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Saskatoon Drain Cleaning: Proper Toilet Management to Avoid Clogs

The toilet is one plumbing fixture in the house that is frequently used. It is flushed several times in a single day and at times, it can get to a point where it could get clogged and overflow. 151 more words

Getting ready for the phone interview! Do & Don'ts!

The most important thing that you can do after changing your image, is to work on your personality and the way you talk. I know that you are reading this, and going “but I have an awesome personality, my friends & mom said so”. 902 more words

5 Rules for Fantastic Looking Floors!

Proper floor care is often perceived as an elusive homeowner activity…

Illinois community gives homeless man proper funeral

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) _ Acquaintances of a homeless man who died in southwestern Illinois are coming together to give him a proper funeral.

The Belleville News-Democrat ( 115 more words


God's Attributes as a Tautology

Divine Simplicity

The true and living God as revealed in the Bible is triune, holy, omniscient, omnipotent, immutable, infinite, invisible, without parts, eternal, possesses all wisdom and knowledge, and many other attributes. 1,672 more words


El Camino Burnout: Turning a solid into a Gas

Had some fun with the old man last weekend and shot this little gem!

Check it out!



Living with Dentures in Greenville, SC: Tips for Proper Maintenance

In the past, missing more than a few teeth is something people would “just have to live with”. Today, however, people in Greenville, SC with missing teeth have a variety of cosmetic dentistry options to choose from. 29 more words