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Conquering Proportions, Part 2

In my first “Conquering Proportions” post, I showed how to save time by canceling terms horizontally as well as vertically. In this post you’ll learn how to save even more time with another shortcut. 405 more words


Nightstand Design-Part 3

In my last post I finished up with a front elevation for the nightstand and a promised to explain how I arrived at the final decorative details.   280 more words


Nightstand Design-Part 2

I ended my last post with a final sketch that was ready for refining into a workable design.  Before I go into the next stage I want to talk a little bit about proportions. 821 more words


Nightstand Design-Part 1

In a recent post, OK rant, I addressed a complaint that Mr. Sellers does not go into enough detail as to the design of projects. Like I said in that previous post, design is not part of his promised package. 941 more words


Worksheet of the Week: Proportions and Rates

Max knows how pesky it can be to tackle proportions and rate problems. To help you with your own math adventures in school, he designed 20 special questions focused on these topics. 41 more words

Worksheet Of The Week

The Code

Looking for something to put me to sleep, I came across a mathematical documentary on Netflix entitled The Code. It is a BBC documentary produced in 2011 and I was pretty sure this would be the trick for my insomnia. 273 more words

By Hand And Eye

Similar Triangles

In triangle , and . Side is extended to point so that triangle is similar to triangle . What is ?

Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher, November 2006… 38 more words

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