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Deconstructing the Monolith of "Transition"

It’s become undeniable that I need to take some significant steps toward breaking down the psychological fortress I’ve established around my cross-gender identification somehow.  I’m starting to cross-dress with a queer look most of the time now.  592 more words


A Full-Haired Person Trapped in A Bald-Haired Body

Nearly everyone agrees humans can be divided into two distinct sexes: full-haired and bald-haired.  Sure, there’s a loony fringe which challenges this concept.  They say that other sexual characteristics such as chromosomes, reproductive organs, and hormones don’t always correspond with people’s hairlines.  849 more words


Ads for Big Pharma

We’ve all seen them – ads for pills that make you feel better, grow hair, stop fungus, cure pain, lose weight, improve eyesight. The list is endless. 210 more words

Big Pharma


The best of all possible things happened today as a group of scientists announced that they’ve finally put an end to male pattern baldness. While drugs like finasteride have had limited success in treating baldness in the past, this new treatment comes with the added benefit of not messing with your junk, thereby not leading to erectile dysfunction and prostrate cancer. 84 more words

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Day 12 Experiences

I wake up at 4:30am. Thirty minutes before my alarm. My head is pounding. It’s much worse than it has been for the past couple of days. 648 more words