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‘Autisme als een verzameling persoonlijkheidsstoornissen’

‘Vergis ik mij, mevrouw Roberta, of wordt propanolol vandaag onderzocht als mogelijke behandeling voor een ziekte die ogenschijnlijk ongeneeslijk is?’ ‘Ja, bij autisme’, zei de wetenschapper die wakker schrok.

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August 7th 2014

So I had my oldest daughter down for 4 days from last Friday til this Monday and that was mostly pretty good. But I did have 1 day that was quite hard, due to her going on and on about money, being rich and making it quite clear to me what her carer and Granddad having been feeding to her since I moved down here. 1,258 more words


Medicines: Propanolol and Epilim

Through the journey to resolve my current Neurological distresses I have been trialling treatments with my RPH Neurology team. Some have been disasters, like… 609 more words


When it all seems too easy

Yesterday I visited the Team.

-Enter the Leo’s and Connor

I have not been coping with the severity of my migraines these past two weeks. 423 more words


Propanolol, Medicating PTSD

What can happen to your physical self, when it undergoes repetitive stress, is that your stress hormones begin to overreact. If you suffer from this, and feel even a little bit of frustration, your cortisol can shoot up inappropriately, causing your adrenaline to kick in, and give you that flight or fight panic. 296 more words

Seroquel day 10

Well, hello everyone! I just started this blog yesterday and the response overnight is a good kind of overwhelming. I’m so relieved to know that I’m not alone. 413 more words

Treatment Lesson #2: Signs of Impending Doom Change with Treatment

Yesterday, I noticed my heart rate was pretty touchy in response to posture changes compared to normal. In fact, my resting tachycardia had been getting progressively worse over the previous few days, and it seemed my heart was now stepping up its game by increasing my upright tachycardia as well. 1,307 more words