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Ooh, you talk so proper!

Growing up, my mom was a stickler for speaking correctly.  If you said something like “I ain’t got it,”  she would say right back to you in a puzzled tone, “Ain’t got?!”  and wait for you to say it to her the right way,  which I’d answer, “I don’t have it.”  She told us to use big words, even if we didn’t really know what they meant.  295 more words


Big Words

My favourite word’s ‘ennui’.
Pronounced as something like ‘onwee’ , it means a feeling of dissatisfaction with a state of constant boredom. Ennui was – to cut things very short – the word that encapsulated my whole secondary school life. 488 more words


I Could Care Less???

So this is just a random pet peeve of mine and since this is a site where any thought that comes into my head can be posted I have to say it just irks the hell out of me when I see/hear someone write/say “I could care less” when they are trying to convey how indifferent or how much they… 80 more words


Being an "Adult"?

“When did you become an adult?” I asked while sobbing. After more sobbing and talking and more sobbing, I asked her the same question phrased in the exact way again. 485 more words


August 5th - "Talking white", 7 year old banished for not believing in God, dying bees

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August 5th – “Talking white”, 7 year old banished for not believing in God, dying bees

We talked about how we all are constantly told we “talk white”, a 7 year old who was “banished” for not believing in God, and we talked about the dying bees. 44 more words

Fun Topics

Day 87- Speech Rant

Alright, I suppose it is just the writer in me, but it drives me crazy to hear people use words that simply are not words! My chosen gripe for the day is the word, or the lack of a real word, that is irregardless. 582 more words

Where Are the Forks?

A bunch of my friends and I lived in the same apartment building – so our parties were pretty awesome.

For whatever reason I can’t remember, I decided to call it a night around 2 a.m. 201 more words