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DJI Release 1345LT Prop Locking Hub System for Inspire 1 Series 

DJI have quietly release new 1345LT prop lock hubs for the Inspire 1 series.

Based on the Inspire 2 version these offer a more secure latching lock and are compatible with the existing 1345T propellers. 42 more words


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China Joins Space Race To Test EM Drive

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
December 26, 2016

Over the holidays many important stories emerged, and I hope to be covering them this week prior to New Year’s, but one of those stories was China’s announcement that it has already been testing the so-called EM drive in space. 841 more words


Resistojets (or, The poor man's electric thruster)

This post is the first in a N (will be stealthily replaced with an actual number) part series on electric thrusters. I decided it’s a good idea if I condense the knowledge I pick up in small articles. 469 more words


Further explanation of the EmDrive

I have mentioned the EmDrive several times in articles on space propulsion. The EmDrive is in the news again because a peer-reviewed paper on the drive has been submitted by NASA’s Eagleworks. 85 more words


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