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Fly By Light

The Planetary Society’s LightSail vehicle took off successfully from Cape Canaveral this week. In a few days, it will unfurl its giant sail in orbit and test how effectively the sun pushes on it. 328 more words

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Electronic Microthruster Energy Beam Propulsion

We designed, built and patented the first known massed array electronic propulsion ASIC chip system known as the Microthruster. It makes things fly on a beam of energy. 5,916 more words

Electronic Microthruster

NASA’s CubeSat Initiative Aids in Testing of Technology for Solar Sails in Space

May 20, 2015
RELEASE 15-101

With help from NASA, a small research satellite to test technology for in-space solar propulsion launched into space Wednesday aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, as part of the agency’s CubeSat Launch Initiative. 466 more words


Pan AM Aquatics Water Polo Footwork

    Picture this: soccer in a pool, goalies at either end, players sprinting as they follow the ball…AND no one is allowed to let their feet touch the bottom at any time.  181 more words

PAN AM Aquatics Synchronized Swimming Footwork

     Poolside, spectators see synchronized dance moves such as twists, pointed toes, splits and lifts. Synchronized swimmers also hold static positions such as the crane, ballet leg double, side fishtail, knight, flamingo, and split positions. 196 more words

EmDrive Pushing Forward

Here’s more news as a followup to “EmDrive – Propulsion Revolution” – NASA continues to test the EmDrive reactionless thruster with promising results, and they’re making progress with theory development to explain the otherwise inexplicable test results.   68 more words


What is PSLV and GSLV

I have been reading and hearing a lot on PSLV and GSLV during these days.In order to know more about, recently I went deep in to the subject and understood the difference including how do they work.Let me share it to my valuable readers, which I am sure it will be a added information to you all. 403 more words