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The 5 Most Common English Language Errors

Think you’ve mastered the English language and can’t be stumped? The truth is that many of us even with a strong grasp on the language will make mistakes regularly in our speech and writing. 857 more words

Common Errors In Writing

Confessions of a Wanker - Book 1, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Based on a true story of a boy’s coming
of age in London’s East End

Chapter 2

Living in Two Worlds

Me best mate Dave lives four houses up on our side, and Danny Silver, who’s a bit of a wanker, lives opposite him.  2,130 more words

Book Chapters

Code Switching

I didn’t become familiar with this term until after creating Th.Ur.Di. I’ve heard of it, but never gave it any thought. I follow NPR’s code switch twitter account, though I never heard the program or interacted with it’s handle. 229 more words

Introspective Analysis

The King’s English

One of the reasons, of course, that English is such a marvelous vehicle for communication and has become omnipresent around the world is that it borrows, often and constantly, from other languages. 629 more words


Bad Grammar? Do Me Care?

OK, I’ve had it with people who misuse pronouns. I’ve vowed many times to stop correcting, but the teacher in me (in I? — ha ha) persists. 384 more words


National Grammar Day

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In honor of National Grammar Day, here is a short lesson for those of you who can’t grasp the English language when it is your first language. 550 more words