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Our Aporia

Imagine, if you will (as if, these days, you need to imagine it at all) that you wake up one morning and find yourself propelled into a Franz Kafka novel, or into a painting by Salvador Dali or a mind-bending M.C. 501 more words

Jean Gebser

Something True - a poem about.........

Your words burn me inside,

Because you don’t speak for me,

Your speech is delivered deliberately,

Without thought causing us to divide.

But why should you care? 72 more words


WaPo Cooks Up Another Nothingburger With a Side of "Muh Russian" Dressing...

Well, it would appear the desperation of the DC MSM is reaching climax. Today the Washington Post cooks up a nothingburger narrative framed around letters from former DOJ interim head Sally Yates to the DOJ. 186 more words

Rep. Adam Schiff and the Russian (Hacking) Fairy Tale

The hysteria and paranoid about Russia continues. Representative Adam Schiff is busy spreading lies and conspiracy theories about Trump ties to the Russians who “hacked the election.” Henrik comments on Schiff’s empty claims.


The Praetorian Bodyguards (Of the Empire’s Liars)

To all intents then they’ve collectively morphed into a Praetorian bodyguard of the ‘tissue of lies’ that’s become necessary to hold together the fragile fabric of the all-encompassing delusion that was once the  6,271 more words


50 shades of fake: Can fighting fake news lead to censorship?

Source: RT
March 27, 2017

ake news: everybody agrees that it’s no good, yet it has become such a well-known term it will probably soon make it into the dictionary. 39 more words