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So is this proof of the EM Drive?

Nearly everyone in science considers Roger Shawyer’s EM Drive to violate the laws of physics, but many wish that it, or another drive like it could be developed. 146 more words


Beating the Clock

This week we will be doing the ratchet set again where we do repeated swims on progressively shorter turnaround times.  This set is good for improving your speed endurance as you will be trying to hold a good pace with some increasingly short rest intervals.  254 more words

Training Skills

Lasso the Moon

I have been a personal fan of the concept of the Space Elevator (SE) since attending a talk by Bradley Edwards describing his work developing the concept. 520 more words

Bigelow Aerospace Seeking Immediate Propulsion Talent in Huntsville

Bigelow Aerospace is staffing a special department to support propulsion requirements for its commercial destinations in space. I have been tasked to spearhead the development of future Bigelow propulsion systems in Huntsville, Alabama. 100 more words

Rocket City

EM Drive Inventor Shawyer Targets Terrestrial Transportation

The Inventor of the EM Drive (I posted about 5/8/15 and 7/30/15), Roger Shawyer, just published the peer-reviewed paper “Second Generation EmDrive Propulsion Applied To SSTO Launcher And Interstellar Probe” in the journal Acta Astronautica. 105 more words


Possibly More Proof of EM Drive Validity

I wrote a little about the EM drive last May. In essence that drive produces thrust for spacecraft using electricity. While the EM drive is not something that will get us FTL capability, it would be a step forward towards faster and cheaper travel in space. 109 more words