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This Heartwarming Marriage Proposal May Make You Emotional

Love is in the air for this California couple.

Freddy Lopez and his girlfriend have gone viral after a video of their proposal surfaced online. Lopez surprised his wife by asking her to marry him on her last day of chemotherapy. 45 more words


Proposal video

A family friend asked me if I would make a proposal video for her sister. Course! Even though it’s in Turkish and I have no idea what they are saying I really enjoyed making this video and spending the day with these lovely people!


Democracy From the Bottom Up

Create a local council in England

Within this post, were links on becoming a councillor. The Department for Communities and Local Government opened a consultation on updating the criteria for disqualification of councillors and mayors. 35 more words

I Adore Indian Food

I really do love Indian food. The first time I was introduced was at Mustafa’s Kebabs in Singapore. I had butter chicken which was basically “Christmas in a pot”. 167 more words

Living the perfect life

Most of the stories in the world start with extreme happiness or extreme sadness and this is no different. Just over 3 years ago, I had the perfect life. 338 more words

Season 1: The Start Of Something New

China says 'dual suspension' proposal still best for North Korea

BEIJING (Reuters) – China said on Thursday a “dual suspension” proposal to handle North Korea was still the best option, after U.S. President Donald Trump said he and Chinese President Xi Jinping had rejected a “freeze for freeze” agreement.

Recollection and Reminiscence

I was reminiscing the days we were together here in the Philippines and it was kinda hard to recall everything that happened between us. It was quite a short time – a month, actually – however, it was not enough. 517 more words