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If you think cats have arms, raise your paw

If you think this is an adorable picture on Yahoo! Makers, raise your paw hand.

If you think that a cat has an arm, raise your hand. 14 more words


Don't dangle that in public

Reading this on Yahoo! Style, I noticed a dangling participle:

Unless the writer meant that Abercrombie & Fitch came of age in suburban New England in the early- to mid-aughts, there’s a problem with that sentence. 53 more words


Father of American Scholarship wasn't American

I learn something new every day. Like, I just found out that Noah Webster, who was born and died in Connecticut, was really English. If the writer for Yahoo! 17 more words


Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s dumbest statement comes in a sentence on Yahoo! Makers that’s packed with problems:

There’s a word missing between each and with — I’m guessin’ it’s… 99 more words


Proofreading and Editing Precision with CDROM Effortless

Grammar101.com has very affordable rates for virtual proofreading services:, they are: $2.89 per page for proofreading;, $3.89 per page for editing. A page has a maximum of 250 words. 260 more words

What dessert would you find?

What dessert do you think Johnny Depp found in the desert? My favorite cookie, Pecan Sandies? Or Lorna Dunes? Maybe the writer/editor for Yahoo! Style knows:


'Insure' and 'ensure'

These words have overlapping meanings to do with certainty and security.


  • To guarantee or protect (usually against risk, damage or loss) in a financial sense…
  • 42 more words