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Where Are the Forks?

A bunch of my friends and I lived in the same apartment building – so our parties were pretty awesome.

For whatever reason I can’t remember, I decided to call it a night around 2 a.m. 201 more words

Do I Use an "A", or Do I Use "An"? And Does It Really Matter?

Yes, it really does matter. Especially to whomever is reading your writing.

One of the most common errors I see when reading online comments, stories, blog posts, etc. 297 more words


The uses of illiteracy

Despite the hundreds, in fact thousands, of pieces that I’ve had published, both in print and on the web, I’m under no illusion about the quality of my writing.  287 more words

Print Media is much like Writing a Term Paper

I’ve read some local newspapers and it seems like you are reading a term paper or a white paper.

One example is the Manchester/NH Union Leader. 201 more words

On Writing: Those Pesky Possessives

May 25, 2015

On Writing: Those Pesky Possessives

Awhile back, I helped the ladies of our church proof  a cookbook before sending it to the printer. 489 more words


Where are the Technical Writers?

Engineers make horrible writers.

The best writers know how to write a good story in the form of writing proper directions. Nothing is more annoying than “Enter xxx.xx.xx where “x.x.x.x” is the default IP address.” 157 more words


To Edit or Not to Edit

I belong to an email group for indie writers. Recently the group had a discussion about professional editing and whether or not it is important to hire an editor to review your story. 402 more words

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