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Where are the Technical Writers?

Engineers make horrible writers.

The best writers know how to write a good story in the form of writing proper directions. Nothing is more annoying than “Enter xxx.xx.xx where “x.x.x.x” is the default IP address.” 157 more words



i did what i could. now its bcum srs business.

for me… :/


nice touch..


i kept all your replies to remind me of our time together back in 2011

Cat-agory Six

To Edit or Not to Edit

I belong to an email group for indie writers. Recently the group had a discussion about professional editing and whether or not it is important to hire an editor to review your story. 402 more words

Beth M James

Proper English and Good Grammar

Back in the day… the school days that is… spelling, English and grammar were my cup of tea. I still think it has its place; however, it is not as important as reaching people using, if necessary, everyday English and ‘grammese’. 179 more words

From Ferguson To New York: All Lives Matter

“All Lives Matter.” This has to be the chant taken up as I refuse to live my life believing that every police officer I run into is looking for a way to abuse his authority due to the color of my skin. 639 more words

Fhg Studios

Writing advice: Use actual words

Have you ever listened to an interview on the television or radio and wondered whether one of the words they are using is, in fact, a real word?  624 more words


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Had Better Grammar Tips

Does anyone even know the definition of an infinitive? It’s one of the most basic forms of a verb “to be, to have, to hold” are some examples. 230 more words

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