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A Bird in the Hand

I’ll be thrilled one day if I ever convince a chickadee to eat from my hand.  Until then, this little guy will have to do.  I carved him from a small maple crook, and learned the difficulties of carving small.  186 more words

Process - Week 5

For Week 5, we started on prototype making.

We are seeking to achieve a look-like prototype and not so much a functional.

In order to move on to function from form, we needed a strong foundation of research on materials so that we are able to efficiently use the materials and lower production cost during our process of making by reducing the amount of unsuitable, unnecessary and unproductive materials. 212 more words

Another Studio Sketch

Now and then I make a sketch of my studio. It’s messy enough to be interesting. Today I found that I am getting better at placing my shapes in the frame and estimating proportions properly. 37 more words

Personal Stories

A figure in brown crayon

One more Betty Edwards exercise tonight. This one was copying somebody else’s picture again, an Alphonse Legros. The assignment was to work with cross-hatching with a reddish-brown crayon. 72 more words

Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain

Learning from Fred Astaire

Seeing this ale bowl basking in the sun, my wife asked my daughter what she thought of the new dragon bowl.  Emma replied, “What dragon… 389 more words