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The Hidden Signs That Can Reveal a Fake Photo – BBC Future – Pocket

A picture may say a thousand words, but what if the photograph has been fabricated? There are ways to spot a fake – you just have to look closely enough. 15 more words


Fertiliser could be used to power ocean-going ships

Here comes the latest ‘green’ pipedream that won’t work, as the report almost admits. Another thin excuse to bang the tedious climate change propaganda drum. 211 more words


The Basilisk. Basics.

Afore. Eyes greened mine…

i, Shiro, a. Miracle

so Jungle Greenly greeted. So dawned

in Our World. Legends Tell

Elemental Tales so. Of Natures mores. 510 more words


The Bubble Refutation

It was in March 2019, when Will Self had his famous ‘stare-off’ willy-waving contest with Tory moron Mark François, when a problem I had been wrestling with for some time really hit home. 1,490 more words


Sergei Skripal and the superforecaster. And, by the way, where IS Sergei?

Silly Dominic Cummings. He could have saved himself a lot of bother this week by asking QuadRanting to put forward a competent superforecaster before he picked super-weirdo Andrew Sabisky. 874 more words


The Green Bridge To Nowhere

By Peter Murphy ~

Mankind’s attempt to control the climate is going to be very, very costly – to you. Even worse, there is no guarantee of any benefit, environmental, planetary, or otherwise. 775 more words