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Proving proofing's value

Recently, a client asked us to proof a proposed advertisement. The client had retained a marketing firm to prepare the ad (paying handsomely for the firm’s services), and was about to send it off to be printed. 157 more words

How many pilots?

When a typo appears on Yahoo! News (at least I hope it’s just a typo), it can leave me scratching my head:

After dusting the dandruff off my keyboard, I have to ask: How many pilots were doin’ the asking? 21 more words


How to Punctuate "However"

Punctuating however depends on where it falls in a sentence.

At the beginning or the end, set it off with a comma:

However, American presidential campaigns seem to go on forever. 134 more words

All Things Having To Do With The English Language

How to Edit and Proof Your Own Writing

Proofing and editing my own writing is a daily practice and necessity for me. I write for a living, but writing also happens to be my personal passion as well. 882 more words


It's all about the prep

It should be a perfect afternoon: sunny, light breeze, the kids are in the pool, the adult guests are spread across the back yard talking and laughing, the grill is ready and the coals are spot on, and you are in a sheer panic. 566 more words

Creating authentic text

“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life” – Winston Churchill

To communicate with authenticity you don’t need the most… 219 more words

More thought, time and energy might help

The thought, time and energy that go into editing have not increased exponentially on Yahoo! Sports:

More thought, time and energy might have led to correcting the mismatched plural subject and singular verbs.