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Writing Well - Part 8

Typing just key into the Search box makes it easy to browse WordPress blogs like this one.   Here, the button (atop the vertical black bar) reveals widgets like the Search box. 1,190 more words


Grammar Doesn't Matter​. Except When it Does.

Whenever grammar is brought up in a modern context (especially in the context of online communication), it seems to me like there’s a lot of complaining that emerges from the more “grammatically conservative” (for lack of a term that doesn’t sound pretentious as all get out) segment of the population that bemoans the losing battle that grammar rules seem to be fighting against the gradual degradation of the English language into dumbed-down internet vernacular that trades context and grammar rules for simplicity and a sort of bastardized conciseness. 414 more words

The 5 Most Common English Language Errors

Think you’ve mastered the English language and can’t be stumped? The truth is that many of us even with a strong grasp on the language will make mistakes regularly in our speech and writing. 857 more words

Common Errors In Writing

Confessions of a Wanker - Book 1, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Based on a true story of a boy’s coming
of age in London’s East End

Chapter 2

Living in Two Worlds

Me best mate Dave lives four houses up on our side, and Danny Silver, who’s a bit of a wanker, lives opposite him.  2,130 more words

Book Chapters

Code Switching

I didn’t become familiar with this term until after creating Th.Ur.Di. I’ve heard of it, but never gave it any thought. I follow NPR’s code switch twitter account, though I never heard the program or interacted with it’s handle. 229 more words

Introspective Analysis