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New Proof That GMOs Are Harmful

Like something out of a science fiction thriller, genetically modified organisms (GMO) are having horrifying effects in lab tests.
Genetically modified corn engineered to be resistant to Roundup herbicide (a Monsanto brand) caused rapidly accelerating tumors in both male and female lab rats over the course of 2 years. 303 more words

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Let's Talk Labels

It is now less than a week after the November 2014 midterm elections here in the United States. By now we all know that Republicans are back on top and marijuana legalization is becoming more widespread. 535 more words

Genetically Modified Organisms

How GMO Became a Worldwide Household Word

 Various three and four letter government agencies have responsibility to tax payers to inspect businesses that have direct impact on the health of the citizens. At their discretion, unsafe, unhealthy and life threatening diseases and microbes are kept away from the public food supply. 960 more words