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Derived from two Greek words:

  • “Nomoi” meaning natural laws
  • “Ergon” meaning work
  • Hence, ergonomists study human

capabilities in relationship to work


Ergonomics is the science and the art of fitting the job and the workplace to workers’ needs. 553 more words


How to feel confident in life ???

I think we all need confidence to do almost all the tasks in life.
Facts say there are two kind of tasks.

First for which we need a basic learning and practice due to which our brain learns to do it throughout our life like learning to write alphabets or driving a car. 243 more words

Rejuvenate Present

Folding Gently Into Your Softness

Folding gently into your softness
The crisp linen under your fingers
Textures stacked & rigidly felt
Passion unbounded when it lingers
A treatise written upon the soul… 21 more words


Proper Emailing Etiquette

This is one thing that I am still not master of. Many assume that my generation should be a pro at this but most of us have never even learned the etiquette of note writing – so how can I apply this to a formal email? 153 more words


SEO Marketing: Delivering Content via Proper Distribution Channels

Marketers know that to succeed in content marketing, they need to provide their readers with valuable content. However, as outlined in a Kissmetrics blog post, providing valuable content is just one part of a two-part rule. 83 more words


Proper care can control rusting and help lengthen the life of your appliances. Appliance rusting can be most commonly found where there is a moist climate and salty air ‐‐  such as in the southeastern region of the United States, near the eas… 6 more words