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'Mail' and 'male'

This week marks a return to homophones. I find that male is occasionally used when mail would be appropriate. I have borrowed one of the definitions below because I don’t think I can explain it more succinctly. 104 more words


'Despatch' or 'dispatch'?

This post is a little different from my usual notes on commonly confused words. Some writers worry about whether they should use despatch or dispatch… 176 more words


New Hart's Rules: The Oxford Style Guide

New Hart’s Rules is on my list of recommended books, and it is recommended by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (of which I am a member). 379 more words


'Colleague' and 'college'

I sometimes see college used when the writer means colleague. I think this is usually due to a typing error or uncertainty about how to spell… 49 more words


Get a FREE Writing Aid

Hello, fellow writers! I have a request.

I am working on a project tentatively titled 1000 Questions to Ask Your Character, and I need a proofreader just to check for duplicate questions. 56 more words


The Pensive Proofreader, Resurrected

In 2011, back when I was job-hunting, I authored an online diary, “The Pensive Proofreader” (http://thepensiveproofreader.blogspot.com/), the purpose of which was to provide “a thoughtful blog pertaining to all things editorial, as well as my musings on myriad matters”.   196 more words


'Peasant' and 'pheasant'

Two weeks ago I published a post on the homophones nigh and nye. A nye is a flock or brood of pheasants, which leads me to this week’s sometimes confused words: … 64 more words