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Soccer Star Kidnapped

Mexican football star Alan Pulido was kidnapped on Saturday night in the northern Mexico state of “Tamaulipas” =113/32. Pulido =32, and reports say he was taken by masked gunmen at 11:30. 65 more words


Royal Gorge Railroad Riddle

28-year-old train conductor Leslie Cacy died on 5/29 after falling out of her moving train on the bridge over Colorado’s Royal Gorge. Likely it’s a hoax fiction designed to plant more clues for upcoming events. 182 more words


Australian Election 2016 – A Leaders Debate To Disgrace Australia - And Doom It

By Andrew Bolt ~

Last night’s election debate between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten was a disgrace.

We had the leaders of both sides debating the future of this increasingly troubled country in just 60 minutes – minus time spent by journalists talking. 411 more words

Public Opinion

The Low Bar of Hasbara Lowers

Leanne Mohamad is a 15 year old Palestinian who lives in the UK. A student at Wanstead High School, she took top place in the Redbridge regional final for Jack Petchley’s Speak Out challenge. 98 more words



Professor Sheila Kennedy has posed the issue of what to do about public education and the various reforms proposed by those who would destroy it. I responded to her invitation to comment as follows. 291 more words

Why Do Former Goldman Sachs Bankers Keep Landing Top Slots at the Federal Reserve?

Before we dive into this, I want to stress how crucial, critical, and important self-empowerment, responsibility, and choices are towards you–the individual. And, I want to highlight the importance of separating you–the individual from this soup of energy and mindsets of everyone else, or shall I say, the country. 1,964 more words


Nocebo Effect

I have a humourous anecdote to relate about my own experience with the “nocebo effect”. Nocebo effect is, as you may be aware, the opposite of the placebo effect, although both belong to what we might call “the magical mode” of consciousness and are very much involved in the “intentionality” of consciousness. 990 more words