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Gym Workouts vs Home Workouts


Within a gym, there’s a slew of workout machines and equipment to experiment with. There’s something for every muscle group and the exercises you can concoct are endless. 737 more words

Life tiles-1

Yes, my mind got disturbed when I read in the news that a video game programmer can influence a player to such an extent that he forsakes life to win the game. 170 more words

Is an Open Floor Plan for You?

One of the trendiest home designs right now is the open floor plan, which is when a space has no (or only a few) dividing walls separating the areas. 409 more words


Yes, I am going to do same, as an old man speaks whatever he knows irrespective of the listener. Please don’t mind if it does not suit you. 177 more words

168. Ways of Arguing 2

Arguments may support an opinion by questioning the truth or the strength of opposing evidence


An argument may be defined as an opinion with some supporting evidence. 1,206 more words

Academic And Professional Writing

Why working for a small business could be right for you (or not).

So for my first post on my new blog I thought I would write about my experices of working for a small business. I work for a little tech company in Manchester. 913 more words