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Round Top

I recently completed the green-carving stage of a walnut bowl.  This log was twenty-seven inches long with heartwood about fifteen inches wide.  I wanted the rim of the bowl to sweep gently downward from the handles to the middle. 443 more words

Find Your Eating Lifestyle

This article speaks to me so much. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day calorie counting and restriction. Sometimes I forget to view food for the energy provider that it is. 104 more words


Drawing People

by Michael Lochlann

If you are drawing or painting people:

Get the proportions right before you do anything else.

Do not shade.  Do not ink. Do not go over your lines.   316 more words


All Great Things Happen Twice

An electroluminescent green pyramid floating
across the void of interstellar space: that was how
she occurred to him, whenever he thought of her,
in those nescient in-between times, those vague vagaries… 287 more words

Ratios, ordered pairs versus points, proportional relationships, and proportions

My NCTM talk last Friday (April 17, 2015) generated quite a bit of social media discussion. I had a Twitter discussion with Bowen Kerins and Bill McCallum that was very interesting, but I thought there were a few (twitter-induced?) misunderstandings that I’d like to clear up. 1,404 more words

Scott Baldridge

Robot Sketch

Last week I started to learn 3D modeling using Maya. Right now, I am learning how to model by building a robot. This is the sketch:


How To Style Proportions 4/10/15

Woooooooow…. so I’m finally doing a Discussion Friday. Now if you don’t recall, I said I wanted these to be more about fashion and bit more like helpful to you guys so I’m finally doing one that I’ve planned to do weeks ago and even had notes on but I just never got around to typing it all up. 568 more words