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Victor Fletcher

Deanna’s guest today was Victor Fletcher of Toronto Street News. Due to technical issues at Republic Broadcasting Network, today’s audio file has been edited to only include the easily listened to segments. 10 more words


Another Civil Forfeiture - Veteran Loses $60,000 and Never Breaks a Single Law...

More and more of these terrible stories are surfacing….

(Via Forbes) […] In late March, the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the federal government could take more than $60,000 of Brewer’s cash with civil forfeiture, even though he was never charged with a crime. 230 more words

Candidate Marco Rubio Tells Jorge Ramos, in Spanish, That Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Is A Good Thing and Should Be Part of Permanent Amnesty Solution...

Until substantive and factual information reveals something divergent I’m sticking to my initial researched opinion that Marco Rubio’s campaign bid is purely a decepticon maneuver to plow through the field, and aid his mentor Jeb Bush. 365 more words

Two Islamic State Fighters Walk Into a Bar…

How Arabs are mocking the self-proclaimed Caliphate.


APRIL 17, 2015

The scene has become harrowingly familiar. A man dressed head to toe in black, armed with a knife, is standing behind a row of crouching prisoners. 1,100 more words

Islamic State

Valdosta State University Students Spend Three Days Stomping On U.S. Flag - Veteran Arrested Trying To Remove Flag... (video)

April 18th 2015 – This first picture is what was going on at Valdosta “State” University ( VSU) for 3 days:

The campus refused to do anything about it […] So we decided to get the flag and give it the respect it deserved.  41 more words

The denigration of Anthropogenesis

AGW.  Anthropogenic Global Warming.  ACC.  Anthropogenic Climate Change.  Anthropogenic ANYTHING.  I have discovered it is interesting to look up the word Anthropogenic on the web and see what you find. 968 more words

Global Warming

Memphis Kid "Baby Boss" Making News With Thug Life Advocacy....

Memphis Tennessee has been on the news recently as several alarming stories hit the headlines last week.  A Mob Attack at a PB Gas Station;  152 more words