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Chickens' hit

Why was the Yahoo! Style writer confused about how to form the possessive of a plural noun like chickens?

Maybe she couldn’t decide if the apostrophe went before or after the S. 19 more words


March and April 2016 Highlights

I have a rare moment to breathe in the Silver Scribe Editorial offices. It’s been a busy few months in editorial land. I am so thankful to my clients for giving me interesting, challenging, and sometimes-demanding projects. 141 more words


Cheap and Fast is Never a Good Sign: How to avoid crummy freelance editors

*This is a post I wrote for my LinkedIn followers, but I thought with so many good writers here on WordPress that this would be knowledge worth sharing so that you don’t get screwed over on your first try at self-publishing. 1,635 more words

My Job Experience

How soon we forget

It hasn’t been a week since the passing of Prince, yet the editors at yahoo.com seem to have forgotten his name:


Proofing and print preparations!

Some of you editors may be nearing your print deadlines so I thought I’d send you a quick guide to proofing your final draft and what to expect when you’re ready to print :) When you reach the stage where you think your book is ready to print, you’ll enter the final stage of production and it’s now a case of having a look over everything one more time.   301 more words



sometimes i like to rewrite posts. basically it’s just to reword and adjust some grammar. it may not always be precise but the goal is definitely to cut down on some of the errors that may be in the writing. 262 more words

Lottie Moss: Model or photographer?

Lottie Moss isn’t just a model, she’s also a photographer. Who knew that someone who makes her living in front of a camera, also steps behind it? 19 more words