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Seed Sowing and Dahlia Preparation

It doesn’t take much to get me gardening again – the sun on my back, a large bag of compost for sowing, some wooden stick labels  ( 50)  from the Pound shop, a Sharpie Fine Point marker pen, some clean pots and I’m off. 572 more words


The Witch's Beanstalk

The Witch is no longer in possession of her beanstalks (or potatoes). They reached their end-of-life expiry and have been relegated to the darkest corner* of the compost heap. 67 more words


Rain & Cold

A jug of Tete a Tete miniature daffodils with Euphorbia robbiae …

And because it’s rained a lot I felt free to pick some Crocus ‘Ruby Giant’ which is very pretty with its bright orange stamens and green and white striped leaves. 139 more words


Seed Starting Madness

Seed starting is in full go.  This year I’m experimenting with peat pots, which I’ve never used before.

The indoor ‘tiny tim’ tomatoes are getting ready to flower, too. 11 more words



The garden is looking vibrant and fresh and every week it gets a little greener as new leaves emerge on the climbers and herbaceous perennials .   518 more words


propagating progress

There has been enough growth on the succulents that I am propagating that I’ve been able to separate a few of them from the pack.  Some of them are taking longer than others to sprout roots/new leaves but most have shown signs that they’re growing.  120 more words


Sowing and Planting

The first of the broad beans The Sutton were sown mid- January and here they are four weeks later with, it has to be said, not brilliant germination. 169 more words