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'Accept' and 'except'

Accept and except sound very similar, and the similarity causes confusion for some writers. If you are one of them, don’t feel bad about it. … 68 more words



This week’s interesting word is likely to be well known to lovers of science fiction.

Tellurian can be used as an adjective to mean ‘of, inhabiting or relating to the earth’. 150 more words


Capitalisation: months and seasons

I know some writers find it hard to use capital letters correctly; New Hart’s Rules has an introduction to capitalisation you might find reassuring:

Capital letters in English are used to punctuate sentences, to distinguish proper nouns from other words, for emphasis, and in headings and work titles.

295 more words

'Climactic' and 'climatic'

The similar spelling here makes it so easy to use the wrong word, accidentally type the wrong word, or miss the incorrect usage when you are reading over your own work. 91 more words


The Freelancer Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writers and Editors

You’ve probably heard of most of these professions: ghostwriter, book doctor, coauthor, editor. But what do they all mean and how do you know who is right for your project?  798 more words

Tips For Writers

Proofreading guide for students

Late last year I wrote and published a series of posts on proofreading advice. This is the first of those posts: Proofreading advice: take a break… 152 more words


Glossary of proofreading terms

Linefeeds, widows and en dashes – ever wondered what your proofreader is trying to tell you? Proofreading terms can be puzzling if you don’t know what they mean. 980 more words