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Man Proposes To Girlfriend By Placing The Ring In A McDonald's Chicken Burger - Did She Say Yes?

I love a good proposal story! I don’t even need to know the couple and I will cry over the cuteness! This proposal story, hate to admit it but, I didn’t shed a single tear… 226 more words


LOL! Mom Trips During Daughters Proposal & It's Kind of Hilarious!

This is such a proposal fail, but at least we can all laugh about it now.

Bill Devaney wanted to ask his gf Breanne Clark to marry him. 212 more words


[Video] Proposal Fail!

he was trying to be romantic and use a crane to propose. How was he supposed to know it would crash and wreck not only her place but the apartment in general. 44 more words


Proposal Gone Wrong: Crane Crash

Talk about a proposal fail! A Dutch man in the town of IJsselstein, near Utrecht in the Netherlands tried to propose to his girlfriend by descending on a crane while singing a song for her. 45 more words


Hot Air Balloon Crash Lands During Marriage Proposal

Surfers came to the rescue of newly engaged couple that was aboard a hot air balloon making an emergency landing off the coast of a San Diego beach Sunday. 210 more words


Wedding Proposal #Fail

Proof that these things need to be meticulously planned out, and apparently NEVER done on a boat!

John Moug/98.5 KLUC

According to 8 News Now, the ring was never found!


Reason #2 Why Proposing On A Boat Is A Bad Idea

Reason #1 is that one or both of the folks in the proposal could end up getting seasick. #2 is that you can accidentally lose the engagement ring in the briny deep which is what happened to the couple in the video after the cut. 15 more words

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