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This Bugs The Crap Out of Me!

Does this bother anyone else?  Being an avid reader and now a Writer, I’ve become a bit of a “word snob”.  If I’m reading along and I find errors, I cringe.  223 more words



Normally when it snows here in Colorado Springs, and the sun comes out, the snow is gone by noon the next day. That hasn’t happened this time. 558 more words

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Not everyone talks the same talk to walk the walk with their audience

Let’s cut to the chase

Similar to the evolution of apes to humans, language has also been evolving since the beginning of time. Humans have gone from using gestures and one word sentences to reciting the flowery verses of William Shakespeare to abbreviating words as much as they can in order to get their message across ASAP. 1,240 more words


No, Proper English Grammar and Spelling Is Not ‘Elitist’

Those who say it is can only hurt the very people they claim to be defending.

In an op-ed for the New York Times this past Sunday, columnist Farhad Manjoo urged Twitter users to let up on President Trump’s poor spelling in tweets, arguing that caring about spelling or grammar is “elitist,” and that linguistic propriety was unnecessary on Twitter because the platform’s brevity and immediacy make mistakes inevitable. 32 more words


British and American English: what really came first?

HI guys

Been very busy, busy, busy! Among other things, I have been appointed to the management team of that fantastic Facebook group An Authors Tale… 92 more words


Just because they care about grammar doesn't mean they're racist

My workplace is comprised of a fairly international, interracial workforce. If you’re living in the West, the odds are, yours is too.

I am a foreigner working in England. 274 more words


Text Talk

(Originally posted on 10 July 2016)

One key part of advertising, or of grabbing any form of attention in general, is making the most visible part of a product the most appealing. 1,309 more words