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What It's Like To Be An Only Child

As an only child, I would like to share some of my thoughts and experiences about what it has been like. It certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. 512 more words


So, What Order? Part 1: In Order of Release Date

1. If you watch them 4,5,6,1,2,3,7, and Rogue One, then the first 3 parts are probably going to be hard for younger people to watch since they’re going to be used to watching the fast-paced movies of today and while I LOVE the original trilogy- they are a tad bit slow to young viewers. 705 more words

Each and Everything about xiaomi (mi band 2) pros - cons. fully explained

Hello fellows its us again the generals and today we are gonna share with you our experience with the xiaomi mi band 2

lets talk about its look and feel it is actually weight nothing on your wrist and its feel is extraordinary and extremely cool with a variety of colors we will recommend black color because by black it gets a really cool classic look now lets talk about the external area it only include a button in the center thats all and its main features are time which is an obvious thing, pedometer which is not that much accurate, heart rate feature which is claimed to be the best feature from xiaomi and lets come towards user friendly features so yes it is completely user friendly anybody can use its app which is mifit app and through this app you can control your xiaomi mi band 2 features and all others features such as goal notification, alarm,app alerts such as whatsapp, facebook etc now lets come to money ,talking about money this is the cheapest and the best fitness band available it is simply awesome just in $25 isn’t it awesome as i said it is completely classic in look and style it is great so lets come to battery life it can be charged completely just in 1 hour and can live through 5 days this is so awesome well thats all for mi band 2 for watching complete setup and unboxing click to this link… 9 more words

Each And Everything About Xiaomi (mi Band 2) Pros - Cons. Fully Explained

Eden BodyWorks Pudding Souffle

I recently received the Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle in my CurlKit and gave it a try. (Click here to see unboxing video) 

Details  200 more words


Pros and Cons of being closer to guys than girls

There’s always a girl you know who has and will always will be more friendly with guys than girls, and no that does not mean she flirts with all of them and sucks their dicks. 1,778 more words

E-books or paperbacks?

Hello, there!

So, today’s topic is one of the most discussed topics within readers and book lovers. Yes, it’s about e-books and paperbacks. Some people don’t like e-books, some like them. 929 more words

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Conflict Resolution 101 || Tips, Tricks & Advice

I love looking into human behavior, speech patterns and actions. They tell a lot about people and basically demonstrate their inner selves. After doing some communication study last year, this year and in my own free time I’ve compiled an easy go-to guide for resolving conflict and what to do if it doesn’t work out very well. 1,431 more words