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Mrs. Secrist, 5th Grade & the English Language...vs. Mama

Mama was a stickler for correct grammar and clear and concise…nay, precise…annunciation and pronunciation. According to my fifth grade teacher, this was not quite the case. 639 more words

The King’s English

One of the reasons, of course, that English is such a marvelous vehicle for communication and has become omnipresent around the world is that it borrows, often and constantly, from other languages. 629 more words


Bad Grammar? Do Me Care?

OK, I’ve had it with people who misuse pronouns. I’ve vowed many times to stop correcting, but the teacher in me (in I? — ha ha) persists. 384 more words


National Grammar Day

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In honor of National Grammar Day, here is a short lesson for those of you who can’t grasp the English language when it is your first language. 550 more words


Ooh, you talk so proper!

Growing up, my mom was a stickler for speaking correctly.  If you said something like “I ain’t got it,”  she would say right back to you in a puzzled tone, “Ain’t got?!”  and wait for you to say it to her the right way,  which I’d answer, “I don’t have it.”  She told us to use big words, even if we didn’t really know what they meant.  295 more words


Big Words

My favourite word’s ‘ennui’.
Pronounced as something like ‘onwee’ , it means a feeling of dissatisfaction with a state of constant boredom. Ennui was – to cut things very short – the word that encapsulated my whole secondary school life. 490 more words


I Could Care Less???

So this is just a random pet peeve of mine and since this is a site where any thought that comes into my head can be posted I have to say it just irks the hell out of me when I see/hear someone write/say “I could care less” when they are trying to convey how indifferent or how much they… 80 more words