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Does the distorted way in which I see myself, as well as my disconnection from my body, influence the way I draw?

Kid Gothic

Kanngiesser on children's application of the merit principle

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Kanngiesser, P., & Warneken, F. (2012). Young Children Consider Merit when Sharing Resources with Others. PLoS ONE, 7(8).

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A Sense Of Justice

Understanding Planes

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Aahana S, Chandni G

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Pranjali G

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Bottoms Up

It’s time to think about bottoms.  After all, your bowl is going to spend most of it’s life resting on it, and it is an important design consideration.   189 more words

Measuring Beauty?

 The question of measuring beauty — that is objective assessment beyond “Very nice,” “Exquisite,” “This appeals to me” — has troubled scholars and other laymen at least from the time of the Greeks.  

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My Idea About Proportions is Warped

I went to Chipotle the other night and took my order to go. My bowl was leaking somehow so I decided to put my food in one of my dishes at home. 199 more words