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By Hand and Eye: The New Website

Here are two of the most important tools in my shop, other than my hands and eyes.  The uses of a compass extend far beyond striking circles.   195 more words

A Tale of Preplexing Proportions

A Tale of Perplexing Proportions

By Aplabw

I am a cockamamie,

Kumquat, 58 more words


Sheldon’s Compound Proportions


Here’s another one of those delightful conceptions from one of my old texts, this one dated 1886. It addresses simple and compound proportions. I want to note that compound proportion is presented in many of the other texts in my collection, yet this topic seems non-existent in today’s math curriculum. 1,278 more words

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Augustine and the Vitruvian Man (renaissance jump-jam)

After looking through my drafts, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stop introducing my posts with the word ‘So’. This will be a concerted effort to avoid the word (it won’t end well). 1,154 more words


Heads, hands, and consciousness arose in ever more rapid succession

“Like a sixty-year-old person on actuarial charts, the habitable Earth is three-quarters of the way through its calculated life expectancy. Earth is about 4.57 billion years old, and the laws of stellar physics tell of another billion years before the sun expands to the point that it bakes the possibility for life off the planet. 189 more words


How to Wear The Oversized look

“My tip for nailing the oversized look: show a little skin. A glimpse of an ankle or a
shoulder is going to play up the oversized proportions.” … 25 more words