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Blood sweat and tears
Only to return with post traumatic fears
Gone and come back forgotten
Chess pieces in their places while the players are plotting… 95 more words

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Rush Limbaugh Fully Understands The Rise of The "Vulgarians"....

RUSH LIMBAUGH TRANSCRIPT […] This is amazing, because it’s their business to know this! It is striking to me how it is that so many of these people in high executive positions in both parties — in the consultancy of both parties, in the media — do not understand the relationship that Trump and his audience, supporters, what have you, have with him. 800 more words

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Rush has it 100% right, after 2010 and 2014 and no change I realized the Republican party had lost its soul! I am a life long republican and the only way I would every vote republican again is if Trump got the nomination.

Texas County Sheriff Assassinated - Black Male Suspect Ambushed and Shot Officer In Back Of Head....

Deputy Darren Goforth

A Harris County Deputy was assassinated last night while putting gas in his patrol vehicle.  A black male suspect approximately 5’11”, 20 to 25-years-old, approached the officer and fired a single shot in the back of his head.  353 more words

What to believe? Greedy teachers, a successful budget director, a warped news account, threat of a shutdown

Teacher pensions are bankrupting a state, the $30,000 per month budget consultant successfully saved the state, the legislature and governor still have no spending plan, the governor praised the consultant’s brilliant success, the consultant suddenly quits in triumph, the state faces a shut down by the governor for lack of budget funding – all in the same article in the Tribune. 303 more words


Hillary Clinton Out Of Excuses

By Andrew Bolt ~

Hillary Clinton could get knocked out of the presidential race for one scandal above all her others – using a personal email account to transact her business as Secretary of State, and then covering up the scale of this stupidity or duplicity. 558 more words

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