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Feeling seedy

My eldest son (aka Big A), is participating in the ACT Carbon Challenge along with others at his school.  And he is totally into the program.   571 more words



A pot of Oregano on the garden table is scenting the air thanks to a bee disturbing the leaves and flowers whilst rummaging around for pollen. 383 more words

Cut Flower Gardening

Propagating part 3

So this is the current status of my diy propagation. The lavender died. Rosemary is going well. Diy greenhouse working well.

diy greenhouse has been joined by seed raisers ($2.50 from Kmart) who are propagating: Fuscha, kafir lime, snapdragon, maiden hair fern and seeding lemon seeds


Propagating at home

Propagating part 1

My first attempt at propagating plants. No rooting hormone. Windowsill indoors. Rosemary and lavender sprigs. Diy Humidity container. Adelaide Australia. July 21st 2016.


Workshop - Fruit Tree Grafting with Sally

Good morning gardeners,

Many of you have met my Mum, Sally, and seen her fruitful garden or her home-grown plants at the Organic Corner Store market. 104 more words


Rosemary - Hope Springs Eternal

While the rosemary plant is dying (should i say trying to be saved?),  the cutting i desperately made before all the leaves turned brown is managing to keep somewhat green. 167 more words


» prop·a·gate succulents

I’m no expert when it comes to gardening, but I learned this trick from a friend who does happen to be an expert and I thought I’d share. 191 more words