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Introduction and Interstellar Travel

This blog will share with you some of the presentations I make across the industry, and also some of the more intimate dialogs that take place in the background. 629 more words


The Human Propulsion Problem

Part I.

There’s a fun mental game I like to play and perhaps someday it’ll turn into an high-tech sport or even an alternative to more expensive ways of getting work done in orbit. 442 more words

Minimum Energy Paths To Space

Presentations on EM Drive at Conference

I have mentioned the EM Drive in several articles on Space Propulsion. Perhaps we will learn a little more when the “Estes Park Advanced Propulsion Workshop” is held in Estes Park, Colorado beginning tomorrow. 45 more words


Engineering Solutions

In the sector of Engineering Systems, there is an emphasis to balance what pits man against machine.      The focus is in the study of technological innovation making a transcendence in the creation of new jobs and fields of study. 29 more words

EM Drive To Get Test In Space...But There's Something That...

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
September 13, 2016

There’s more space news this week, and it may prove eventually to be quite significant. The so-called EM drive, which just recently had a paper approved for publication, is now apparently also going to receive actual testing in outer space, according to this article shared by Mr. 538 more words


EM Drive Test

I have mentioned the controversial EM Drive several times in Space Propulsion related articles. We may know soon if the drive really works once and for all. 78 more words


Ramjet vs. Scramjet

So I promised you a post on the differences between a ramjet and a scramjet… This is my attempt at creating the most clear image for the readers who may or may not have heard of this such nonsense. 486 more words