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The Pros and Cons of Seeing Your Favorite Band Twice

I’ve seen a fair amount of bands play live in my 21 years of life. Thanks to Warped Tour and New Jersey’s Six Flags (back when they had great concerts), I have been lucky enough to seem some really awesome bands multiple times. 533 more words

Market Shopping

Market shopping is the best. Normally I would be at a market this morning, but the weather is really wet and I still have enough for today and tomorrow so there is really no need… thank god. 775 more words


The Pros and Cons of Condo Living

Condominiums are more popular than ever! Is trading your house for a condo right for you? Consider the following:

Maintenance – While not exactly maintenance free, condos come with far less of a honey-do list than a traditional home and yard. 262 more words


Being Short

I’m short – standing at 5 ft. 2.

To be honest, I always knew I was short but didn’t realize how short I really was until I went to university and realized that 90% of the people there were taller than me. 718 more words

I'm not perfect

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag of a day with my journey to Zero waste. On one hand I feel like I’ve accomplished loads without spending anything. 299 more words

Frugal Life

What It's Really Like Being the International Student

(Above photo: a few of the lovely people I've met so far during my exchange that I'd consider part of my "international squad" lol)

¡Hola chicos! 941 more words

My Year On Exchange

The "Pros" and the "Cons"umers

Source: Mark Olasek

My previous blog post discussed how social media provided consumers with more power and influence in society. This post will take a deeper look at how social media affects businesses. 512 more words