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Greece Is Likely Just The Beginning

I’m no economist but I am very interested in the big picture. A lot of people who are economists are painting a picture of the direction the world economy is going and it does not look good. 1,092 more words


Egypt, a Place of Bondage

….And He brought them forth (out of Egypt) with silver and gold, and there was not one sick person among their tribes (Psalm 105:37)(emphasis mine) 890 more words


The Doctrine of the House

I put together several scriptures and a few comments hoping to illustrate what I’ve named “The Doctrine of the House”. It basically uncovers some of what the Bible teaches about the Temple of God, the house built without hands, which IS your body. 5,814 more words


Red Sun

Last nights Sunset was nothing short of amazing.  The sun was a huge red ball, the clouds above were orange to yellow and there was an amazing zig-zag pattern just above this. 138 more words

What is the Prophetic Meaning of the Bethlehem Star?

This week, stargazers were treated to a rare and beautiful planetary alignment, possibly the same one that beckoned to magi seeking the Christ child some 2000 years ago. 301 more words


Will God Judge America? (Part 5)

Let’s study an example of the early Jerusalem church.

Jesus prophesied a Death Warrant for Jerusalem in 30 A.D. 

The early Jerusalem church reacted to His prophecy by preaching and living the gospel of the kingdom of God.

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