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The Pensive Proofreader, Resurrected

In 2011, back when I was job-hunting, I authored an online diary, “The Pensive Proofreader” (http://thepensiveproofreader.blogspot.com/), the purpose of which was to provide “a thoughtful blog pertaining to all things editorial, as well as my musings on myriad matters”.   196 more words


'Peasant' and 'pheasant'

Two weeks ago I published a post on the homophones nigh and nye. A nye is a flock or brood of pheasants, which leads me to this week’s sometimes confused words: … 64 more words


4 Editors Who Help You Perfect Your Novels

Understanding the kinds of editors is one of the hardest things for writers. At least that has been my experience as an editor. Usually new writers have a tougher time understanding the differences, but sometimes the experienced ones aren’t quite sure either. 606 more words


Ise and ize endings

One of the first and basic questions I ask when taking on a new project is whether my client has used -ise or -ize word endings. 299 more words


'Half' and 'halve'

Half and halve are not homophones, but they sound similar and their meanings are closely related.


  • either of two equal or corresponding parts that together make up a whole…
  • 72 more words

'Nigh' and 'nye'

Nigh and nye are homophones, and neither is particularly common. I suspect a general audience would be most familiar with nigh. Nigh is considered archaic and literary, but the usage of… 25 more words