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Tables and Seating in Hillbilly Proportions

I’m a big fan of designing my projects based upon proportions.  Not that I have an issue with a dimensional approach, I just find proportions give me a framework within to work.   1,144 more words


By Hand and Eye: The New Website

Here are two of the most important tools in my shop, other than my hands and eyes.  The uses of a compass extend far beyond striking circles.   195 more words

A Tale of Preplexing Proportions

A Tale of Perplexing Proportions

By Aplabw

I am a cockamamie,

Kumquat, 58 more words


Sheldon’s Compound Proportions


Here’s another one of those delightful conceptions from one of my old texts, this one dated 1886. It addresses simple and compound proportions. I want to note that compound proportion is presented in many of the other texts in my collection, yet this topic seems non-existent in today’s math curriculum. 1,278 more words

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Little in the Middle

My intentions are totally not to wait this long between posts, but I must admit, there is a bit of a learning curve when doing anything new. 470 more words

Augustine and the Vitruvian Man (renaissance jump-jam)

After looking through my drafts, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stop introducing my posts with the word ‘So’. This will be a concerted effort to avoid the word (it won’t end well). 1,154 more words