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Sit Lady-like!

Hey guys! Everyone have a good thursday?

Have you ever been told growing up as a girl to sit more “lady-like”? I know I have always loved to sit comfortably since a kid, keeping my legs apart while sitting on my feet was comfy to me (it still is!) I always thought it was unfair that guys didn’t get in trouble for not sitting a certain way. 68 more words

Time to improve standard of English here

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In my interactions with my fellow Singaporeans, I have come to realise that, by and large, people are adamant about using Singlish and are not accustomed to conversing in proper standard English. 216 more words

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39. Your Heritage 

I AM SO BORING! I’m white and I am mostly English, first generation Australian but my great great grandparents on my Grandmother/mothers side are Irish…On the surface my Heritage is probably what people would call a “basic b*@ch”. 350 more words


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Nothing More Beautiful

Nothing more beautiful

Than a kind woman

Domestic Goddess/Warrior