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He used to keep himself busy serving his family

Many men think that housework is beneath them, and some of them think that it will undermine their status and position if they help their wives with this work. 1,133 more words

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The Profound Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)

“I have been given words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning”
Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.)

Many people these days wonder what the teachings of Islam are; what better way to find out than to turn to the words of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh himself? 1,774 more words

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Broken Bowls and Flowing Tears: Prophet Muhammad as Husband Extraordinaire!

Recently, the global Muslim blogosphere went on the usual defensive, as news of a “Muslim” media professional beheading his wife in a murderous rage did the rounds of all major news websites. 1,823 more words

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Generosity Towards Non-Muslim Neighbours

The Muslim who understands the teachings of his religion hastens to treat his neighbour in the best way he can. Nothing is too insignificant when it comes to respecting his neighbour, as some ignorant people think – they may think something is too small to be worth giving as a gift to a neighbour, so they refrain from giving it, thus depriving themselves and their neighbours of much goodness. 1,066 more words

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The humbleness of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

One of the critics most famous tactics to defame Islam is to defame and discredit the character of the Prophet Muhammad. Their charges are numerous; from lecher to pedophile to mass-murderer to even being labeled a narcissist. 3,134 more words

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The Prophet’s Way of Correcting People’s Mistakes

We live in an age where judging others has become the norm and mocking people for their mistakes has become a huge pastime. While some of us might do it unintentionally, others might fall into this out of ignorance or even arrogance. 1,134 more words

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Imams Unite To Defend the Prophet peace be upon him

To Defend Our Beloved Prophet, Let Us Exemplify His True Ideals Say Imams

Following the shocking murders in Paris, condemned by Muslims all over the world, and subsequent moves to depict the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once again, Imams from the UK and abroad have come together to issue the following advice to those concerned about the depiction. 1,196 more words

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