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The Wheels on the Spacecraft Go Round and Round

Spinning a ten kiloton spacecraft around is no easy feat. Even more impressive if you want to be able to turn on a dime. This article covers the issues of  1,643 more words

Here are a few of my favorite things: Propulsion

This is the final post of the “mini-series,” which I am most excited for. Propulsion, in my opinion, is the most exciting subset of aerospace because there is so much more we can improve on in both air and space applications. 610 more words


Sweden's Electric Road

Once again, Sweden is ahead of the curve, as it tests two versions of an electric road. The idea is to move away from fossil fuels and creative a more sustainable energy future. 370 more words

Gas dynamics & jet propulsion lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for ME

Hello Friends,

You can now download the PDF format of ebook for the subject Gas dynamics & Jet Propulsion for Mechanical, Automobile and Industrial Production Engineering branch students.These lecture notes will help you alot and score really well during your examinations.Many topics are covered in this ebook in just 58 pages. 39 more words

Stealth in Space

Few concepts of space warfare have inspired as much controversy (and hate mail) as discussing stealth in space, so I figured it’s time to have an article about that. 1,403 more words

RF Resonant Cavity Thruster

Fifteen years ago, an aerospace engineer named Roger Shawyer drafted the first designs of the EmDrive, a new type of engine that uses microwaves to propel spaceships instead of fuel. 44 more words


Space News #4

I haven’t been keeping up very well with Space related news, so some of these articles date back to April. I think that they are still relevant though. 611 more words