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Nigel Farage Discusses French Election, Marine Le Pen and Obama's Wunderkind Emmanuel Macron...

The collective EU, and every like-minded multi-cultural entity within leftist media together with the Obama globalist operatives, are now laying a path of rose petals for their wunderkind Emmanuel Macron. 80 more words

The Case Against Asma al-Assad: A Darker Motive Behind Calls for Her Citizenship to be Revoked...?

I posted up an old video of Asma al-Assad last week, because I thought her sentiments in the recording really resonated with what has been going on in Syria and the Middle East in recent years. 1,223 more words

The Ruination Of Bana Alabed

Source: The Crucifixion of Bana Alabed – barbaramckenzie

My post to Barbara’s blog in response to the above linked-to article has been in ‘awaiting moderation’ for some days now. 1,260 more words


Why I'm here...

…well why are any of us here?

In this blog I’ll be attempting to understand humans and beyond. I’ll be looking at the emotions, trends and propaganda of ourselves and society. 20 more words

Barney Watt: propaganda and obstructing justice in February 1971

The oldest legacy inquest is due to start today in Belfast, that of Barney Watt who was shot dead by the British army in Hooker Street on 6th February 1971. 2,524 more words

Umerziehung vorerst gescheitert

Grüne Gentechnik werde von der Bevölkerung abgelehnt, heißt es häufig in politischen Debatten. Doch wenn man einmal genau hinsieht, ist das Meinungsbild weder einheitlich noch eindeutig. 642 more words


Propaganda Americana in the Great War

The word propaganda is considered to be negative: it suggest lying, exaggeration, and manipulation. But if propaganda can be defined as spreading information to support a cause, then it could even be a good thing. 349 more words