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Hair Loss Treatment Programmes

It is important to understand treatment programme results can vary from person to person and no specific result can be suggested or promised. Always take the advice of a professional before starting any hair loss treatment. 626 more words

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About hair loss

The worse part of getting older is joint aches and loss of hair. Chances of getting bald are more if you are a male and your age is more than 45. 285 more words


"My hairline has just started to recede or my hair is starting to thin on the crown."

If you have just noticed your hairline starting to recede (or it’s only been a few years since you started noticing hair loss), then you are still in excellent shape. 564 more words

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Hair-Loss Solutions for the Community

The majority of my blog posts that I have created so far have been very heavy in nature and I wanted to create something a tad bit different.  538 more words

My Life, My Job, My Career: How 10 Simple Truth About Male Menopause And Conquering Its Symptoms. Helped Me Succeed

Andropause Mystery, Unraveling the Truth about Male Menopause and Conquering its Symptoms.

When a man enters the age of forty, he begins to experience the awkward feeling of confusion, split personality and stressfulness. 621 more words


8 Interesting Hair Facts

On average the lifespan of the human hair is approximately 3 to 7 years. Hair that sheds on a daily basis is generally replaced the same day, so keeping around the same amount of hair on the head at any given time. 218 more words

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