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Ronald Reagan’s Abortion & Property Rights Argument

What did the Gipper think about abortion. He did a radio address on abortion — he did only one — and It was interesting for a few reasons. 892 more words


Cruz, Rubio and Romney

Question du jour:

Is it not unusual that the three most vocal critics quoted by the propaganda media complex of President Trump have Hispanic heritage and are establishment Republicans?


Protesters Block Turbine Sites

Protesters blocked the entrances to three wind turbine construction sites near Chatham Thursday morning.  Five families are now reporting dirty water in their wells after pile driving for the construction of industrial wind turbines began. 95 more words


Can property rights fight forest fires and facilitate conservation?

Forests have long been hotspots (pardon the pun) for environmental conflict because so much of their use is determined politically. In the United States, for instance, many economic uses of forests cannot proceed until running the gamut of environmental study, permitting, and litigation. 511 more words

Libertarian Environmentalism

CNN: Hunter says killing rhinos will help save species

While pretty controversial, this CNN clip does a great job of introducing the idea of property rights for endangered species.

Externalities And Public Goods

Because Protecting the Environment Is Important, Capitalism Should Play a Bigger Role

Over the years, I’ve had fun mocking the silly extremism of the environmental movement.

Free Markets

Public need all the facts on well water

Aug 14 • Letters to the Editor •
Sir: Mayor Hope, you and Chatham-Kent council are playing a game. A very dangerous game that is affecting the life style as well as the very livelihood of some of your constituents. 891 more words