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Editing Editing Editing

EDITING. Endless, exhausting, invigorating. It’s how I’ll be spending my writing hours today, so I thought I’d share my current process. (Of course, there are so many processes and stages and convolutions that I could never document them all.) 123 more words

Keep that word intact

Whenever I see intact spelled as two words I wonder what was going through the writer’s head. Like here on Yahoo! Beauty:

Did the writer think that the hairstyle was d being tactful?


Why you may want (or need) a proofreader

Most writers are blind to their own mistakes. That is why they can benefit from a second pair of eyes — qualified eyes. When your spelling and grammar are corrected and your arguments are presented in a logical fashion, your reader will appreciate the quality of your work. 165 more words


A Few Details

Well, I’m trying my hardest to keep up with my blogging and finding stuff to post!

Today, it’ll mostly be a jumble of information, relating to writing and a bit of updating. 425 more words


Want to be a Successful Indie Writer? Recent Survey Highlights the Importance of Hiring Editors and Cover Designers

BookBaby Insights for Self-Publishing Authors

Stephen Spatz, president of BookBaby, a service provider for independent authors, carried out a survey in 2017 to ask over 5,000 self-published authors about what are they writing, how they publish, what services they use, what they do to market and promote their books and what they attribute their success to. 360 more words


Penny wise and pound foolish?

Lately at Indie-Scribable, I’ve had a few prospective clients contact me about proofreading their novels, only to lose them when I quote my price. As you’ve heard me say before, I started Indie-Scribable as a lower-cost alternative to the typical “professional” editor, who often charges upwards of $3K for proofreading a novel. 337 more words


I Am Error: Do Proofreading Errors Ruin an Independent Book?

I’ve spent a long time studying the English language. I am neither an expert nor a novice. I like to think I know enough to call myself sufficiently educated, and I have a… 704 more words

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