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Where has it been?

Where the heck did it go? Where’s the hyphen that makes it a real bunch of has-beens on the Yahoo! front page?


Playing fast and loose with the language

Maybe the writer for Yahoo! Makers has nothing to lose by using an incorrect word:

Me? I think that any editor who didn’t correct that has a screw loose


Just one person?

There’s just one American whose confidence in housing is on the rise, according to Yahoo! Finance:


Dear Autocorrect

Dear Autocorrect,

Also known as “Text replacement”, “Replace-as-you-type” or “Screws-up-your-entire-messages-meaning”, is commonly found in word processors and text editing interfaces. It is used to play-the-part of a “spell checker” or to help correct common typing errors. 363 more words

Can a good editor effect change?

A competent editor for Yahoo! Finance could effect change, especially here:

You probably learned that affect is a verb (but it can also be a noun), and that… 23 more words


Get it straight

Would I be strait-laced if I protested this spelling on the Yahoo! front page?

The American Heritage Dictionary accepts straight-laced as a variant of the preferred spelling… 20 more words