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wRONg Paul Endorses Obama's Foreign Policy Of Arming Iran

And if Iran defeats ISIS…what then Dr. Paul? Dealing with a nuclearized Islamic supremacist country that happens to be run by Shiite Islamic supremacists? That’s okay to Dr. Paul…

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Can We Say Dr. wRONg Paul Is Wrong On Pre-Arab Spring Libya?

Oh yea…remember how Gaddafi wanted to cooperate with the USA under George W. Bush? Why didn’t Dr. Paul toss that in?

wRONg Paul, wrong again!

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A Tale Of Two Victims Of Bigotry, The Oklahoma University Chef And The Jewish UCLA Girl

The Left seem to only tolerate bigotry if it’s about Jews…don’t you see?  I am pretty sure if the fraternity were anti-Israel and were Leftist they’d have treated the chef a tad bit far worse than what’s already happened to him…

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Now Imagine If These Oklahoma White University Students Were White Leftists Whom Were Anti-Israel At UCLA...

Don’t you see you cannot make these sort of chants like this:

But you can be in the student government at any given college campus and prevent someone from joining because they’re pro-Israel:

Welcome to Politically Correct America…

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wRONg Paul Panders To Obama In Attacking Benjamin Netanyahu

Stupid hypocrite, the hypocrite supported invading the Dominica with phony US approval in fighting Communism with white supremacists….

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