians are probably well aware of the difference between a tuba and a tuber.


  • a large, low-pitched brass musical instrument with valves and a broad bell (that typically faces upwards)
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'Cf.' does not mean 'see'

The abbreviation cf. means ‘compare’. It is an abbreviation of the Latin word confer. Because cf. is a shortening of a single word, it requires one full point at the end and shouldn’t have a full point between the… 141 more words


Why I'm not worried

When I tell people I’ve gone freelance, they keep asking me what my back-up plan is and the simple answer is: I don’t have one. 267 more words


'Coal' and 'kohl'

Coal and kohl are homophones. Coal is sometimes used when the writer actually means kohl, but I have never come across a ‘kohl mine’ or a ‘kohl fire’. 61 more words


'Brake' and 'break'

I regularly see break and brake used incorrectly. They are homophones and it’s very easy to type the right letters in the wrong order.

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They're here!

Hi there and welcome to the first ever blog post on Kelly Dent / Content Writer. Quite special, isn’t it? I don’t know. It feels special. 110 more words


'Dependant' and 'dependent'

The use of dependant and dependent is a very good example of the constant changes taking place in the English language. Fellow users of British English are probably aware of the traditional distinction. 108 more words