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The Thief of Time

Do you have an issue with procrastination?  Do you often put off until tomorrow what could be done today?  Is there a particular area in your life that you constantly procrastinate on? 238 more words

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Legal Boundaries: Why titles matter

You have just moved into your new home and your neighbour knocks on your door. They say that your garage is two metres into their boundary, and that they need this space to widen their driveway. 637 more words

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The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 Scrapbook

It has been a busy time for land reform recently, in terms of legislation and electioneering. It has also been a busy time for me, in terms of writing and conferencing, not to mention the day job. 1,295 more words

Land Reform

Why NOW may be the best time to buy property

(Source: www.99.co)

Property prices have fallen across the board, but home owners still aren’t biting. In some cases, this is an effect of a weak economy, and rising interest rates. 1,139 more words

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Why PM won't heed Jap PM's tots

Foreword: Chris K (A S’porean FT living in Japan) commented on Facebook on this piece. I’ve worked his comments into the original piece and added some background info. 629 more words


This is me, that is mine…

What appears as “the self” is actually a property relationship.