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Reblogged from the Chapterhouse blog

Bestselling author Lavinia Collins talks about the process of editing her second trilogy, published with Not So Noble Books, out… 689 more words

Grammar and Punctuation Part 1

We all write in one way or another. Texting, shopping lists, blogging or longer pieces of work. We do it naturally, without thinking. Why? This was one of the basics we were taught at school. 1,002 more words


Fiverr: Good For Editing? Part 2

Happy Tuesday! So I got my manuscript back for the first book from the lovely person on Fiverr. And I have to say, I’m happy with the results. 311 more words


Copy Editor's Tip: Creating the first layout

Finally, you’re ready to create the first layout, when final design and copy come together. It means your project is nearly done. I always look forward to seeing the plain text I’ve been reviewing up until then transform into something more visual. 245 more words


Translation agency vs. Freelance translator

The translation industry had a rapid expansion in the last years and it’s considered to be a top niche to start a business or land a job opportunity in this field. 603 more words

Draft excluder: how to move your story along

I think I might have ‘Second Album Syndrome’. You know, where a band get the first album under their belt, then have to live up to expectations with the second, which makes for a certain pressure, which makes it harder to be creative, which makes for a certain pressure… 593 more words


Just Like a Bag of Sugar: The Elusive Final Edit

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the similarities between tennis and writing. I wrote about how you need a ton of practice in either field to get better, and how it’s great to know you have, indeed, gotten better. 716 more words