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10 Friends Episodes That Would Never Happen If the Show Premiered Today

Thirteen years after Friends‘ original debut — on Sept. 22, 1994 — the show still holds up — but some of its storylines haven’t quite stood the test of time. 1,012 more words


Is Taxation Theft?

Philip Goff presents a strong argument published on Aeon as to why taxation is not theft, primarily because it is based on false assumptions about the morality of property ownership. 71 more words


Who should pay for scenic rivers: the public that enjoys them or a handful of property owners?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many questioned whether the city’s lack of formal zoning and recent growth were responsible for the extent of flooding. Impervious surfaces, like the concrete and asphalt ubiquitous in cities, soak up less water than plants, earth, and wetlands. 718 more words

Libertarian Environmentalism

About this blog... Is Miami doomed?

Is Miami Beach Doomed?    Are all Sea Level Cities Doomed?

For every person who says climate change does not exist, there is another person that says most low laying coastal areas are doomed.   382 more words


Secretary Zinke recommends modifying ten national monuments

After an intense, months-long review of national monuments, Secretary Zinke delivered his report with recommendations to the President on August 24th. Today, screenshots of that… 841 more words

Libertarian Environmentalism

"My Circuits Gleam": A Fourth Amendment Query

A legal question for Fourth Amendment lawyers out there:

It’s settled law that if you’re in a Terry stop, you have a duty to comply with the orders of the officer who stops you. 562 more words

Rockhill HOA orders homeowners to remove child's playhouse from backyard

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Here we go again. Another HOA dispute over a child’s playhouse. Rockhill HOA, Blue Springs, Missouri, insists that the charming pink structure, tucked away in the back yard of the Goolsby family, must be removed. 1,031 more words