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Colin Kaepernick, History's Hero?

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

The National Football League’s preseason is under way, and National Anthem-hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have an NFL job. 646 more words

Public Opinion

Blue Lives Do Matter-God Bless Them

While the fake news attacked and politicians hid.  These two men stood up against hate.  President Donald J. Trump refused to cower to the propaganda machine.  4,717 more words


Monuments, memories, and power

The debacle and outrage of Charlottesville, VA, is a week old and the after-tremors are ripping physical changes in the landscape. Statues and monuments are being removed, and dedicated public spaces and edifices are being renamed, on the basis of their historic associations with slavery and the Civil War. 1,364 more words


That Didn't Take Long - U.S. Formally Launches Section 301 Trade Investigation On China...

It’s all connected.  The “Big Ugly” is underway.  Intellectually honest people know the CEO boards and advisory council members were on the White House team to shape and protect their collective stakes in the upcoming America First economic trade reset.  1,098 more words

Peaceful today.

It looks as though both the alt-right or “free speech” rallies in Vancouver and Boston have turned out peacefully. Thankfully.

This battle was won, but the proverbial and perhaps literal war is just beginning. 23 more words


The Islamic State's Claim to Spain

Spain hasn’t been in ISIS’ crosshairs as much as France and Britain, but it has been as a through-point for ISIS recruits and target of its propaganda for years. 77 more words