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Tattoo Care – 5 Tips For Proper Aftercare of a New Tattoo

The best advice I can offer on how to properly care for a new tattoo is NOT TO USE LOTION Read More… The post Tattoo Care 5 Tips For Proper Aftercare of a New Tattoo appeared first on digital products reviews.

Bill to ensure proper burial for unclaimed bodies filed at Senate

Senator Grace Poe filed on Thursday a bill that would ensure a proper burial for unclaimed bodies, noting the rise in numbers due

Can you tell?

“The silver tiny earring fell to the floor.” This sentence is grammatically correct.


thoughts on sex

(don’t expect anything prosaic) probably my most bold post because of how taboo sex is and how controversial my views might be (but i’m all about overthrowing social constructs, aren’t i?): 210 more words


Sunshine Coast Audi Service: Proper Care Tips for Your Audi Vehicle

As a car owner, you’ve probably been told by a lot of your fellow Sunshine Coast drivers to replace your engine oil every 3,000 kilometres. This is a pretty common recommendation that most drivers will be wise to oblige, however, not every car is made the same way. 118 more words

New Beauty Tips - Concealer and Liner

I must admit that I’m quite a big fan of new eye techniques and experimenting with color. It wasn’t until recently though that I learned a few new things I find very helpful when it comes to makeup application, and I hope you find it helpful too. 364 more words