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Who's responsible for this?

Who’s responsible for this gaffe on Yahoo! Style?


Whose mistake is it? Who doesn’t know that who’s is a contraction of who is or who has?


Three Times to Use the Colon

Today I’ll tackle when to use colons. (Semicolons and colons are not interchangeable. They serve entirely different functions.)

I recently gave you the three semicolon rules. 92 more words

Business Writing

'Palate', 'palette' and 'pallet'

I must admit I have to think very carefully about these three.


  • the roof of the mouth
  • the sense of taste or ability to distinguish between and appreciate flavours…
  • 128 more words

What is line-editing, and do I need it?

As part of my short series on editorial processes, I will be looking at proofreading, line-editing and copy-editing to give some insight onto the features that distinguish them from one another. 870 more words


What are this black rinds?

Is it asking too much that the writers at Yahoo! Style use words that actually make sense?

Were the black rinds that Ms. Lovato was wearing from some citrus fruit, like a lemon or an orange? 17 more words


Hyphen happy

It’s not enough to be capitalization crazy, putting capital letters at the front of common nouns like holiday. No, that’s not enough for this Yahoo! 43 more words


Tutor on Grammar: The One True Way

There’s an idea to write down. “This is what I wrote, is that fine?”  It’s question that I get a lot by nervous people who think writing is just too hard, and can’t possibly be done correctly by an insecure nervous writer. 237 more words