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Breakfast Pizza

Forgive me for the lateness of Today’s Breakfast post but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth the wait. Mealtimes aren’t guaranteed when you have Smallies in the House! 205 more words


Gloriously Tacky Taco Fries for a Saturday Night

What more can I say! Sometimes you just crave tacky junk food akin to the type you might buy out of the side of a chipper van at 3am after a few shandys, a guilty little treat. 329 more words


WW Meal Plan - 26.05.15 - 01.06.15

Hi guys,

Feels like forever since I did a food plan for you to read. I will be pointing this week (I have 34 daily and 49 weekly). 560 more words

Meal Plans

Comforting Hot Buttery Toast with Panfried Mushrooms & Thyme

Sometimes you just can’t beat Comforting Hot Buttery Toast! I served mine with simple pan fried Mushrooms Seasoned with Salt, Pepper & Fresh Thyme. Mine was 5pp cos I didn’t happen to have calorie controlled bread (sometimes the real deal is nicer!) Bread 4pp, 2 tsps Reduced Fat Butter 1pp & Mushrooms Free! 40 more words


Fabulously tasty Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Paella is a gorgeous Valencian dish that is popular all over Spain. There are many versions with prawn & seafood versions popular too. An easy one pan filling rice dish that is packed with amazing flavours. 265 more words


Return to Blogging/Change of Plan

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone’s around to carry on reading posts, but I’m here! Sorry for the prolonged absence. As you know I was going through a very difficult few months and I just felt totally overwhelmed. 400 more words

Weight Loss

Cheats Dreamy Creamy Ooey Gooey Banoffee Pie

*repost from fb blog * So I just had this after my chilli wrap and it was soooo delicious, I think I need a little lie down now! 43 more words