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Part 2: Gaze on God and Imitate What You See

Louis Berkhof makes an interesting comment. He says, “None of the attributes of God are incommunicable in the sense that there is no trace of them found in man.” 1,367 more words

five Dreamy Florida Islands You Can Buy Proper Now

Thursday, February 4, 2016, by Curbed Workers

Ballast Key by way of Globe Property Report
Due to the overflow of eyeballs absorbing East Sister Rock Island, we’;ve decided to broaden our island coverage right here at Curbed since who doesn’;t want to daydream about…

Tips for Moving House: Importance of Proper Packaging During a Move

Many homeowners consider moving to be a tedious task that involves much lifting and packing. Sometimes the job may take up to two days and hence, most people entrust it to moving companies in Toronto or nearby areas. 69 more words

“Aryan” Is the Correct and Proper Name of Our Race

by James Harting

BEFORE 1940 or so, the term “Aryan” and the name “Aryan race” were part of the ordinary vocabulary of every moderately-educated person in the English speaking world. 877 more words


Ode to Rockwood

This is a collage of photos taken when my cousin and I visited Rockwood after our Oma moved out. Their home at Rockwood was a place where we as extended family would gather every year, and that meant a lot to us. 132 more words


Proper Smith

‘for something to be proper it must either belong to something else, or be in full possession of itself.’ – Camelia Elias

I found this quotation in Elias’s 

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