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Snails Bank at the Euston Cider Tap

I’ve been walking round London town, looking at stuff all day – photos and the like, pretending to be cultured. My lungs will be black by now, so I’d best get some antioxidants. 569 more words


Nothing More Beautiful

Nothing more beautiful
Than a kind woman
Domestic Goddess/Warrior


Untouchable Numbers

Let’s start with definition ,

An untouchable number is a positive integer that cannot be expressed as the sum of all the proper divisor of any positive integer (including the untouchable number itself).

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The Importance of Proper SEO Implementation to Your Local Business

One of the important things that you should not forget as a business owner is how important it is to ensure that your brand remains recognizable to local consumers. 91 more words

Choose The Proper Building Materials and Build the Home of Your Dreams

Getting the best prices on your products is not always easy for a contractor. There are many clients with specific requests to have high quality building materials for their homes or whatever project they want done. 77 more words