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White Oak Bowl -- Layout

This past winter I made a couple rocking chairs from white oak.  An extra bolt from the white oak log had been sitting around since then, and I decided to carve a bowl from it.   527 more words

Cupcakes and Calculations

I love baking cupcakes.

Every person I know gets cupcakes on their birthday; a carefully crafted work of art and yumminess. The best part is not even the cupcake, but the frosting. 250 more words


Let’s start at the very beginning...a very good place to start...

Okay so,  where to actually start? Do you just crack on with it or should you build a foundation to your drawing skills first? A good place to start is by learning basic proportions. 1,092 more words


Graphing Ratios and Proportions

Last week, some colleagues and I were pondering the difficulties many middle school students have solving ratio and proportion problems.  Here are a few thoughts we developed to address this and what we think might be an uncommon graphical extension (for most) as a different way to solve. 892 more words


Charles Bargue Method Portraits

Let’s be honest, portraits are difficult. The key is really in the proportions and training yourself to draw what you see…as in form, light, and shadow. 44 more words


Free Realistic avatar kit updated, now also with tools for kids

As soon as I rezzed my first prim an realised it was 50 by 50 by 50 centimeters, I realised I could use this scale to make things but to also make my avatar the same height as I am in real life. 458 more words


the seagram reflection

If I was a better photographer I probably could’ve captured the reflection better, but do you see how nicely the arched windows from the building across the street are reflected in this building’s entrance? 29 more words