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Ernährungsplan Woche 1


  • Griechischer Joghurt mit 40g Schokoladenmüsli, dazu eine Banane und Detoxtee
  • 50g Reis mit 120g Putenbrust mit Bratensoße, dazu einen Apfel und Zitronen-Wasser
  • 2 Scheiben Vollkornbrot mit Frischkäse und Schinken, dazu Möhren…
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McDonalds Menu

Ba da ba ba ba I’m Lovin’ it. Have I got a treat for you! The Complete McDonalds Menu in Propoints format. No way! I’m way too good to ye! 50 more words



Montagmorgen, der Gang auf die Waage…78,0 Kg. Das Höchstgewicht ist erreicht und die Stimmung im Keller. Ich könnte heulen, aber irgendwie auch nicht. Wann ich das letzte Mal fröhlich auf die Waage gegangen bin, vielleicht vor 2-3 Jahren. 139 more words


Luxuriously Creamy Chicken & Chorizo Tagliatelle

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog you’ve undoubtedly seen & hopefully tried my Gorgeous Chicken & Chorizo Risotto Recipe. Well the origins of that little tasty number lie here, I have made this dish a thousand times it is without doubt my most favourite invention ever & I adapted these particular flavours to fit around my popular risotto dish but the pasta version wins out every time. 481 more words


Ode to the Haggis

Being back in Scotland has many advantages. I feel very happy to be home on most counts. The only real drawback is the weather. As I mentioned before, it’s all the little things from home that you miss,  and I’ve settled back in well, enjoying all of those things and appreciating them. 526 more words

Life Journey

Day off plan....

Today marks my 6th weigh in on weight watchers. 11lbs lost in that time which I am really pleased with.

Yesterday I arranged to meet one of my best friends for drinks so made the decision to weigh in a day early (Monday) and have all of Tuesday ‘off plan’ 125 more words

Light & Healthy Baked Cod with a Crispy Pesto Crumb Served with a Fresh Summery Ratatouille & Lemon & Thyme Crushed New Potatoes

All of Summers Colourful Bounties Brought Together in one Dish! Beautifully Flavoured Cod Fillet Crispy & Warm served with Gorgeous Soft Fresh Vegetable Ratatouille & a Side of Crunchy Crispy Crushed Golden Potatoes you can’t ask for any more than that! 408 more words