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How To Write A Novel - Writing A Book

How To Write A Novel – Writing A Book

By Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

So you want to write a novel but you’re wondering about the whole process of writing a book and what that entails? 970 more words


12 Commonly Misused Words

While line editing and proofreading, I frequently correct some of the same words over and over again in many different manuscripts. I find that most writers already know the difference between words that many people misuse—their/they’re/there, two/too/to, your/you’re, etc. 728 more words


Proofreading advice: use red ink

Use a pen with red ink to mark corrections and amendments. As a professional, I typically use red and blue ink on proofs. When I don’t have to differentiate between the causes of problems, I always use red. 115 more words


'Plain' and 'plane'

This is fairly basic but it is easy to type or write the wrong word when you are in a hurry. I tend to find that… 145 more words



Polysemous is a term for words that have more than one meaning. Most words in general use are polysemous.

The word is thought to be early 20th century in origin. 23 more words


A Towering Tongue Twisting Career Turn

I knew a dare when I saw one.

The big-bosomed, pink-slippered, black-eyed lady stared me down in her small three-story home. The offer of a salary… 629 more words


I have previously covered how to use an en dash (–) and an em dash (—). Now to turn to the thing they are not: a hyphen. 203 more words