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Pros and Cons of the Sweet Life

Disclaimer: We aren’t allowed to use the term “suite life” because that’s already been taken by Zach and Cody, but we found it relevant to write an article about housing since it is looming in at least some of our futures. 194 more words


To go or not to go...

And that is the question…

This weekend, I was down at LAX for the Doctor Who convention and my mom was finalizing her plans for her 30th anniversary trip with dad this summer. 603 more words


The Cons (and Pros) of Owning Horses

There’s a fever that goes around in the spring time: horse fever. That itch in your legs when it’s time to ride. The dreamlike whinny that will come from the paddock when you step out the door. 833 more words


Social Media: Pros and Cons

It’s hard to imagine the time when we would sit in front of our desktop computers, listening to the soul-draining dial-up tone, or waiting for our parents to get off the house phone so we could check our email chain mail. 507 more words



It’s that time again where the thought of relocating once again comes about, mostly getting closer to the summer time. Little personal insider, I have just moved back in with my parents who have graciously taken me in to save up some money in order to achieve my dream of going to disney for the first time ( 3 more months as of today !!). 703 more words

Contrasting Opinions in Media: an Appeal for Constructive Arguments

The social pressure amongst friends to agree about everything is almost all encompassing. When you are in a group of friends who are excitedly talking about their favorite TV show, book, or franchise, it is heavily discouraged to mention how much you don’t give a shit about that thing. 308 more words

Cultural Musings

Which Idea Next?

Which project to tackle next? It’s bugging me. Not that I can actually start for a while, but I really need something to shoot for so I can finally get motivated and get writing seriously again. 291 more words