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The cost of sharing

A popular idiom in Western culture is that possession is 9 / 10ths of the law. While this may hold true for disputing civil or domestic suits about who gets to keep the kettle in divorce proceedings, there is one notable exception: land. 1,068 more words


Sharing Apps and Market Benefits

Transaction costs prevent lots of trades. So many that we often aren’t aware of their potentiality. Michael Munger asserts that transaction costs are so prohibitive that we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff that we could otherwise do without. 1,269 more words


Supreme Court Deals Blow to Property Rights, by Eric Boehm

Constitutionally protected property rights have been shrinking since at least FDR. From Eric Boehm at reason.com:

When governments issue regulations that undermine the value of property, bureaucrats don’t necessarily have to compensate property holders, the Supreme Court ruled Friday. 240 more words


SCOTUS Decision: Murr v. Wisconsin

Today the US Supreme Court handed down their decision in Murr v. Wisconsin. In a 5-3 vote (Justice Kennedy writing for the majority, Justice Gorsuch not participating), the Court determined that there was no regulatory taking in this case. 933 more words


Niagara Wind Open House

On Thursday, June 15, 2017  Niagara Wind held an open house to celebrate the inauguration of its 77 industrial (3MW Enercon) wind turbine project located in West Lincoln, Haldimand and Niagara region.   2,644 more words

Adverse Health Effects

Forestland rights institutions and forest management of Vietnamese households


This article aims to unbundle the influence of prevailing forestland rights institutions on the forest management behaviours of Vietnamese households.

Based on a sample of 398 observations, we investigate the impact of two dimensions of forestland rights institutions (i.e. 218 more words