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What Type Of Editing Does Your Novel Need?

Hello, Everbody.

So, when I started editing my novel, I wasn’t sure what editing was, and I didn’t know there were different types. I thought the editing was limited to grammar and syntax and that’s it. 1,055 more words


Professional Book Editor in Indianapolis

An affordable, professional editor for more than 25 years, I’ll deliver a thorough edit of your manuscript. I’m the author of several published books as well as short stories, hold a Master’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s in journalism, am a long-time writing teacher, and am an award-winning publications editor and writer. 183 more words

Native French speakers

We are native French speakers from France and graduated in English-France translation.

We have experience teaching French to foreigners living in France, and we also gave English private lessons preparing students for exams. 58 more words


You need to read this post before submitting any work to an editor. 

Before you hire an editor, you need to know what kind of help you’re looking for.


This post offers excellent advice to new writers. Read it.

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'Moose' and 'mousse'

The misuse of moose and mousse is another one of those mix-ups that can be slightly amusing. If I read something like “I ordered a moose for dessert” or  “we photographed a mousse in the wild” I can’t help but play those little scenarios out in my mind (but then I am easily amused). 81 more words


Academic Proofreading Service for students:

Proofreading for essays, assignments, book reviews and dissertations. Helping to refine your writing in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling and referencing. As well as ensuring an academic style, layout and content. 303 more words


Grammarly, your personal proofreading app

I kept seeing ads for Grammarly but put off using it because I figured I didn’t need it.

Then I remembered a proofreading test on a content site that I write for that I’ve tried to pass three times. 373 more words

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