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Tax Lessons from Marilyn Monroe

We all know Marilyn Monroe. Sex symbol, actress, singing happy birthday to JFK, Some Like It Hot, and … Snickers pitch woman?

So, her heirs must be thrilled, right? 592 more words

Marilyn Monroe

Private Property Rights vs Environmental Feudalism

We have seen, especially over the last 40 years, a determined assault on private property rights. It is not coincidental that the passing of the Endangered Species Act marks the beginning of this period. 997 more words


Urban Farmers Targeted By City, Issued Multiple Threats After Property Was Vandalized

Source: TheDailySheeple
via: NaturalNews.com
Claire Bernish
July 26, 2016

Southeast Oklahoma City residents Charles and Julie Henry face a blatantly unconstitutional invasion of their rights thanks to a stifling change to a city ordinance making vandalism to their property essentially a crime — by them. 662 more words


Horse Slaughter threatens property rights of owners

HOUSTON, Texas (November 9, 2006) — Horses obtained through theft, fraud, and at auctions by killer buyers result in horses never intended for slaughter routinely ending up at the nation’s three horse slaughter plants where they are butchered for human consumption overseas. 679 more words

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J.F.K. ~ Best Speech a U.S. President Ever Gave

Best Speech a U.S. President Ever Gave

{Thanks to WorldBEYONDWar.org for binging our attention to this. …And to David Swanson for the writing/posting.}

In planning an… 2,422 more words

LAND And What All Effects It.

Intellectual Property- Protecting organizations or individuals patents and proprietary processes

n the modern business world, intellectual property has emerged an asset in itself. Registering intellectual property (IP) and protecting it has become a burgeoning market – thanks to the price IP can now command during partnerships, mergers, and takeovers. 611 more words