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Earth 2.0

NASA’s Kepler mission has confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone” around a sun-like star. This discovery and the introduction of 11 other new small habitable zone candidate planets mark another milestone in the journey to finding another “Earth.” 

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Features of the Last Days

Many Christians believe that we are living in what the bible calls the “end times” or “last days”. One reason, is that Jesus warned us to be in constant expectation of his return: 2,366 more words


Book Chat: When Prophecy Fails

When Prophecy Fails: A social and psychological study of a modern group that predicted the destruction of the world

Leon Festinger / Henry W. Riecken / Stanley Schachter… 285 more words


Our Marriage To Christ: Dwelling With Him Throughout Eternity...

Revelation 19:7 – “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.” 16 more words


SIGNS OF THE TIMES - An Account Of The Inquisition

We, the modern day church, are woefully ignorant of the violent and persecuting history of the Roman Catholic Church against born again Christians.  It’s time for us to learn. 847 more words


Tisha b'Av: The Third Holy Temple Plans Have Begun!

Today, on the Fast of Av, Jews throughout the world mourn the destruction of the two Holy Temples of Jerusalem and pray for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.

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