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Summer Holidays...

So since I have created my blogger blog days before now, these first two posts will have been written a short while ago, but  here is the introduction to the first one. 64 more words


Pro's and Con's: Light Snow vs. Heavy Snow

It’s long been debated which is better maritime snowpack or continental snowpack. Here are the pro’s and con’s… You decide.

Maritime Snow


The Reunification of the Koreas

Dear Reader,

Speculations over a future reunification of the Koreas have been going on for decades since the War ended and the two Koreas signed the… 295 more words


Eating Out - Hit or Miss?

How often do you go out for dinner in your home town or in nearby restaurants?

I can honestly admit I don’t go to restaurants very often. 1,249 more words

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The Pros And Cons Of Being A Suburban Prepper

Source: The Sleuth Journal

“Everyone who lives in the city is going to die when the SHTF.”

Have you ever been on a preparedness website and read that? 296 more words


Univerity's bests and worsts

After the exam for the professional register, I don’t think I’ll be going to University for quite a long time. I am the kind that goes much better with practice than theory,plus I don’t think I can stand 2 more years of work+study..unless I get a scholarship somewhere abroad..then I wouldn’t mind a master..but anyway!! 473 more words