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Nervous Nelly.

I wanted to record this for the sake of remembering it next year.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble riding to work and back — I’ve had to stop inside of Starbucks, other places, to rest for a bit, and have considered hailing taxis or going on buses.   221 more words

Still Jobbin', Propanolol.

Having to look for a job is full-time stress.  I’ve been fairly stressed out for the last four-or-five weeks, and it’s been basically non-stop.  Clonaz has worked pretty well.   122 more words

Heart Throb Update

Okay, not a heart throb per se, but an update on my inadequate ticker….You can recall our last set of adventures here. Once I finally stopped itching from the Holter monitor and three weeks had gone by with no measurable change except my blood pressure tending downward as my weight tends upward, I visited the cardiologist once again. 597 more words

EDS Patient Game