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on fighting and losing

I am among those who believe¬†Kelo v. City of New London was a travesty, a clearly unjust decision based on a warped conception of what constitutes a “public purpose.” The notion that a city’s hope to increase tax revenues constitutes a “public purpose” for which a government can seize private property is a tortured definition. 111 more words


Invasion of McMansions in Kirkwood, Missouri

Teardown McMansions have infiltrated an older neighborhood in a well-off St. Louis suburb:

Residents said not only are smaller historic homes getting wiped out in the process, but the large houses are causing problems for some of their next-door neighbors…

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Mining Company and EPA Agree to Cleanup Residential Properties

Mining company Doe Run Resources and EPA submitted a Consent Decree to a federal court in Missouri that requires Doe Run to address lead contamination at over 4,000 residential properties in St. 250 more words