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Whilst I was reading

I thought I was reading the U.S. version of Yahoo! Style, until I stumbled on this:

In the States, sundress is one word, the preferred word is… 20 more words


You didn't think too hard, did you?

The writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t think too hard about the correct word to use here:


It takes a village to raise a book

The difference between a bad writer and a good writer is that a good writer knows he needs help. Publishers used to have people on staff to provide that help. 505 more words


CURRENTLY READING: On the Beach by Nevil Shute

I finished reading End of Days on Friday. I was planning to spend the weekend alternately taking photos of the glorious trilogy and weeping in a corner.  50 more words


Millions of dollars' worth of errors

It’s really just one error and in appears on Yahoo! Makers:

This is a case of a quasi possessive. (It’s also an example of the genitive case, which is more grammar than I like.) Anyhoo, if you’re unsure whether you’re faced with a simple plural or a quasi possessive, try this: Substitute the number 1 for the number in the phrase. 59 more words


How many is too many?

How many mistakes are acceptable in a sentence? Zero? One? Two? Three? That’s what seems to be okie-dokie over at Yahoo! Style, where the writer misspelled… 52 more words


The horizon is horizontal

This is Gigi Hadid.

Now that I have your attention, please note the caption that accompanied that photo on Yahoo! Style:

Is there anything “horizontal” about the cut-out in Ms. 41 more words