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4 Fun Online Verb Tense Games

Grammars nerds unite! Whether you want to improve or satisfy that grammar-loving itch, these four online games will provide some simple but fun entertainment.

Why learn verb tenses? 785 more words


Human cells reprogrammed to create insulin

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Pancreatic cells that don’t normally produce insulin can be modified to do so, and to help control blood sugar levels in diabetic mice. 136 more words


What's In Your Leaf-Mould?

Today I open a new chapter in the life of this blog.

I’ve decided to newly commit myself to updating it under a new title: … 284 more words

JRR Tolkien

Грипп и корь атакуют украинцев: почему власть не пойдет на введение эпидемии

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Традиционно в конце зимы украинские школы массово закрываются на карантин. Решения о закрытии того или иного учебного заведения – отдельными классами или полностью – принимают их руководители. 195 more words


Track changes - how do I get rid of the text box that appears when I hover over words in a Word document?

How do you get rid of document tooltips? How do you stop the little text boxes appearing when you hover over deleted or added words in Word. 319 more words


#writeright #typotyrant--Writealready2017.com

Perhaps it’s someone’s name, and you can only hunt when accompanied by said person…


February 2019

Following on from my January blog, introducing myself and some of my services, I thought I would expand on one of them: proofreading. There are some frequently asked questions whenever I talk about proofreading. 879 more words