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Pros and Cons: Being a Missionary Kid

On a more serious note than Monday’s Top Ten list about unusual things missionary kids do, this blog post is here to present to you the pros and cons of being a missionary kid! 635 more words

Missionary Kid

Social media - A loaded gun in monkey's hand.

Have you ever shared or commented on any of the posts which defames someone in any way? 95% chances are you might have.

Here’s an example of a post. 206 more words




Women fear the brazziere

When underwires poke clear…

Those kind look nice

But wear out twice

As fast when thin and sheer. 74 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

Are Freelancing Sites Worth Your Time?

This is a highly debated topic from what I’ve noticed and I think it’s time that I got my opinion out there on the subject. Now, when I say freelancing sites, please realize I mean sites like… 950 more words


Team free weights vs Team machines: what's your side?

Are you wondering if you should do an exercise, like bench press, on a machine or with free weights? In other words, which is better, machines or free weights? 885 more words


How To Make Big Decisions Easier By Confronting Uncertainty

It’s inevitable: one day, each and every one of us will face a big, scary, life-changing decision. No one is safe. Maybe it’s already happened to you. 1,260 more words

Flooring - what to get - or not to get - or get - or not to get

Get it? Yes, yes I know.

Oh so many rounds on what my new floors should be. Do I get vinyl strips like I’ve put down in the hallway and the bedroom? 450 more words