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Forest Of Fern

everything rests
proportion’s perception


Towering Flowers

above the moss
sedum skyscrapers


Feeling Good

The pit of yearning

Maybe, can never be filled.

Like literal hunger,

It only eases for a while.

What kind of fuel

Feeds our happiness best? 72 more words


Design Blitz in France

This summer, I chose to study abroad in France. Yesterday, I walked around town and explored French culture. I took some photos of ads and signs that I found appealing to the eye in terms of graphic design. 652 more words

Part 4 Project 2 exercise 1 - form

In the absence of people to draw for the first part (I’ll come back to it), I’ve made a start on Part 2 and since I’m not going to use nude models but still need to find anatomical form that isn’t hidden by clothing, I’ve searched online for images of dancers and gymnasts. 335 more words


Paul Valéry quote : "Proportion must act...

La proportion doit agir sans se montrer.

Proportion must act without showing up.

Paul Valéry


~Color Reflection~

For this picture, I took a picture of a lot of different glass blotter. Then I copied the picture onto another piece of paper and I then used water color to paint the picture. 184 more words