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Questions Liberals Can’t Answer
John Hawkins – Townhall

If people in the middle class aren’t willing to pay enough in taxes to cover the government services that they use because they don’t think it’s worth the money, shouldn’t we prune back government to a level people do feel comfortable paying for in taxes?


World Wildlife F&*$-up.

There is currently an advertisement on television (May 2015, here’s an older one) produced by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) about the diminishing tiger populations. 669 more words


Report on the 2015 West Virginia Legislature

Lawless Lawmen – Sell-Outs – Vetoes

Presented by Denzil W. Sloan

After their the crushing defeat in the election, Democrats seemed rather cowed except for gubernatorial candidate Senator Kessler who was in a belligerent mood throughout the session. 2,204 more words

West Virginia Legislature

Comparing Homeowners' Associations to Local Government: Division of Power and Due Process

This blog series – Are Homeowner and Condo Associations “Mini-Governments?”– will compare the typical governance structure of HOAs (using the term generically) to our local governments, as guided by the principles of our Constitutional Republic. 612 more words


Minimum Wage

Questions Liberals Can’t Answer
John Hawkins – Townhall

A minimum wage raises salaries for some workers at the cost of putting other workers out of jobs entirely. 25 more words


We can't all be kings with the right to cake

Last week a judge in Northern Ireland ruled that a “Christian-run bakery” discriminated against a gay customer by refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan. 1,378 more words


You need to know - What is a tenancy at will?

A tenancy at will (also known as an estate at will) is a nonfreehold estate where the tenant has possession of the property by agreement with the landlord but has no specific time limit for the tenancy… 38 more words