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Ballpoint vs Gel Pens

Hola my lovely blog viewers, in this post I want to discuss the pros and cons of ballpoint and gel based pens for all off you. 102 more words


Love Letters series: poem from a woman to a man

by: Maria Theresa A. Perez
I’m lost in a nice way

I’m so overwhelmed by the kind of love, you give to me

This certain kind of love you make me feel,

100 more words
Relationship Goals

The Pros and Cons of Listening to Music

From the classical Beethoven, to the hip-hop Little Mix, music is something involved in our everyday lives. Whether it’s on the bus or while you’re studying, we listen to music almost every day. 378 more words


The "This never happened " button

Yesterday I was sitting in our family room, having a chat with my dad about life and as per usual, there was a “technology ruined our lives” segment. 233 more words


Traditional vs Digital Art

Heyo peoples! in this post I wanna give everyone the pros and cons of digital and traditional art for any young artist struggling to try and decide what they might like to use. 91 more words


Team work or not?

Team work is a important thing especially when it comes to business or school work. But not all the time team work can be great. They can sometimes be the cause of a lot of issues. 620 more words


Book vs Kindle

I never considered getting a Kindle. I always saw myself as purely a hard copy book type of person. I just love the smell and feel on a proper book. 555 more words