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“Compliment” vs. “complement”: What’s the difference?

Were you confused when you saw the featured image for this post? If you were, don’t feel bad about it. A lot of people confuse the words “compliment” and “complement.” After all, these words differ by just one letter, so the English language hasn’t exactly made it easy for us to keep these words straight. 461 more words


I'd be pissed, too!

I’d be pissed, too if a video of my husband (drunk or not) removing my garter belt went viral. So after reading this on Yahoo! Style, who could blame the bride for suing the videographer? 92 more words


Johanne Morin

Title: President
Company: Comm.Adapt
Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

Comm.Adapt is a communications company that provides translation and adaptation, revisions, transcripts and proofreading services to its clients. 169 more words


The Most Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes That Writers Usually Make

By Gloria Kopp

In today’s marketplace, getting your work out there is often considered more crucial than checking it for errors first. As good as it feels to be the first with a new story, though, it’s embarrassing when readers pick up on the mistakes you made in your haste to get published. 760 more words


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Why Proofreading Matters

Just a quick reminder to writers that the submission period for issue 8 of Tahoma Literary Review closes in a week, on August 31 at midnight. 371 more words

TLR News

Not a high school graduate?

Doesn’t every high school graduate know that the pronoun who refers to human beings? Apparently not. There must be colleges that accept applicants who don’t know that and at least one editor at yahoo.com who’s unaware of the rule:


Is Your Manuscript Ready For Submission?

I saw an article in Writers Digest this week titled Understanding The Types Of Editing. Well my first thought was, What do they mean types? 350 more words