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Ion Thrusters

This is a picture of an Ion Thruster. Sounds very Star-Trekky, right? It is. But these actually exist.

For those of you paying attention, and for those of you who aren’t, there’s been a… 446 more words

Ion Thrusters

Solar Power in Maritime

Solar power is in the news today; expansion, high demand and therefore more invest in it. Started as an alternative method to generate power to keep factories, houses and some institutions running while minimising the impact on the environment caused by conventional methods. 565 more words


Cool Science for Parade Day

Looks likes NASA has successfully tested an engine that’s not supposed to work! Based on Roger Shawyer’s EM Drive, NASA recently proved themselves and most of the scientific and engineering world wrong. 144 more words

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Operations of Different Bow Thrusters

Rolls-Royce and Wartsila are among the few marine professionals one encounters today regarding propulsion and installation of this machinery where the former emphasises customisation for the installed components; selecting diameters and 4 different models to suit a certain task while the latter gives top priority to durability and lifespan. 506 more words


This ship cost you and me $15 million - US Navy is selling it for $180K

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Any millionaire can buy themselves a fancy yacht, but if you want a conversation piece … well, it helps if it has a story behind it, and the Lockheed Martin-built Sea Slice certainly does.

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