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Exactly What Happens?

I think a common assumption is when a person dies, life leaves the body. The soul, the spirit, whatever word you want to use for this life, it leaves the body to rot and continues into the afterlife. 198 more words


Slow-Play Poetry

This is a symbolic infection, trust me.
Your systems are fine, the mind is the rotting corpse of your initial fears and assumptions.
Fantasy is not delusional, it is this mad clinging and clawing at reality that is the sickness. 660 more words



Pull wool over eyes,
Cull truth from a lie
Knowing full well duller minds won’t mind.
The fish-filleted are blindly pan-fried.
Disarm the nonviolent with ultraviolet silence. 56 more words



Machines indeed make us quicker.
Quicker to forget tradition.
Quicker to forget how to use our hands.
Quicker to blame mechanics before inefficient thought.
Quicker to anger.
Machines indeed make us quicker.


Cool Science for Parade Day

Looks likes NASA has successfully tested an engine that’s not supposed to work! Based on Roger Shawyer’s EM Drive, NASA recently proved themselves and most of the scientific and engineering world wrong. 144 more words

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