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Chatham-Kent Should Stay out of Investment Biz

Letter to Editor:

Sir: Chatham-Kent municipal Corporation continues to make taxpayer funded investments that continue to end in taxpayer liability, when continually given evidence not to. 607 more words

Green Energy

Proxyfone Telephone Atticates for Success Business

As communication plays a major role to run an efficient business, therefore, it’s very much important to understand the skill and techniques to make a proper business call. 424 more words


Toward a Better World

According to the organizers of Earth Day: “Education is the key to advocacy and advocacy is the key to change.”  I agree.  Toward that end, allow me to explain why free markets, and in particular secure private property rights, help make the world a better, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly place. 643 more words

On Earth Day, celebrate the environmental benefits of human prosperity

Environmental policy can be depressing. Few activists seemed to have learned the errors of Malthus’ notion of “overpopulation.” No, humans are a “cancer.” Rather than accepting that we are a part of nature, the claim persists that there’s some elusive equilibrium that would exist if we didn’t. 499 more words

US Food Security and Farmers’ Livelihoods at Stake in “Waters of the US” Rule Rewrite

Guest Commentary

By Lawrence A. Kogan*

For decades, federal agencies have incrementally extended their control over agricultural lands by expanding the definition of “waters of the US” (WOTUS) under the… 2,114 more words

Regulation Of Free Enterprise

Will Property Rights Control the Future of Telecommunications Infrastructure?

(TNS) — The battle between infrastructure needed for fast digital service and property rights may soon come to communities across Palm Beach County. Right now, it’s… 594 more words


Pensions before politics!

It must be odd to hear your job is up for grabs in six weeks time. Even with a 10,000 majority, Richard Harrington MP – our Pensions Minister –  must have been a little flustered by the announcement from his boss of a snap election on June 6th. 392 more words