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'Cymbal' and 'symbol'

Cymbal and symbol are homophones. It tends to be symbol that is used when cymbal would be appropriate rather than the other way round; I suspect that is because… 103 more words


Pear Tree July 2016

Meet Nicholas Gray, the new Pear Tree Secretary! 

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” — Malcolm Forbes

Happy Independence Day!

This summer is the eight year I’ve been independently running Pear Tree, doing a variety of thing with amazing people. 814 more words

Writing is just...

I know, I know.

It’s been too long!

I need not let that much time pass between my posts.


My truth: Writing was THEEEE greatest thing to me ever. 131 more words

'Custardy' and 'custody'

Sometimes spelling custody as custardy is funny in a surreal way, but most of the time it should be avoided.


  • resembling or having the properties or characteristics of custard…
  • 28 more words

It's fine to use 'Union Jack'

Many people insist that a British Union flag may only be referred to as a Union Jack when it is flown on a ship.

This is not the case. 167 more words


FAQ: The Editing Process

Your book has been acquired—hooray! Next comes weeks and weeks of shaping and editing the novel as you work with your editor. No matter what the manuscript looks like at the time of acquisition, this process is essential to the book publishing cycle (and it’s the reason I have a job!). 848 more words

Publishing Insider

'Waiver' and 'waver'

Waiver and waver are homophones, but they mean very different things. I often find that waiver is used when the writer actually means waver – … 104 more words