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Debate over Agrihood vs. restoration of Ahwatukee golf course (AZ)

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

In one large-scale homeowners association in Arizona’s desert, there’s a contentious debate over whether or not the defunct Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course and Country Club can be redeveloped as an Agrihood. 1,540 more words


Old Chest, New Woman

In Rose Standish Nichols’ bedroom, positioned at the end of her bed, is a seventeenth century English dowry chest. In 1910, the Nichols family acquired this chest from the company “John Wilson & Son” while abroad in England. 783 more words

Should Stupid People Be Allowed to Vote? Locke, pt. 1

Should Stupid People Be Allowed to Vote? Locke, pt. 1

To understand political power right, and derive it from its original, we must consider, what state all men are naturally in, and that is, a state of perfect freedom to order their actions, and dispose of their possessions and persons, as they think fit, within the bounds of the law of nature, without asking leave, or depending upon the will of any other man. 1,766 more words



Shrikes seem to be fairly common where I live. That’s the northern shrike (Lánius excúbitar), one of two species found in North America. 512 more words


A proper perspective

In the desert, access to water can mean life or death.  Not just enough water to drink, but enough to grow and sustain crops and livestock.   648 more words


Helping the homeless, in high school and college

For Sam Greenberg ’14, the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter was the place where he felt truly comfortable.

This was in large part because he had started volunteering at the shelter before he even came to Harvard. 1,325 more words

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