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Still Jobbin', Propanolol.

Having to look for a job is full-time stress.  I’ve been fairly stressed out for the last four-or-five weeks, and it’s been basically non-stop.  Clonaz has worked pretty well.   122 more words

Heart Throb Update

Okay, not a heart throb per se, but an update on my inadequate ticker….You can recall our last set of adventures here. Once I finally stopped itching from the Holter monitor and three weeks had gone by with no measurable change except my blood pressure tending downward as my weight tends upward, I visited the cardiologist once again. 597 more words

EDS Patient Game

Medication & Me : Beta-blockers & Anxiety

Today an article was published by the Daily Mail about the use of beta blockers to treat anxiety. As someone who recently started using Propanolol, I felt compelled to make a response. 965 more words


Rock Bottom & Beyond

Just under a year ago, I made the decision to stop taking medication for my depression and anxiety. I didn’t feel that bad and I was bombarded with “mind over matter” messages, often in the form of those motivational posts you see on Facebook (and usually shared by that friend you have who preaches about the merits of organic food and yoga, but who is a total boozehound). 993 more words