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I’m Florencia and I’m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have been living in the US for the last 4 years. 282 more words


Call for Proofeaders!

Good morning!

I need some grammar nazis to volunteer to proofread my second children’s book so that I can send it to publishers. I’ve had a few takers on Facebook and sent them the manuscript, but getting back to me has been a bit of a problem, and since they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, for free, I can’t complain! 37 more words

Writing And Expression

Decision Paralysis

At the passing of each new milestone, my destination only seems farther away.

“Manuscript finished!” This was the most recent milestone. But instead of passing a broad-numbered and reflective marker on the roadside, this was more of an emotional collapse in which I flopped back from my desk and into my chair declaring, “Screw it! 540 more words


2018 Clearing Your Life: Out With the Old and in With the New!

            I’m beginning a clean sweep with 2018!  Out with the old and in with the new. 

            I was working diligently clearing out some dishes I no longer need in the kitchen, when the doorbell rang. 383 more words

Tracing your family tree part 1

How to trace your family tree.

Part 1

Tracing your family tree is something lots of people like to do. I am a professional, freelance genealogist, proofreader, transcriber and editor.I know it sounds utterly confusing but if you want more information check me out at mumwithms.co.uk and you will understand how I got to where I am careerwise. 512 more words

Books on My Shelves - Don’t Trust Your Spell Check

According to the back cover of Don’t Trust Your Spell Check, “Everybody makes mistakes”. Unfortunately, its author, Dean Evans, is no exception. In a book that promises “pro proofreading tactics and tests to eliminate embarrassing writing errors”, nothing could me more disappointing than finding some of the latter in the body of the text and the tests. 534 more words


That Scene Where Sam Gets Screwed by the Proofreader

Score one for the TV naysayers. As much as some of us would like to contend that there really are some intelligent shows out there, gaffes like the one pictured below don’t help the cause. 218 more words

Adventures In Nitpickery