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Propagating Succulents pt.1

As you may know, my love for succulent is back… and stronger than ever! I’ve made my little work station outside, made shelves out of wood and cinder blocks, bought a mini greenhouse, and spent way too much money on plants knowing damn well I do NOT have a green thumb. 258 more words


My succulent obsession

I know it’s been a long while since I’ve been on here but honestly not much has happened. Our day to day is very much routine with little variation. 224 more words


Grow, baby, grow!

Anyone with a plant habit knows it can be an expensive hobby, whether it’s blowing a small fortune on the rare plant you’ve always wanted, or when your single plant purchase turns into five. 942 more words


How I Successfully Grow Tagasaste from Seed

I’ve read of various people trying numerous ways to successfully germinate tagasaste seeds. From direct planting to boiling in water for one minute or… 491 more words


Establishing Successful Borders

Gardening can be both a satisfying challenge and a dreadful chore. And whilst it’s not possible to plant a garden that looks good for every month of the year much of the joy comes in analysing what will give pleasure for parts of the year and then helping it come to fruition. 893 more words

Cut Flower Gardening

Propagating: sowing seeds

After years of fiddling around and too often failing, there are definite signs of improvement in my propagating. And so there should be considering the number of workshops attended and books read. 718 more words

More herbs/ fruit plants for your garden - suggestions from PPN Hort Park

Po chai yun Melastoma malabathricum

Moringa, or drumstick tree is the current darling of health stores as the miracle plant.

Longan tree. I planted one and hoping it will fruit soon. 35 more words

Surprising Singapore