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'Disinterested' and 'uninterested'

Some people get very upset when disinterested is used to mean the same thing as uninterested.

  • Disinterested: unbiased or objective
  • Uninterested: having or showing no interest in someone or something…
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When is a second edition needed?

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is, “Why did you stop the writing process on your third book to do a second edition of your first published novel? 1,819 more words

New Writer

'Tact', 'tack' and 'task'

In my experience, it is common for people to get confused when using ‘tact’ and ‘tack’.


  • a sense of (and an ability or will to use) the best and most considerate way to deal with people (so as not to upset them)
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Damp squid

I really like this eggcorn. It makes sense: squid live in water and I imagine living in water makes you damp. I’m not sure why damp squid are seen as failures or as disappointing; that seems rather unfair on them. 97 more words


Widows and orphans

If you are self-publishing your work, it is worth knowing about widows and orphans. They can be ugly, and removing them will help your finished publication look even more professional. 354 more words


Resources page

I have put together a page of resources. I mentioned a few books in my previous posts that I think are helpful or interesting, and I thought it might be handy to have a central list. 44 more words


'Alternate' and 'alternative'


  • to occur in turn; to interchange regularly or in succession
  • occurring by turns; every other or every second something in a series