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Propagating Plants: Part 1

So it’s here – the time of year when you can never find enough room for the seeds you have sown, the cuttings you have taken and the multiple divisions you have made from your plants. 426 more words

Gardening in and out

At last, it is spring in New England. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are even out and about looking for dinner.

The plants for the MG sale¬†are now on our driveway where I’m hoping they will start to grow with a little TLC, sunshine, and fertilizer. 323 more words


Pugot-ulo - Echeveria Agavoides

A few days ago, I cut the head of my Echeveria Agavoides because I feel that its pups are being constricted of their growth and that they are not getting enough sun. 214 more words

Let's Plant Some Herbs - Propagation

Seeding is our favorite form of propagation. A seed is a repository for all the genetic diversity of the ancient wildness of these potent medicinals. When you are looking for medicine in a herb, you want to use the purest, strongest strain of the species you can get; in other words, you want the original, unchanged, wildest form available. 2,427 more words