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One of the greatest difficulties interstellar, or even just interplanetary, travel faces today is the problem of fuel storage. In order to accelerate to fast enough speeds to travel between planets in a reasonable amount of time, as well as to later decelerate, ships would need to hold a tremendous amount of fuel, which would then cause it to need even more fuel because of the higher mass. 145 more words


Space News #1 -VASIMR Engine, Colonization and Antimatter Starship

I came across these over the past pre days and thought they were interesting.


I thought that this was an interesting article about alternative propulsion systems “ 349 more words


More on EM Drive and NASA Looking at Inflatable Habitats

A couple of articles caught my eye this week regarding Space. The first deals with the EM drive, a type of electromagnetic thruster. The other deals with NASA testing an expandable habitat module on the ISS. 266 more words


Balloon propulsion

Here we have another experiment about potential and kinetic energy that followed on from THIS one. This time it is Lego cars powered by a balloon. 74 more words


Project Greenglow and the battle with Gravity.

“ better hope the people you want to visit in your warp-drive spacecraft are people you don’t like because you’d annihilate them in the process of getting there.” 16 more words


HM-7 Test Fire Successful

Cal Poly Space Systems conducted a successful short duration test fire of Hybrid Motor 7.

The design parameters of this engine are:
Thrust: 400 lbs… 26 more words

IREC Rocket

Travel to Mars on laser light

I have made a few posts on space propulsion over the past year (see ‘propulsion’ in tag cloud). I saw the article “Mars in 3 day? 145 more words