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Propagating Rosemary and Pineapple

I love propagating plants. It is a way of remembering friends by taking cuttings of their plants and growing them in my garden.

My friend Deb has a beautiful Rosemary bush. 88 more words


October Garden Guide for Adelaide

If there’s one thing we can rely on in spring, it’s unpredictable weather. Calm and sunny one day, howling gales and torrential rain the next. Looking back at last October’s pictures I saw cherries ripening on my tree, while this year the buds are only just starting to open. 1,132 more words


Propagating succulents

Hi. Today I have something exciting to show you. When I first discovered this, I was totally amazed! There is something magical about succulents. When you pull off one of it’s leaves, a whole new plant grows out of the leaf! 430 more words


Propagating Basil

With the death of #3,  I felt the need to have more basil plants.  Plus i read somewhere that pruning basil will let the plant grow fuller, healthier leaves. 21 more words


Propagating succulents

I have been reading a bit on how to propagate succulents. I think that the more I can learn about propagating any plants, the more money I will be able to save because I won’t have to spend quite so much at the nursery. 293 more words


Feeling seedy

My eldest son (aka Big A), is participating in the ACT Carbon Challenge along with others at his school.  And he is totally into the program.   571 more words


A pot of Oregano on the garden table is scenting the air thanks to a bee disturbing the leaves and flowers whilst rummaging around for pollen. 383 more words

Cut Flower Gardening