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A Wild Translator/Proofreader Appears!

Hello everyone,

This is one of the rare times where I’ll promote myself. I’ve been working very hard these past two years to gain experience in my field. 93 more words

Catherine G.v

'Tire' and 'tyre'

In British English, these are the spellings for two words with different meanings.


  • to reduce the energy of (usually by exertion); to feel or cause to feel in need of sleep/rest…
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An everyday occurrence

It’s practically an everyday occurrence at Yahoo!: Someone confuses everyday (which means ordinary, routine, or commonplace) and every day (which means each and every day). This time it’s on Yahoo! 9 more words


Was Skylar an unhappy accident?

Was misspelling Skyler Berman’s name on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity an accident? Or did the writer fail to research the spelling and just made something up?


The Proofreader’s Corner: Creating Your Own Proofreading Stamps for PDF Mark-up

by Louise Harnby

In September 2015, I wrote about the benefit of being able to mark up PDF proof pages with stamps – digital versions of the symbols you would draw by hand on a traditional paper proof, usually for a publisher client (after all, not every client understands the standard proof-correction language employed in the publishing industry). 1,797 more words

Editing Tools

Friday Follies (two days late - sorreee!) #10 - Three mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Okay, now that I’ve finally got my birthday stuff out of the way, the Grammar Cop can buckle down and go “ew” over this week’s boo-boos. 254 more words


Without further farewell?

It’s time to bid adieu to homophonic errors at Yahoo!. Writers at Yahoo! often get confused by words that sound alike (or that they think… 24 more words