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You could use an advisor

There’s at least one person writing for yahoo.com who could use a little advice:

If you can’t hold the spelling of a name (like TripAdvisor) in your brain long enough to pound it on a keyboard, copy it and paste it into your text.


What led you to believe that was correct?

Though this article on Yahoo! Makers was written by a professional, it belies her knowledge of grammar, which led to her using the wrong word for the past tense of the verb… 43 more words


The Secret of Literacy - Making the Implicit Explicit

David Didau’s understanding of a learner’s access into literacy emanates from an awareness that what we understand about our own knowledge is implicit. We know, without truly knowing how to explain or model it. 1,512 more words

Summer Institute

Dumbest Statement of the Day

When a writer does no research and makes up facts, she’s likely to be featured on Dumbest Statement of the Day. That’s the fate today of the Yahoo! 26 more words


The end of English is nigh

If you read just about any article on Yahoo! Style, you probably think that the end of the English language is nigh.

Can you hear that horse laugh coming from Style’s readers? That would be a neigh.


A grave mistake

I swear, the writers for Yahoo! Style have no idea how to use accent marks. They shouldn’t even try to put an accent over an E, because they’re going to get it wrong: 66 more words