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Protecting Assets and Maximizing Tax Efficiencies Through Estate Planning

Regardless of the size of the property in question and industry conditions, real estate is a major investment. Thus, asset acquisition requires efficient planning to ensure positive results and minimize inherent risks. 223 more words

Super and property - developing your house block in your super fund

Can you do it? What are the dangers?

A question commonly asked by SMSF trustees / members is if they can use their super fund to develop and sell property or to carry on a business (whether of ‘property development’ or otherwise). 1,377 more words

Common (but Not Too Common) Questions

Is It Liberating Or Theft?

A coworker was talking about a theft that happened recently.  He didn’t know the exact time of the theft, but he knew it within a ten-hour period.   374 more words

Quantum Identity

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Before some days I read about a quantum experiment. Scientists were able to separate a particle from it’s properties and send the particle via one route and the property via another route till they merged at some point again. 469 more words


Do it Yourself

I’ve always been keen on upcycling. Seeing the finished product of something you’ve worked on is a different feeling to something you’ve bought that someone else has put work into. 184 more words


Let's see how this goes shall we!?

So I have decided to start writing a blog. I am sure that many have poured for hours over their opening post, I have thought about it for a while but I’ve decided that rather than spend hours editing my writing and ultimately it not sounding authentic, that I will just write and see what comes of it. 213 more words



This is my very first post in this new blog.

The reason I’ve created this blog is because I have such a passion for history, especially the history of buildings as I believe that once you look beyond the bricks and mortar and examine the previous inhabitants or role of the building then you can uncover so many hidden historical gems! 91 more words