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Using carbon to make a Landspeeder or hoverboard

You are probably familiar with Marty McFly’s hovering skateboard and the Star Wars Landspeeder hover-car. How feasible are they? Like most futurists, I get asked about flying cars every week. 1,348 more words


NASA Further Confirms EM Drive

The EM drive proposed by Roger Shawyer is in the news yet again (8/27/15, 7/31/15, 7/30/15 and 5/8/15). NASA’s Eagleworks Laboratories completed another round of testing. 108 more words


Hall Thrusters, Another Electric Propulsion Alternative

There seem to have been a stream of propulsion technologies in the news over the past few months. A recent case in point is the Hall Thruster (aka… 101 more words


Magnetic Propulsion Testing

Lady Morag has asked us to investigate using magnet to propel the time machine. We learnt that a magnet has poles and that some of those poles attract to each other and some of those poles repel. 35 more words


How to use Convert floppy to usb emulator on Roland MC50 to do Collection USB Pen Propulsion

by adafruit
Usually speech these Convert floppy to usb emulator score prefabricated the grouping heaven for group using philharmonic equipments. These floppy to usb are honorable the reproduction of inheritance 1.44 mb FDD/720kb/1.2mb , looks like that , uses assonant 34 pin depression and…

Alternative Propulsion System Could Fuel Trip To and From Mars

Patrick “Paddy” Neumann, a Phd student at the University of Sydney, has developed an ion engine that could enable space craft to travel to Mars and back on a single tank of fuel. 201 more words