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Crustless Quiche

So as you can probably tell today I have spent the morning digging out some of my favourite Weight Watchers recipes, foods that are tasty, filling and made from good wholesome ingredients… 280 more words

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Chicken Chow Fakeaway

My husband and I used to love our weekend takeaways but as we have lost 80lbs between us while following Weight Watchers something had to give, and our regular takeaways are now mostly FAKEAWAYS   153 more words

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0pp Jam

I have heard so many people talk about 0pp Jam during my 15 years as a Weight Watchers member but as I am not the most adventurous cook, I had never gotten around to trying it myself & honestly it couldn’t be more simple… 141 more words

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Crispy Spicy Breaded Chicken with Chunky Fries, Corn & Homemade 'Slaw

Serves 4 at 13pps per serving or only 1pp per serving on Filling & Healthy,  this is a massive portion, I couldn’t even finish it to be fair! 192 more words


Week 2 complete!

Just been to my weight watchers meeting,  and sadly I put on a pound :-( Gutted, but was sadly expecting it after Tuesdays events! I’m not letting 1 day ruin my dream of becoming slim and healthy though, I’m not back at square one which is a little possitive thought to come out of such a rubbish and shameful week. 45 more words

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Week 1 complete!

I lost 3 pounds (1.4kg)! Im really happy with that, since I had 2 occasions where we ate out!

I used all of my points this week, plus all of my weekly points too. 49 more words

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In love with weight watchers!

Ok, so I’ve only been doing the ‘diet ‘ for 5 days, but in those 5 days I’ve fallen well and truly in love with the plan!   98 more words

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